An open letter to Jean (last name withheld), the person who dumped Cocoa at the pound

Hello.  You don’t know me, and for your sake, you’d best hope and pray that you never have the misfortune to meet me.

How do I know your name?  Because the people at animal control gave me Cocoa’s intake sheet.  You know, the one you filled out.  The one that said Cocoa was 12 years old and you’d had her all those years.  The one that said you were moving to a pet-free apartment and couldn’t take your faithful companion of 12 years.  You know, the one that you said was a “sweet old girl- a wonderful companion.”   The one that said you had limited funds.

Here’s the thing, Jean.  Oh, I didn’t ask if I could call you Jean but I’m going to.  Or I could call you a number of other names, none of which you’d like very much.   When I saw Cocoa’s picture on the animal control website, when I saw that grey muzzle and read the description stating that her people of 12 years, her family, had surrendered her to the pound, it broke my heart.

Jean, I once had a dog that was so ornery she got in trouble for biting a kid on the butt because he’d been tugging her ears.  When the city quarantined my dog for 48 hours, I was fully prepared to leave my home, leave school, leave everything in the dead of night, everything except my dog.  I was going to Thelma and Louise our asses right out of town.  I wasn’t playing.   Because that’s how I roll.  No dog left behind, Jean.

So when I saw that picture of Cocoa, I just couldn’t understand why someone would dump a family member.   And my empathy for that dog consumed me, until I made yet another rash decision and I rushed to the pound to adopt her.

Act in haste, repent in leisure.  That’s my motto, Jean.

When I got Cocoa I had pink eye and a sinus infection.  I was so sick but I went and got her anyway, because I was worried that dog was terrified and was going to be euthanized, alone and scared, looking everywhere for her people.  I couldn’t stand the thought of it, and she wasn’t even my dog.

It took me two days of antibiotics before I finally realized why she might have been dumped at the pound.  Something tells me Cocoa didn’t become highly incontinent over the course of the week between  you dumping her at the pound and me bringing her home.

It took us a few weeks, Jean, but we finally got the right dosage of meds to keep the incontinence mostly in check.   I was happy, Cocoa was happy, and the house was clean again.

But that didn’t last long, Jean.  Just a few weeks after I got her, she came down with acute pancreatitis.  That meant she needed antibiotics and special food, food that cost me $2.25 per can, and she could easily eat two cans in a day.  But that wasn’t even the worst part of that office visit, Jean.  You probably know what I’m going to say next, right?   About the tumors?

They couldn’t be sure whether the tumors were causing the pancreatitis, so we decided the “wait and see” plan was the best course of action.

And I became more and more convinced that you had abandoned your family member because you knew she was sick.  You knew she had cancer, and you couldn’t afford to treat her or to help her.  What upset me so much, Jean, is that you couldn’t be bothered to drive the extra 20 minutes to take her to the Humane Society, a no-kill shelter.   Or to even take her to your own vet and have her humanely euthanized with you there to comfort her.

So every few weeks I had to go buy expensive food for Cocoa, the family member you dumped at the pound.  The dog that you abandoned.  And every few weeks I would buy her “old lady pee pills.”   I found that XL toddler pull-ups worked the best, once I cut a hole in the back for her tail.

And we waited.

In the meantime, Cocoa went to the mountains.  She fell over the side of a small mountain, she saw deer.  She had so much fun.   She would get frisky and try to play with my other dogs right after they ate.  It happened every night.  She was so cute.  My boys loved her and accepted her, like they accept every sad story that comes home with me.   They would even let her have the hammock bed every night if she wanted it.

On Sunday mornings I would sometimes let all the dogs come climb into bed with me for a while.  Cocoa really liked those mornings, Jean.   She liked to be included.  Sometimes I’d have all three dogs and two cats up there.  She loved it.

But all the while, those tumors were still there.  And surgery wasn’t an option.

This week Cocoa’s belly started swelling.  I kept waiting for it to subside but it didn’t, Jean.   Yesterday we went in for x-rays and found that the masses were too big, her belly too full of fluid to even see her organs.   We could try diuretics to remove the fluid, but that was just a Bandaid.  This wasn’t going away.  And I didn’t want Cocoa’s last days to be filled with consternation over having accidents in the house again.  You see, that’s the difference between us, Jean.  I worried about how Cocoa felt.  I could look in her eyes and see the stress when she had accidents.

So we didn’t do the meds.  I brought her home and figured I’d give her a few last good weeks.  I would spoil her and make her feel like the Grand Dame she was.

But it didn’t turn out that way, Jean.   Turns out today was Cocoa’s last day.

Here’s the thing, though.  Instead of dying on a cold floor in a cold building with people who may or may not give a damn how her end happened, she died in my arms.  I held your dog’s head in my arms and I whispered in her ear while she slipped away.  I told her what a pretty girl she was.  I told her how much I loved her as I stroked that spot just above her eye.

I made sure she knew she was loved.  I made sure that my face was the last face she saw, that my voice was the last voice she heard.

You might wonder why I’m telling you all this, Jean.   You might wonder if I just wanted you to know that Cocoa was ok.

I’d like to disabuse you of that notion.  I’m writing this letter to let you know just what a piece of shit I think you are.   If you ever do read this letter, know that I, along with my many animal-loving friends all over this world, think you are the lowest of the low.  You don’t take a 12-year-old dog, a “sweet old girl- a wonderful companion”, and dump  her at a high-kill shelter.  You didn’t even give her a good chance.

She got lucky the day that I saw her picture because let me tell you, Jean, my animals want for nothing.

And to all the people reading this who “knew” Cocoa Loco, all of her friends around the world,  here’s where the story ends.



652 thoughts on “An open letter to Jean (last name withheld), the person who dumped Cocoa at the pound

  1. ((((((Jamie)))))

    I’m a mess of tears after reading this. Your writing is so compelling. And your huge heart is so inspiring.

    I got my first dog when I was about 7. His name was Woof and a colleague of my day’s was look

      • Can we have compassion and care for all living things? including even people? God works in mysterious ways, sometimes we do not understand. Thank God Cocoa was put in the hands of a wonderfully caring person who eased her last days. Nobody is a “piece of shit” no sick or old animal, no person; no matter how ill, lost, desperate, or flawed. Can we help and educate without hate for someone who’s shoes we haven’t walked in? “When you know better, you do better”. Help each other to do better for our companion animals. They deserve it.

      • How loving of you do take Cocca. It is a sad that our society, as shown by this person (not woman), can just drop off a dog (or any other animal) and never look back. No compassion, no love. In the end, Cocca got what she deserved, you.

    • How can anyone be so crule as to dump their “baby” at the pound just because they didn’t want to deal with the expense anymore, shame on you Jean… I lost my 15 year old pom Shung last Sunday and I wish that I would have been able to hold her to let her know that she was loved but between checking on her and my husband checking on her again 2 minutes later she left us. My other 2 poms, Cricket who passed 3 years ago on 8/2 and Ebony who just recently passed this May were both 14 and died in my arms, knowing that I loved them and that I would miss them. If you can’t take care of your dear one in old age then you shouldn’t have gotten her in the first place.

    • I love you!! Thank you so much for all the love you gave Cocoa!! The tears are falling….as many of us have lost a pet, I held my Sweetie before surgery and she didn’t make it..uterine cancer had ate her up..but I was willing to mortgage my house for my pets..I have felt the life leave their bodies and its total devastation! But you a good soul are wonderful!! That’s the hardest thing to do, but she wasn’t alone and I thank you for that. God Bless you.

    • I don’t understand why any sane person would dump a dog. I have 2 rescue dogs of my own. I have turn houses because I was not allowed to keep dogs. Holidays need to be dog friendly. I would like to say to you Jean hell got a special place for people like you.

    • What a great story and am so glad you shared it. I don’ understand how people can dump their older dogs like this. It breaks my heart Right now my friend and I have been sharing in the fostering of a dog named CJ because we know no one will adopt him. He’s an awesome dog and was rescued from a shelter – same kind of situation. I hope there are more people out there who have a heart like you do.

  2. (sorry – posting on phone)

    …looking to rehome him as she was moving out of state. She told my dad he was about 7 years old and in good health. Turned out he was almost 14 and had advanced kidney disease. He lived with us less than a year, and losing him broke my heart.

  3. I’m glad you were Cocoa’s Angel and were able to give this beautiful girl the love and affection that her family obviously wasn’t willing to give her. And I’m grateful that you are not the only person out there doing this compassionate work. Bless you and your family for opening your home and your hearts.

    • Jamie, you truly are an Angel on earth, and I am so proud of you, and all like you, who rescue these fur babies, and give them what should have always been theirs. You will see Cocoa again, she will be waiting for YOU, NOT that parasite Jean! How could she not take Cocoa to the No Kill shelter, that was just an EVIL decision! There is also plenty of help available, if she had bothered to check. Animal food banks, cheap to free veterinary services, help with any and ALL needs. One person who posted further down in this thread even expected help on “how to groom a dog”, one of the critics of you. Can you imagine anyone being that moronic, that they could not even work that out alone? There are literally thousands of website that can give even that instruction if needed, for FREE! Hehehehe you can’t fix STUPID that’s for sure. Bless you always Jaimie, I have nothing but deep love and respect for you and your family, for making Cocoa’s life, and the other little boy you had so briefly, one filled with love, compassion, and deep caring. This world is such a better place because of people like you in it. ❤

  4. Jamie, I know you don’t like a two-armed hug, but I can’t not do it – even online (((((((Jamie))))))). Because if I was in your face, my arms would be around you. You are a hero. You saved this sweet girl, and did for her what her previous “family” couldn’t do; you held her in love, you cared for her with kindness and empathy, and you helped her die in peace. You rock my world, truly… ❤

    • As I am tearing up, looking at my pups having already gone through the grieving process of losing 2 in my lifetime; I am just loving on you! I completely agree with ^^^ that you would be getting 2 armed hugs and what you did was become her angel. SKREW “Jean”…people like her should be hung by their toenails and fed subpar dog food and given crappy water and the have to live like that till death….anyway.Thank you for being you.

  5. This story really hit home with me, as I am feeling the exact same rage. I recently took in a hospice foster, who died just a few days ago. She also had cancer, and spent all 7 years of her life at the end of a chain, every single day, getting sicker and sicker. Her former “owners” vanished, and we will likely never see justice for my poor girl who suffered so greatly at their hands. It’s infuriating, disgusting, and heartbreaking. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    • I think you BOTH are wonderful human beings! The last thing you said touched me. That you were sorry for her loss. That beautiful pup truly was hers. No one else ever gave as much of as Jaimie did. Bless all people who give this way. These losses are more painful I think, than having the animal it’s whole life. Just imagining what the previous life may have been like is torture. At the very least, the end was full of love, good food, great beds, more love, and beautiful belly rubs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤ <3. ❤

  6. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful human being, and for so selflessly looking after that animal in a way that only a caring person could. I’m so sorry you had to clean up Jean’s mess. I understand. I had a dog that was supposedly surrendered to the SPCA due to living in an apartment, however the epileptic seizures occurred too quickly following adoption and I’m sure they surrendered him without telling the truth.
    Thank you for being a wonderful angel. So sorry you had to endure all the pain and suffering and expenses because of another

    • You are a wonderful person. I know Cocoa’s last while was spent in love and comfort. What is wrong with people, I truly feel these people should be taken to the pound and left in there to die.

  7. God bless you. Cocoa deserved better than the hand she was dealt by her previous so-called family. You held that Baby as she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, and YOU will be the one she waits for and runs to greet when your time comes. I hope you find peace in your heart.

    • That was so sad to read but i’m so happy that her last bit of time she had on earth was with people who loved her, now she can rest in peace poor baby. God Bless you

  8. RIP Cocoa…. Thank goodness you had a wonderful mama who took great care of you until you crossed the rainbow bridge. Shame on the family who left you…… Hope you are getting lots of bones and tell Shadow and Dana their earthly mama still misses them every day!!

  9. You are a true angel. I hate how people think that their “pets” are disposable. These wonderful little souls trust us and depend on us. I wish I could take in another dog. I know there is a great need. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving that sweet girl and giving her a peaceful and dignified death.

  10. I am so very sorry for your loss, but so thankful you were there to provide Cocoa with a home, happiness, and especially love at a time she needed it most. Your story moved me beyond words. I’ve been there, done that, and it never gets any easier losing them. Just a few months back, on May 24 and July 23, we lost two senior dogs. Both were 14. One we’d “adopted” at age 12 when his family no longer wanted him. Your story resonates with so many, and I thank you for sharing it and sharing your Cocoa with all of us. My heartfelt condolences on your loss.

  11. Thank you for loving and caring for Cocoa, my dear. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just lost my beloved 14 year-old Lab. This could be a picture of her. I miss her every day.

  12. God bless your kindness, bless all of us that have lost a dear pet and friend to cancer. I did. It took me five years to get another puppy. She is two now, and I will love her all of her life.

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You, and people like you, are proof that there are angels among us! You made for making Cocoa’s last days the best of her life!

  14. You wrote this story beautifully. Thank you for taking the dog. Sick of people and their disposable animals. I would sleep on the street before I gave up my dogs. Thank you for sharing this.

  15. I am a strong individual that doesnt cry and it takes alot to make me cry, but after reading this i balled. Im glad this baby girl had the best last couple weeks of her life thanks to you! I appluad you for writing this to her despicable FORMER owner. God bless you!!!!!!!

  16. I just bawled my eyes out reading this then gave my two “monsters” great big hugs …. even bigger than the million they already get everyday. You made all the difference to that sweet girl, you are a kind soul and I for one am thankful knowing there are people like you out there.

  17. I adopted a ferret from the SPCA 6 months ago who as a “stray”. found out a month later he as lymphoma. I truly feel that his owners just shoved him out of the house when they found out. I am making damn sure the last months of his life are the best he has ever had, no matter how much it costs.

  18. tears flowing and heart filled with hope and love. Thank you for sharing your story. You are amazing and this world needs more people like you. Karma is strong and Jean will get hers!! I rescued my dog from a kill shelter in Cincinati ohio, she was transported on easter sunday, i drove 4 hrs to meet the truck and he thanks me everyday with his loyalty and wonderful way about him for saving him. So may God bless you every day and Cocoa will always be by your side!!!

  19. Furchildren are NOT DISPOSABLE ITEMS! Thank you for saving Cocoa! You are awesome. As for the person who had her before you .. Evil, awful person who has no idea what the word “family” or “friend” really means. IF she knew those words – this would have never happened. Thank you for being you!

  20. I have 3 girls right now that we adopted…before them…..there are 5 in my backyard, their HOME. The youngest that I lost to cancer was 10. The others were all over 14. I never once thought of dumping them. They were my babies. I still miss each and every one of them. That woman had no love for Cocoa in her vile heart. That is not how love is. Thank you for loving her and giving her peace. She knew what was done to her, poor baby…RIP Cocoa, God Bless you.

  21. Bless your heart for saving her…

    jean, I hope your children treats you exactly like you treated your pet of 12 years, Cocoa, when you get older ans sick, just drop you off at some bad reputed home somewhere and completely forget you ever existed… Karla’s a bitch ans I hope she really sinks her teeth into you…

    • You obviously do not know what karma really is. It has nothing to do with revenge or retribution. You may want to educate yourself.

  22. Granted you were kind to Coca, but keep comments positive and cut the negative. If Jean read your message, she would have either got the message or you were just getting needlessly frustrated. When you do something kind as you did for Coca, just move on without the venom. Expect nothing in return and pass your kindness forward to others.

    • Hi Don. Thanks for your input. That blog was written 20 minutes after I put Cocoa to sleep. There was a lot of emotion in it. I won’t apologize for that. I do see what you’re saying and suffice to say, I don’t spend every day of my life angry at people like I was angry at Jean that day.

      • I generally take “the diplomatic approach” with people, and try to let the actions of others wash right off of me, but sometimes emotion – and the unvarnished truth – need to be expressed. I HOPE Jean reads this. Perhaps she will remember it when she next goes to adopt an animal, as these people always do.

      • It is not venom. People need to take responsibility for those who depend on them. Those who choose not to do so are certainly lining themselves up for some kind or retribution further down the line. Yes if it was venom I too approve, wholeheartedly. A disgusting, soul-less thing to do.

      • I hope and pray that none of you who are condemning Jean ever have a hardship which forces you to have to make a tough decision. I volunteer with several rescues – a cat rescue that averages 600-800 adoptions a year. We receive hundreds if intake requests each month and can only fill a few. We are constantly full as are the many other area rescues in the Philadelphia area. There are waiting lists of many months to surrender an animal to our no kill SPCA. Out lical animal control gets hundreds of animals each day and we do our best to help them too. They go out of their way to get animals to their rescue partners but sadly was euthanize many due to space. Instead of wasting your time and energy condemning Jean, why not step up to be part of the solution? Volunteer at a local shelter or better yet fosters. Every Petsmart partners with rescues – stop in any Sat or Sun afternoon and talk with one of them.

    • I wonder if Don has had this experience? I rescued a little special needs shiba inu. her owners only wrote her name and “did not want to care for any longer” on her intake form. Having such bad teeth thanks to them she has had to have most pulled out – and she is only 5. Thankfully she was pulled by a rescue and I saw her online and adopted her a few days later. If I came to discover she had cancer or something let me just say that my letter would not have been as nice as this one. I hope Jean does read this. I hope she also never gets another dog again.

      • The outrage and emotion you must have felt were so overwhelming after Cocoa’s passing and it is therapeutic to put these words on paper because of the true, raw feeling that is coming from our gut. You were a gift to Cocoa and she was a gift to you. You loved this new lady who had such a short time to live and you wanted her to have the best time ever. She knew she was finally loved the way she should have been for so many years. God bless you. You are a hero to me and my pups.

    • Don, I agree. when I read this blog post I was angered that she could judge “Jean” for doing the best she knew what to do at the time. She has never walked in Jeans shoes. Reading a piece of paper on the reasons “why” does not tell you how Jean was feeling inside. Jean could have gone home and cried for days, even months. People make certain decisions at certain times of their life and they are not always what everyone deem correct. It was time for her to let go… and everyone grieves differently

      • Agreed, but if jean was able to drop cocoa and give all the information to the shelter, she possibly would have been able to spend the same (or even less) energy contacting a rescue group to give her up instead. I rescue a lot of dogs and I constantly see how “disposable” people consider their own pets. It is beyond heartbreaking.

    • Don have you ever been to a shelter? “Cut the negative” you say? If you have ever been to a shelter you would totally get what the author is expressing. It is negative to turn your pet into a shelter. What the author did to help Cocoa was very positive.
      The author was more than just kind to Cocoa….she gave her a dignified life at the end rather than dying alone and frightened at the shelter. How can you not see that distinct connection?

  23. I don’t know you, but I know we’d get along just fine. 🙂 You give me faith in people. Thank you for loving Coco.

  24. This is seriously a heartbreaking yet touching story. I want to thank you for giving cocoa her best memories and hopefully the little filth ‘jean’ will endure some bad karma.

    • You obviously don’t understand what karma is. Karma has nothing to do with revenge or retribution. You may want to educate yourself.

  25. Ur amazing for what you did for that gorgeous girl 🙂 Im the same type of person and would done and have done the same for my furry kids! I am sickened to what that rotten woman Jane did! Shame on you, you dont deserve to have beautiful girls like Sweet Cocoa in ur life!!

  26. That just broke my heart. Bless you, blog writer, animal lover, for being Cocoa’a angel. I couldn’t agree with you more: she deserved everything you gave her, she deserved it from the people she’d known all her life, she was worth it. Her previous owners were not worth this dog’s unconditional love. I hope their kids treat them exactly the unconscionable way they treated Cocoa. Not the first story like this I’ve read, nor the last, but thank you for giving Cocoa a happy ending: the privilege of crossing over knowing she was loved. All dogs should be so lucky.

  27. (((sniffs)))… (((wipes tears)))…All furfamilies should be like yours. I have 5 darlings. I did have 6. I lost my Molly suddenly without notice. ( completely devastating). I still talk to her at her resting place every day. I would take them all if I could.

    • I am so sorry for your loss Andrea Saylor; I too have 6, of which 2 will turn 17 yrs old in Nov. So I know there time is coming and it never gets any easier. BUT I would never abandoned any of my fur babies because they were old, or I was moving…I too would live in my car with my fur babies before I would move to where they were not accepted! I have had them since I rescued them when they were 3 yrs old….Old age, or health conditions it doesn’t matter, my fur babies will stay with me until the end. To the wonderful Hero who saved Coco and was with her to the end I have nothing but high praise for you. It truly is sad who people thing these animals are disposable. I have rescued abused fur babies for 34 yrs and will continue until I have no breath left. Thank you again to all the Hero’s out there as there are many of you….NE Nevada in the middle of no where land

  28. For a moment.. I thought this was the senior female from Kentucky you meant! They could be twins. Her family turned her in to be euthanized and the shelter doesnt want to do it. Desperately looking for someone to take her. Can anyone save her? Her time is ticking still I think 😦

  29. This absolutely broke my heart. This is the letter that I wish every person would have to read when they dump their pet because they’ve become an inconvenience. That’s not how adoption works. I know people have their reasons, but finding a loving home in the worst circumstances is still the only loving way to cope with parting with your pet. I just took in a cat from a family: the man was going into a nursing home and his wife was going into a fancy retirement community. She was going to drop the cat back at the SPCA: he’s 8, chubby, and slow to warm up to people. He would not have been adopted quickly- perhaps never. I already have one cat, but I knew I had to see if the two cats would get along. He deserved better than being dumped at a shelter- and he’s sure going to get it at my house. Like you, my pets want for nothing. Things worked out for the best- for Cocoa and my newest addition 🙂 You’re a wonderful person and can see the love you have for your furbabies 🙂

  30. I love you! How lucky for coco that you saw her…what an evil piece of shit to do that to an old dog..I love my old dogs…they are family!

  31. Thank you for loving Cocoa. I have also adopted two seniors that nobody wanted anymore – and it breaks my heart every day to see more and more and more coming in. I’m glad Cocoa was lucky enough to spend some time with you and your family. I’m sure those were the best times of her life.

  32. I’m glad you were able to give Coco a beautiful end to her life..she was lucky to have found someone to give her just a little bit more life before her body gave out. But to play devils advocate, we don’t know “Jean” or why she did what she did. Did you ever think maybe, just maybe she was a senior on SS with limited funds or abilities to take care and put diapers on a dog? I have 3 that wear belly bands. Did you think that maybe she couldn’t afford the meds or care? (I had a congestive heart dog..ONE of her meds was $98 for 50 pills..she took 5 PER DAY, $600 blood /urine tests every month, I lost my Lucy after 9 months of trying) Yes there are pieces of shit out there but maybe Jean took Coco to the shelter in hopes that she would be euthanized because Jean couldn’t afford to do so and didn’t want to make her linger and die in pain. I recently adopted another dog..Odie, a 7# Minpin, we think he’s between 5-7 yrs old..we don’t know because he was just dumped not at a shelter, just let go. He has congestive heart failure..yes we adopted him anyway..because we will make sure that he get’s the meds he needs and live out his life playing and having fun, sleeping in bed with us and 2 of 4 other “siblings” every night. So to me, Jean isn’t as bad as some….

    • Chris, sadly I am not a stranger to surrendering a dog. I once did that long ago because my dad wouldn’t keep my dog any longer and she had gotten out (again) and he called the pound on her. So I surrendered her and then called my landlord screaming and sobbing and begging to be allowed to keep my dog. She said yes, and I had to race to animal control to rescue my own dog before they put her to sleep. I was young and didn’t know what to do and that decision and the possible ramifications haunt me to. this. day.

      I understand that there are always circumstances that other people may not be aware of. I get that. Hell, do you think I could afford all the money I had to spend on Cocoa? No.

      The point I was trying to make was that she dumped her at a high kill shelter. If she’d wanted to euthanize Cocoa she should have done so at her own vet. I would have found the money to do that, rather than dumping her at the pound, knowing she might die terrified and alone. Or she should have taken her to a no-kill shelter. There’s one 20 minutes away from the pound.

      • Love the letter…… spot on. Only a minute number of people have such hardships that they cannot take care of their dogs. Keep on writing and speaking out…… ignore Chris.

      • Many SPCAs also offer free euthanasia to people who had old, sick animals and cannot afford the cost of euthanasia themselves. No reason to just dump the dog at a high kill animal control, to be terrified and die alone with strangers

      • I am unemployed, my unemployment has run out, and I was too sick to work for 10 months (chronic illness). When it was time to euthanize my cat, I called around, explained my situation, I found a vet who was willing to lower his fee so I could afford to have him come and put her to sleep in her own home. Barring that, she could have taken her to a different shelter, or taken her to the vet, so at least she was with the dog. Dumping them at the shelter because you can’t afford medical or euth IS shitty, no matter what your circumstances.

      • I agree there are other options than a high kill shelter. What you did was a beautiful thing and i am sure Coco knows. She will be waiting for you in heaven. I am so sorry for your loss. Don’t waste your time on those who don’t get it.


  33. Cocoa will always be with you no matter what– you’re in her heart and she is in yours. You gave her so much more than a second chance — you gave Cocoa dignity and love and a sense of belonging. Thank God for people like you. Lynn

  34. Thank you everyone for your kindness and your obvious love for the animals. Cocoa was the second senior I adopted in the last year. I had adopted Boo Radley just three months before Cocoa. Boo was old and had obviously been someone’s pet at some point. I had him for three months, three months of trying to put weight on him only to realize he was eaten up with cancer, too. I had to put him to sleep just weeks before I rescued Cocoa. so there was a lot of emotion packed into this blog post.

    I appreciate all view points, even the devil’s advocacy. I stand by my sentiments- Anyone owning a dog for 12 years owes that dog more than an unceremonious dump at a high kill shelter.

    But I know Cocoa Loco knew love on her way out of this world ❤

    • You did a wonderful thing. We adopted a dog from the SPCA a few years ago who had been dumped twice by the same person, claiming she was too wild. That couldn’t have been farther from the truth. But what she does have, and what we noticed immediately, were chronic ear infections. Then she was diagnosed with thyroid issues and severe allergies. I can’t even calculate how much we’ve spent (and continue to spend) in special food, vet visits and prescription meds for her. It doesn’t matter though; we would go to the end of the world and back for her. Whatever her previous owner’s true reasoning for dumping her, I’m glad she did, as we are the lucky owners of a very loyal and loving companion. I can’t imagine our lives without her.

    • I stand behind you 100% for everything do did for Cocoa and for everything you said to “Jean”. I pray that “Jean” does read your letter.

      I have, had three furbabies, I just lost my Tia on August 11th. I had her 14 years 4 months and 4 days. In 2010 she was diagnosed with auto immune hemolytic anemia, which meant meds and bloodwork constantly. In April she was diagnosed with an enlarged heart, which meant more meds. August 9th she was diagnosed with cushings disease. She died before they could start even more meds. I have spent thousands of dollars on my dogs and NEVER have I regretted spending one penny of it. My husband and I live paycheck to paycheck, so it was a struggle to pay their vet bills. But I had to do it for them. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS WOULD I EVER DUMP ONE OF MY BABIES OFF FOR ANY REASON.

      I love the “Thelma and Louise” part because that would be me too! Thank you for showing Cocoa what real love was.

    • i’m a dog lover.. story is so heart breaking and so touching at the same time.. THANK YOU so much for taking this sweet dog Cocoa into your loving home and loving her til the end……Judgement is coming to All those people that abuse and bann their loveable pets when they stay before God Himself… theses little creatures belong to him.. and we have to take care and love them


    • Highly emotional situation. you are a wonderful person to give your time, money and love so unconditionally. I raised my children to understand that having pets is a big commitment. you will outlive them. If you cannot love them enough to make sacrifices and/or hard decisions then do not have pets. They are family members! I have raised three Irish setters, a collie, 2 beagles and cats too many to count. Aging animals are loving and want nothing more than to return any and all the love they can…but sometimes you need to see their suffering and LOVINGLY!!!!! give them peace. RIP lovely Cocoa!

  35. Bless your heart for giving this beautiful dog the life she deserved. We need more people like you in this world…and we can do without the Jeans. You’re my hero!!

  36. My first dog lived to be 19 yrs old. She was a spoodle and her owner was going to put her down when she was 1.5 yrs as she was too much trouble. Don’t know why he said that as she was kept in the basement all the time. When I brought her home, she was not housetrained, didn’t know her own name , how to walk on a lease etc etc but my oh my she was a cute one and loved everybody, not a nasty bone in her.For 18 yrs Buttons went with me everywhere, slept on my bed, never made a mistake in the house after she was housetrained, made friends with everyone she met. I was so glad I was home the day she had her stroke so she wasn’t frightern and alone because she knew I was there and would take care of her. She couldn’t walk anymore so I carried her to the vet’s and told her how much she was loved and what a good girl she was. She was whimpering softly until the vet’s assistant took her to the back to put the tube for the needle into her – she started screaming ( I never have let another dog out of my arms for one second when they are dying). She calmed right down as soon as they put her back in my arms. I kissed her goodbye and watched as she left me and the pain left her, and she went into God’s hands. Jean – I have no words to adequately describe what a low life I think you are and I doubt very much that you will see Buttons when it’s your time to leave this earth. Lunchy thank you for giving Cocoa love until the end of her days.

  37. Bless you for taking Coco into your heart and home! I founded Daisy’s Place Retriever Rescue in Charleston, SC specifically for these precious grey muzzles who have loved with their whole hearts and been dumped at kill shelters in their twilight years. Unfortunately I see examples of this every day – and worse. We recently took in a precious older black Lab who had been tied out his whole life until his so called ‘family’ moved away and left him alone to die with no food or water, even telling the neighbors not to bother feeding him. Otis is now living the good life with a loving foster family! It takes a courageous heart to love these precious grey muzzles and I’m so thankful for people like you who care enough to give them the love and dignity they deserve until they cross over to the rainbow bridge. Many blessings, Melissa

  38. I can’t hardly type!! I have to keep wiping my eyes! How could you Jean!! I will live on the streets before I will give up my baby!!! SHAME!!! The sad part is this letter probably won’t even make you blink! Thank all the wonderful people to give these angels happy times to the end. We do the best we can here to in our county, I wish people would wake up and realize that these beautiful creatures are here on earth showing us TRUE agape love and that should never be THROWN AWAY!! Oh and Jean, really be glad that people like me don’t know you, I would make you feel the pain and I would be the one not caring as YOU beg for you worthless life!

  39. To Jean – I hope that when you get older and have medical problems, that someone dumps YOU in a non-caring nursing home! You certainly are the lowest piece of crap I’ve ever seen. What goes around, comes around, and I hope you’re the target.

  40. All I can say through the waterfall of tears is thank you…. And by the way….yes Jean you are a piece of shit.

  41. Well this was just heart wrenching for me,i felt like I was reading my own words..word for word as the contempt I have for “animal lovers” that DUMP thr “loved ones” to die,i only hope the owners die a horrid slowdeath alone in an aged care centre with no one by thr side…what a wonderful woman who took old CoCco into her arms n TRULY CARED FOR HER! Thankyou..the only kind humans left on this earth are animal lovers!xoxox Hey Jean..Rot in hell bitch!

  42. I know all to well how difficult it is to care for sick Animal. It has been a year since my precious beagle Brownie had to stop suffering. When my vet told me it was time to stop trying to save her we were devastated. There was no way she was going to be alone that day. Our entire family sat in the small room crying as she gave
    us our last kisses. Wrap her in blanket cradled by my son, being patted by the rest of us we watched her close her eyes. She wasn’t suffering but our hearts were broken. I can’t imagine not being there for her after the countless, selfless time she was there for us over 14 years.

  43. God Bless you for taking Cocoa in and giving her the care she needed. Pieces of shit that dropped her off should never be allowed to own another animal as long as they live. Myself I would love to take that piece of shit and kick it out of them. I have saved dogs from the pound and abandonment in the past. This letter brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat, and being a former pro wrestler/promoter not many things can do that. Once again God Bless you for giving that little lady a home to be loved in.

  44. Thank you for making this loving dog’s last days happy! Dogs give their families so much unconditional love – I think that they represent love at its best!

  45. This story really touched me. The world would be a far better place if there were more people like you. I’ve never understood people’s willingness to forsake their pets, especially after they’ve had them so many years. I have a few choice words for the family that dumped Cocoa too. I also wish people would stop going to a breeder to get a dog and head to their local humane society. What’s with letting deserving dogs be euthanized just to get a purebred puppy? I wish people would realize mixed breed dogs from shelters make the best pets!

  46. How lucky for Cocoa to have found a safe haven where she was loved and appreciated before she left this world. And shame on you, Jean. You sicken me.

  47. Thank you for being there for Coco and telling her story. I’m so glad she had the love and companionship she deserved at the end.
    My heart always goes out when I visit the SPCA and see the elderly surrendered dogs in the cages. Sometimes it’s due to death of the owner, sometimes for other reasons. I know my next dog will be one of these. The time on earth is too short for these special creatures to spend their last days waiting to die in a cage.
    Thank you for being there for coco Loco.l

  48. Oh my God I’m crying to much I can’t work…




  49. I am so sorry for your loss , I just lost my 12 year old chocolate lab Harley Boy in March to cancer, I did everything I could to keep him healthy and loved until the end and like you I held him in my arms and spoke to him and carresssed his head until his last breath…. but my heart swells with pride at the thought that you gave this loving girl such a wonderful loving last few months of life….you are one of Gods angels……may God bless you

  50. im so sorry to hear that cocoa died but she was with somelkne tat loved her she is in heaven now looking down on you godbless you so muchj ty for taking her

  51. Thank you for loving Cocoa. Perhaps you should tell the rescue world who this Jean is and what state she probably lives in, so we all know never to adopt a dog to her. Protecting her identity does not help any future dogs she may adopt and then dump. :-/

  52. Thank you for saving and loving her. I rescued a dog from a high-kill shelter in Alabama last year. He was 10 years old at the time and was an owner surrender to be put down the next monring. He was transported to Chicago, Illinois and it took days and the day I went to meet the transporter I was shocked to see how emaciated he was. How very sick he was. I knew he had heartworm but was just sickened to see how bony he was. I had him treated for the heartworm and I have to say it was the best decision I’ve ever made or one of the best as I’ve rescued and adopted others. A year later, he is now 11 of course. He is the sweetest and most lovable dog. He is petrified of storms and will run into a crate expecting me to cover it with a blanket so he does not see the lightning outside. He loves my other dogs, would not hurt a fly and I mean it. What a loving and sweet dog my Zeus is. Thank you for saving Cocoa Loco. I’m so glad there are others like you as well that are willing to save the older dogs and give their last time on earth the best they’ve ever had. God bless you and a big hug to you.

  53. In 2009, I adopted a dog from a couple of wonderful ladies who rescued her from an open air animal shelter in the Midwest. They treated her for heartworms. Dogs in open air shelters often do get heartworms, and open air shelters are usually open air because they are rural and have zero funds to buy flea preventative, let alone put up a building. She was about 8 to 10 years old and the shelter picked her up in a popular spot for locals to dump their unwanted dogs. She had a mass on her face. The rescue’s vet thought it might have been fungal.

    Five months after she came home, I learned that she had a grade 3 mast cell tumor in her neck and she was later diagnosed with systemic disease. 16 months later, she was gone.

    I could easily have written this letter. We gave Lucy the most incredible life for 21 months. I miss her every single day and when I think of the jerks that dumped her, I want to punch them in the gut. She deserved better. She was lucky that the rescue and I were there to give it to her.

  54. This broke my heart, I am so happy that she found true love from you and your family in her final days! People like Jean don’t deserve to walk amongst us! My dogs are my children and I go without to make sure they have everything they need medically, physically and emontionally! You and your family are true angels

  55. You are an earth angel & Cocoa was a lucky girl to have found you in time to make a difference to her life’s quality. Cheers to you & your big heart!

  56. I am so filled with emotion right now, that I cant even type. Thank you for being you 🙂 May God Bless you always.

  57. I truly appreciate the love you gave Cocoa, but my respect for you ends there. Attacking a previous owner based on fact less assumption is all too common a problem in the rescue community. I only hope that, in the long term, animal lovers gain the wisdom to treat other human beings with the patience & open mindedness that they treat problem animals. Maybe then the world can actually change for the better.

    Until then, my heart aches for Cocoa & Jean alike.

    • Actually Berta, the world changes for the better each and every time a person opens their home to an animal in need, regardless of what the previous situation was. My heart doesn’t ache for Cocoa, because I KNOW how good her “end” was. My heart aches for all those dogs dumped that people like Jamie couldn’t help. When you remove variable after variable….you’re left with FACT. When you drop a dog at a high kill animal control facility, you are REQUIRED to sign a piece of paper that states the possibility that your beloved pet will be euthanized. That FACT alone makes you a jerk face, and a “dumper” if you don’t find another option.

      • Well said Sarah!! Berta you really are a piece of work, can’t you read??? The MAIN issue here is WHERE Jean left this precious fur baby you moron. ONLY 20 minutes away, there was a NO KILL Shelter! She was to freakin lazy to even drive that far! IF she cared about this old girl, that shared her life for all those years, giving unconditional love the whole time, don’t you think that regardless of her financial or other circumstances, that she would have taken her there? I suspect like Jean, you are one who would also dump a furry family member, because you never really seen them as family in the first place. Would you dump your kids as quickly? Thankfully there are many of us in this world, who WOULD do the Thelma & Louise, and make bloody SURE nothing like this EVER happened to OUR FUR FAMILY!!!! You and those like you, MAKE ME SICK!

      • Janne, How do you know “Jean” didn’t try to take the dog to a no kill shelter only to be turned away because the shelter was full?
        Susan, How do you know “Jean” didn’t try to find someone to take the dog?

    • Berta, I agree with you! How do we know that “Jean” even had the option to drive Cocoa the additional 20 miles to a no kill shelter? How do we know that Jean too, wasn’t dying of cancer? The writer knew nothing more of Jean than her name, but went on to write an “open letter” to her on the WORLD WIDE web and degrade her as if she actually knew what happened, or that she just KNEW Jean was aware that Cocoa had cancer. A human being who calls another human being a “piece of shit” without knowing one single circumstance surrounding why they made an extremely tough decision…that’s a person I would consider a POS!!

      • I feel bad all around. I do agree, we don”t know whether the owner of the cute lab could have gone into a nursing home. It just makes you think more about where your pets will go when you are ill. I would recommend asking a friend to adoppt your dog if you can”t bring the dog with you. Certainly never take them to a high kill shelter!! It makes me so sad!

  58. yes shame on you Jean you should have just put him out side and left him there like most people do and yes we don’t put our seniors in a home when their sick we take them to a place where other people abuse them!!!!! isn’t that part of the problem with the spca is taking on someone else’s problem maybe you need to stay off there website OR TAKE YOUR CHANCES

  59. People like you are saints!!! Deserve all of the blessings in the world. I have a 19 year old pitt bull. Best dog I ever had!!!
    For shame on that owner for giving up a blessed soul like that. Just because she choose NOT to reprimand the kid for hurting the baby.

  60. God bless you for your kindness in caring for Cocoa in her final days. You are a Saint and her former “owner” was a piece of shit. What goes around comes around I believe in this.

  61. omg tears are flowing…..thank you for giving Cocoa the best life at her end…she deserved so much better than this so called human “Jean” gave her…thank god you stepped in and gave her the love she needed…..I am so sorry you lost her…she looked alike a beautiful and loyal part of your family.

  62. WOW….right to the point. Good for you and for Cocoa. Cocoa deserved a happy healthy life and you were the responsible one unlike Jean…..we are the responsible ones also….people feel the need to just drop off cat after, after cat….we end up with at least one or 2 cats every year that are dumped off at our little farm (less than a acre)….they never come vetted, they have to be fixed, have their shots and be feed on a daily basis. Just once….I wish that if someone has the desire to drop off a cat at our place that they would come to my door and at the very least…..a bag of cat food.
    God bless you and Cocoa….remember the Rainbow Bridge…you will see her again for sure!!

  63. A few years ago, after reading this article I probably would have shaken my head, muttered something about the author being a “crazy pet owner”, and wonder if there weren’t bigger problems in the world that needed fixing. That was before I adopted my first dog – and now, I understand fully. I count myself blessed that the dog we adopted was at a young age when abandoned up in the northern parts of Quebec (it’s believed he lived feral for a year or so), so I know we have quite a few years left for us to spoil him, and for him to spoil us. And when the day comes where he has to leave our family, we will be right there with him, so that we will be there at the end, and he with us. To do what Jean did to his dog is unconscionable. Shame on him!

  64. What’s wrong with people? When you take in an animal you take on the responsibility to see them through to the finish line. It can be expensive and heartbreaking, but you do it, because of all the love and joy they bring you for the years that they are with you. I’ve had to have animals humanely euthanized and it is awful, of course. But I could never let an animal of mine suffer alone. What great hands this dog was in at the end. Yes, you are a hero.

  65. And I thought Jean was a male!!! This is a woman??? Makes my heart sink even further. She must be a mother?? Moms do NOT abandon their children!!!
    I have to stop thinking of this. My day has started with anger ::(((

  66. I am a mess on my way to an interview……I am on my third rescue failed foster I am n proud bc of people like jean…..I have 3 dogs, a kid, family n a bird n still help my friend with her rescue of dogs that wasn’t given a chance. My Anna girl passed 3 years ago n still affects me…..than there is Mz.Cleo another love had epilepsy n seizures but still wanted to give bet the life n love she deserved……its been almost a year she is gone……..n now we have Beanie found in nc as many I help r from…..wandering the streets till someone took her in to find her a home. Got a call from my friend asking me if she can stay with us bc she had big dogs n she was scared…..So I said yes bc Beanie is about 3, has heartworms, lump on her chest, mammory tumors which may be cancer, n is not spayed, n skittish all the time but the still loving n great with everyone……so she has been loved, spoiled with treats being fed up in the room where she feels safe, belly rubs, playtime, just whatever to have her enjoy whatever time she has left……so Ty for giving Coco Loco a home………xoxo rip big girl

    • I am sorry for all your loss. I know it is a bit late but maybe in the future this can help someone. Years ago I had an Australian cattle dog and she too developed seizures. For whatever reason we stopped giving her the heart worm meds and the seizures stopped.

  67. i had taken in a senior 9 year old belgium shepherd because his current owners were moving to a condo and couldnt have a big dog there, although they took their little poodle. this dog named kingston was an outside dog his whole life, he doesnt like to be inside. he will walk around in circles all day and do nothing they said. we took him to the vet and he told us that he only had three months left to live because he has glaucoma and hip desplacia so we are going to take him there to be put down if you dont take him they told me. i couldnt let a senior die in shelter alone so without thinking i put him into my car and drove off with him. not thinking “what if my current 4 dogs dont get along with him?” i just took him home. he settled in well and even the resident dog reactive boxer took a liking to him. well, the dog who left outside for 9 years because he didnt like to be inside? he loved being in the house, being groomed, doted on. he loved all the interaction he was getting from me and my dogs. he lived to a ripe old age of 12 and i had him longer than the three months which they told me he would live for. and on his last day, when i left for work, i sensed that he was not his normal self that i was use to for 3 years. he just laid in the kitchen and watched me leave. when i returned from work 9 hours later, he was in the same spot and didnt appear to have moved. i looked at him, crouched down to rub his head and he gave me this look with his eyes and lead out a yelp and was gone. he waited for me to come home before he left this earth. he wanted me to be the last thing he saw because he knew i loved him.
    i commend you to take in a senior dog because more often then not they get dumped at shelters for whatever reason or if they no longer suited the family. i am glad that coco knew she was loved her last days with you.

  68. i love the honesty of this i can see coco although too late was loved by a wonderful warm caring human being such as yourself x

  69. Thank you for your amazing letter! My best friend shared it with me because she thought it was written by me. I’m a volunteer at a local shelter and have seen far to many of the exact same situations. Thank you for speaking on behalf of the Tuckers and Muffins of the world.

  70. yes thank God and cocoa’s angels for guiding you to her… dog cassie is nine and I would throw myself out in front of a car to save her….no questions asked….she has the best of everything, best food and more love than she sometimes wants……lol……I think people that do something like this piece of crap, should pay and maybe someday she will end up alone and not wanted, lets see how she feels when the time comes……thank you for making cocoa’s end of her life on this earth comfortable and loving…….I am sure when you get to Heaven, she will be one of the first ones there to greet you………xo

  71. God bless your loving heart & soul…….it is my hope that one day we will be free of the “Jean’s” of the world who unfortunately own pets. Rest in eternal peace Cocoa and bask in the love from your true owner ox

  72. When I was in college I found a very sick, old cat wandering around outside. She had certainly belonged to someone and they likely dumped her because she was so sick. We were lucky to have two years with her and exactly as you said, she died surrounded by people who loved her after living a very spoiled (albeit short) time with us. She also turned me into an animal rescuer. I will always be grateful that she was part of my life, but I wish nothing but bad things for the person who tossed her out there to die.

  73. And this is why my current pets are the last pets I will have. You assume a lot. People are losing jobs and income every day. Yet when they do what they can in hopes that someone else can take over and provide care for a pet they can no longer provide for they are treated like criminals. When a child develops an allergy and a pet can no longer be kept the person is assumed to be dumping for convenience. Every pet I have had has been a rescue but I will not rescue anymore animals. I will immediately take them to a shelter rather than my home. I refuse to be a part of rescuing when the rescue community develops such an attitude of derision towards others. I don’t see this you as being big hearted so much as I see an obnoxious holier-than-thou attitude. You say your animals want for nothing and that’s great. But it’s arrogant to deride others that do not have such resources. If you really want to help animals consider helping owners be able to provide for their pets. Why aren’t there food banks for pet food? Why aren’t there free clinics for vet care? Why aren’t there free classes/clinics offered to teach how to groom and care for pets? A lot of people are hurting in the current economy, losing homes, losing pets and the response is to deride? Yes, the current pets I own are my last. And as for the shelter giving you the previous owner’s name? You could have contacted the previous owner and perhaps helped he and the dog have time together at the end. You could have helped them both. But instead you wrote this. Shame on you.

      • You are missing the point, this Jean dumped her dog in a high kill shelter and probably knowing she was unwell. That’s just plain disgusting, I’ve just lost my 9 year old Lab to cancer and there was NO WAY we were doing anything but the best for him. I’m out of work, hubby on low wage, we have insurance bit it till cost us £400. He died in my arms, loved to the very, very end, regardless of cost or circumstance. I have a two year old collie who was taken to the vet T eight months to be PTS because he was “out of control” thankfully he was saved and I tell you he’s a fantastic dog. Yes there are people out there who rejoice for the right reason, but there’s a lot of people out there who DO dump because of convenience and because they don’t care about that living, breathing creature who gives everything yet demands nothing.

        Shame on YOU for refusing to rescue because of this post.

      • Bottom line is this…..if this person, Jean, had common sense enough to find a place to begin with to bring her dog then she sure did have common sense to make sure that BECAUSE OF THE POSSIBILITY that Cocoa might NOT get adopted right away, that she was going to a place where she’d have some time and not be killed without a chance to live. If you can easily assume it’s a job issue and this person had no money to care for the dog then you could also assume that it’s because they were on drugs or just started not caring. Could be SOOOOO many things but, AGAIN to repeat it over, THE POINT IS THE WAY SHE WENT ABOUT IT WHICH “LOOKS LIKE” FROM HER ACTIONS, THAT IT DIDN’T MATTER TO HER TO FIND A PLACE THAT WASN’T GOIN GTO JUST KILL OFF THE DOG. it’s such a simple concept to understand.

    • We could disagree all day about it, but the bottom line is that job, or no job…someone has to be the grown up, responsible adult human in this scenario, and it wasn’t Jean.

    • Anne I hope you don’t have anymore pets for your attitude is also very negative and if you read correctly maybe you would of saw she left the old girl at a HIGH KILL Shelter.
      No one is reprimanding your good deeds. But its seems you do it for praise and not out of love.There are always ways to get help to help another or a 12 year family member. Would you get rid of a family member if they were sick? Well dont answer that because maybe you would. Shame on You Anne for thinking what jane did was ok.

    • Shame on you!!! This was a beautiful letter. And its ignorant people like you that make excuses for shit people. I’ve seen homeless people that have dogs. Now can they afford to take them to the vet if the dog gets cancer?? No, but i guarantee they will hold that dog until it takes its last breath, because that dog and that man are all eachother have. Yah, its a tough world out there, but if youre going to invest in getting an animal, knowing theyre going to cost money, and then surrender in their old, dying age, then youre a shitty person as far as I’m concerned. There is no exscuse, zero exscuse for people that dump animals. And good, i hope you never get another animal, bcause you obviously dont appreciate the love they bring, you only see them as a bill, money out of your pocket. Take your negativity elsewhere.

    • You have a really ugly attitude. Can’t you just be happy that someone did something nice ? If your outlook on animals is so horrible maybe you should hAve never had children considering.

    • Thank you for writing this. I was saddened by her “open letter,” as much as I was happy for Cocoa. She withdrew the benefits of her actions with her hatred, in my opinion. The rescuing community is exhibiting behavior I would rather not be a part of either. Thank you for speaking up for what’s truly “right.”

    • Well, I agree with you Anne-Marie. This letter was unfair and assumed too much. While I would never take any pet to the pound, I think there are a lot of reasons that people do. Rather than ranting and raving about someone you know almost nothing about, why not offer up solutions, as Anne-Marie has done here.

      • Anne-Marie, What you are doing is making assumptions and some pretty radical statements. The author clearly states in her first sentence she had an intake form where Jean states she is moving to a non-pet-friendly apartment, and that she didn’t have the financial resources. Jean did, however, have the trigger finger to put her precious dog in a HIGH KILL shelter, and I can pretty much assume that her surrender form identified it was High-Kill. The animal rescue nation is a powerful and emotional one; it is also easily researched for advice, support and assistance. One can assume, by putting Cocoa in a high-kill shelter, that Jean did not do her due diligence research on alternatives. There are people who become desperate; of course, but working in a shelter for over 7 years, being a board member for my organization, and also rescuing several animals of my own, I have heard every. blessed. lousy. excuse. that people can make to shift responsibility of a pet. It is tiresome; it is deflating, and quite frankly, this blog should be posted far and wide so that every person who perhaps entertains the thought of dumping their pet can maybe reconsider. There are so few valid reasons in years I have been involved in my shelter for surrenders that you cannot help but be jaded. Perhaps, Anne-Marie, if you no longer care to rescue, you could concentrate your efforts on volunteering for a shelter where you plan to bring your found animals, so you could hear over and over again the same excuses theses “witty” pet dumpers use to try and outsmart us.. In the end, Jean took the easy way out; plain and simple.

    • Just like buying second hand ” you get what you get” It seems to me that the writer is a bit pist because she broke her neck getting there to adopt this dog and she got BILLS in the process. Who cares if you threw in the “woe is me” I didnt feel good but I got up and did it anyway. Oh come on !!

      You tried to make yourself out to be the HERO here. Its a dam dog not a child in need !! Perhaps the lady took her dog to the kill shelter because it was to much for her to put the ill dog down herself. Perhaps she took the dog there to the “kill shelter” because it was the right thing to do. All you did now is prolong this poor dogs life of pain. The owner knew it was time to let go……

      And you rescuers…GET OFF YOUR OLE HIGH AND MIGHTY TOTEM POLE YOU PUT YOURSELFS ON !!! CONTROL THE PET POPULATION ( YOU HEARD THIS BEFORE yes ?) We need to start putting these dogs and cats to bed , PERMENANTLY !!! There are way to many of them…

      I WOULD DO THE SAME THING THE LADY DID…I’M GONNA EAT before A DAM DOG DOES. I’m gonna pay my electric bill before I pay a vet bill

      • Hazel, you are a horrible human being. I hope you don’t have pets, because I’d fear for their safety. And I hope you don’t have children so that you don’t pass on your horrifically selfish attitudes about the value of life.

      • OMG Hazel, Anne-Marie, Bruce B, and any others here who feel the same as they do. People like you should NEVER be allowed to own ANY animal! You selfish SOB’s!!!!! The WHOLE ISSUE HERE is WHERE this bitch dumped HER FAMILY MEMBER, at a HIGH KILL Shelter, when a NO KILL Shelter was only 20 mins away! There ARE pet food banks, even online you morons, and the food is often delivered to your freakin doors, for those of you to lazy to go and collect it! There are HEAPS of low cost veterinary options available, but hey, try talking to your vet first, you never know, they might even help you to, if your that broke! I have been that broke, and chosen to SELL my valuable jewellery to pay vet bills, that is my choice, because I LOVE my fur family! If you don’t, then don’t get them, the pets DESERVE to have far FAR better than you for their family. Ewwwww I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to live under your roof’s! What VILE excuses for humanity you are! I am so SO GLAD that you will be getting no other animals Anne-Marie, you are doing all animals a BIG favor, by never ending up under your roof, and dealing with your vile attitude! “It’s just a dog” heh? Thank GOD most people in this world have a level of decency that would be foreign to you, and treat their animals with the love, respect and compassion that they, and ALL animals deserve. What a blight on society people like you all are, and I am SO GLAD I am not your family…such cold hearted, selfish people. You make my skin crawl.

      • It sickens me all the hate you have in your heart and this is why the world is the way it is. We don’t need your petty,selfish comments Hazel, Anne-Marie, Ect.. If you have nothing nice to say move along. This is why a person of your nature does not have a Animal or if you do, I feel horrible for that animal and wish i could call Aspca to come rescue the animal from you. People who dont care for animals haven’t experienced the unconditional Love and devotion in there lives, So I feel sorry for you. All your hate can go with you along your journey where ever it might be. Ill pray for you.

    • The shelter where I volunteer has a pet food bank, will do anything they can to help keep beloved pets with their owners, including having low-cost vet care and vaccination/spay/neuter clinics in low-income areas. Please check with your local vet or humane society to see if these services are in your area.

      • If they bothered to LOOK, they would already know that there is a mile of help out there available…how the hell do they think the homeless feed and medicate their precious fur babies? People like these, will ALWAYS find an excuse for their miserable actions and attitudes! I shudder for any children they may have! People like these are ALSO a HUGE part of the PROBLEM, irresponsible pricks who don’t spay/neuter, medicate, feed etc the animals they have chosen to bring into their homes (although why they would with their attitudes is beyond me), because HEY, ITS JUST A DOG!!!! They would NEVER spend any real money on them, and feed them the cheapest, nasty dog food out there, and expect them to be grateful, which of course they are!! WE wonder why this world is in such a terrible state…well look no further, the answer is right here…people who don’t give a rats arse about anyone or anything on earth, except themselves! It is such a shame we cannot euthanise them!

      • Carol, I agree with you whole-heartedly. Nobody is in any position to judge since we know nothing about Jean except for her name. There are no kill shelters and rescues out there who may have an overload of animals already and is unable to take in more. Many people also don’t realize that places like SPCA and the Humane Society pick and chose who they will take in. I know for a fact these places will not take in sick animals and old animals because these type of animals do not fit the shelter’s criteria. The author does make a good point about taking the dog to a vet clinic to have the dog humanely euthanized,but isn’t there a chance that Jean did not know how sick Cocoa really was? The author said it herself in her letter, that the owner was on a limited budget which means she couldn’t just live anywhere, and what I am also suspecting is that the owner was not able to get all the tests Cocoa would need to confirm what was wrong with her, and these sound like these would be expensive tests especially since Cocoa had cancer.

        In regards to many comments made about how there is all kinds of resources out there to help pets in need- these resources are very limited in many areas. Nobody really knows what Jean did or didn’t do for Cocoa, and nobody has a right to make harsh judgements even if they had to go through it themselves. I am a county shelter worker, so I see all the ugliness that happens and I too get angry at the lame excuses as to why people surrender their pet. In the case of Jean though……we really don’t know the whole story.

        I think what the author did was a beautiful thing for Cocoa; I only wish many other older/sick dogs were as fortunate.

    • I understand the sorrow of losing a pet. However, I DO NOT agree with judging the previous owner. You know NOTHING about Jean save her name. I’ve rescued dogs from shelters in the past, I’ve lost pets. My issue with this is your holier than thou attitude. Berta and Anne Marie are right. You rescued Cocoa. You gave her a loving home. I respect you for that. I DO NOT agree with you or anyone else bashing another human being, especially on the internet. If people spent as much time caring about other people as they do animals, we wouldn’t have families losing their homes, jobs, and pets. But no, people like you would rather sit around saying, “Oh, look at me! I’m a saint because I rescued a dog from a kill-shelter!” NEWS FLASH: You didn’t rescue Cocoa. SHE rescued YOU. And you obviously haven’t learned much from her or you would realize “unconditional love” means unconditional. You think Cocoa hated Jean for leaving her? NO! She loved Jean regardless of her actions. THAT is unconditional love. You and people like you give those of us who rescue shelter animals a bad name. You didn’t right this because you lost Cocoa. You wrote this because you crave attention and suffer from a severe superiority complex. And if you loved Cocoa so much, why don’t you take a page from her book and learn what it means to forgive. THOU SHALT NOT JUDGE LEST YEE BE JUDGED! My heart goes out to Cocoa and Jean and anyone else who has ever loved and lost or been forced to leave a furry family member.

      • I agree with Carol. If this rescuer was one of our volunteers, we would recommend she take a break from rescue. If writing this letter made her feel better then fine. But there was no need to make it public except for the thanks. None of us will ever know Jean’s circumstances yet so many are commenting with such hatred. I’ve been to both animal control and SPCAs many times and have seen surrenders. It isn’t that all people don’t care – some stories break your heart. I’m glad so many of you swear your animals will be with you till you die. I hope that’s so but FYI nursing homes do not allow you to bring your pets. Make plans for your animals now before something happens.
        Rescues deal with horrible situations daily but they don’t waste time bitching about it. They deal with the present – how they can fix the wrongs and make life better for the animal. The volunteers do it for the animals and not for any thanks. In fact most do it quietly without drawing attention to themselves.
        Please support your local rescues. They need you!

  74. I AM SO AMAZED by this post, I am in tears, literally. I would LOVE for this letter to go to every single person who abandons an animal. The truth, the harsh truth, is exactly what these assholes need to hear.
    I love your passion and I love your conviction; you and I are A LOT alike, we are. And I agree- there are a lot of us out there (I even say that on my blog’s About page).
    Good for you and God Bless You.
    As for Cocoa — dont worry — she is up romping in Heaven with my late Goldens Benson and Gibson.
    They are waiting for us with eagerness yet a calm patience. They are watching us take on AW and fight the good fight. They are raising their paws up for us.
    Thank you for all you do.


    JL Smith

    • That’s right Jamie, quite frankly I don’t know why some people have dogs,or any kind of animals, shame on them.

  75. Such a sad post. My husband and I were just talking about this situation last night; no kidding.

    We have a little rescue dog (all the way from Istanbul, Turkey…we live in Canada) who has been with us going on 2 years. This little Lady’s age is undetermined, but considering her coat, sleeping habits, white hair, and horrible odour…it is assumed she is geriatric. My point is…even after 2 years, this dog STILL stands and whines at the edge of the road; looking for SOMETHING. She STILL searches for SOMETHING most times when she is outside with the other dogs, she doesn’t fit in and stands and watches the others play and interact with us, and she gets very depressed at times (refusing to eat or come out of her bed). She is happy most times (and the depression bouts are less frequent with passing time) but there are still times when I can see the sadness in her eyes.I can see how homesick she still is- and my heart breaks for her. I wish people knew that elderly dogs who have been abandoned don’t forget their owners. Do they not realize these dogs are always searching for them (no matter how long its been and how “good” they have it with their new family). It breaks my heart to think of all the elderly dogs just abandoned because their owners cannot afford their care (whether financially or emotionally). How sad…that after giving a lifetime of undying devotion and loyalty to a person……a poor, sweet old soul has to die alone (waiting to be reunited with their loved one).

  76. I have so much empathy for you. It was just this past April that I brought home my Jezabelle — sweet little year-and-a-half old kitty cat whose owners had shoved her in a box, then thrown her out of a moving car. She was deemed by the shelter as ‘semi-feral’ due to how terrified she was, and after having surgery to be spaid and remove infected ovaries, I sacrificed sleeping in my room for a week to let her recover some. It took at least two months before I could pet her, and four before she started sleeping with me. Now she cuddles with me, and though I can’t pick her up, I love her all the same. Sad thing was, she was somebody’s pet, because she never once scratched up anything, had an accident outside her litter box (except for the one after I brought her home in my blankets, but I excused that,) etc., and it broke my heart.

    I am so happy that you were able to help Cocoa during her last time on this earth. You are an amazing person and I admire you so much. It’s sad that the saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ is true.

    Thank you so much for making her last days better. ❤

  77. From Ann Marie: “And this is why my current pets are the last pets I will have. You assume a lot. People are losing jobs and income every day. Yet when they do what they can in hopes that someone else can take over and provide care for a pet they can no longer provide for they are treated like criminals. When a child develops an allergy and a pet can no longer be kept the person is assumed to be dumping for convenience. Every pet I have had has been a rescue but I will not rescue anymore animals. I will immediately take them to a shelter rather than my home. I refuse to be a part of rescuing when the rescue community develops such an attitude of derision towards others. I don’t see this you as being big hearted so much as I see an obnoxious holier-than-thou attitude. You say your animals want for nothing and that’s great. But it’s arrogant to deride others that do not have such resources. If you really want to help animals consider helping owners be able to provide for their pets. Why aren’t there food banks for pet food? Why aren’t there free clinics for vet care? Why aren’t there free classes/clinics offered to teach how to groom and care for pets? A lot of people are hurting in the current economy, losing homes, losing pets and the response is to deride? Yes, the current pets I own are my last. And as for the shelter giving you the previous owner’s name? You could have contacted the previous owner and perhaps helped he and the dog have time together at the end. You could have helped them both. But instead you wrote this. Shame on you.”

    The first question: ” Why aren’t there food banks for pet food? Why aren’t there free clinics for vet care?” -where I live there are. The food banks carry dog food (and my local pet store allows you to contribute to that at the counter when checking out). Many of the local shelters offer free or very, very cheap spay/neuter/shot clinics several times a year. My local shelter will give you free dog food if you need it.

    The second question: “Why aren’t there free classes/clinics offered to teach how to groom and care for pets?” -many rescues and pet stores do this-may not be free but again, very, very cheap.”

    The bottom line is while many people face really tough situations, there are resources out there to help them, all people have to do is ask. Every shelter and rescue group in my area has a facebook page. Every pet store has signs all over it with info on classes. You seem to skip right by the fact that if Jean could no longer care for her dog, she could have had the dog humanely euthanized at a vet-or taken it to a no kill shelter. There were options for her, even if she couldn’t keep the dog and they didn’t include leaving a senior, sick animal at a high kill shelter. She didn’t do enough, Ann Marie. And if you are actually going to take future animals to a high kill shelter because you don’t like one blogger’s post about watching a very sick, old dog die in her arms, then you aren’t doing enough either.

      • “Jean” didn’t have to take Cocoa to a kill shelter. Do a little research and find a NO-kill shelter if the situation is to the point of not being able to keep the pet.
        I read nothing in this letter to give me the impression of anyone having an “obnoxious holier-than-thou attitude”. But Anne-Marie, your attitude did amaze me…

    • Amen. And I’m grateful that Ms. Ann Marie won’t have any more animals. Sounds like a responsible decision. If only Cocoa’s mom would have been a responsible human being…

    • Perfect response and everything I was thinking. There are pet food banks where I live and grooming and care classes held at all the pet stores along with lost cost vaccination clinics.

      You actually have to care and get off your ass and look for them instead of taking the easy way out and dumping them in a kill- shelter with a bunch of excuses.

      And this is coming from someone who just lost a 19 year old rescue cat that was vomiting, peeing all over the house (the vets kept trying to save him), and then the tumors came. We made him as comfortable as possible and then held him in our arms and looked him in the face when we helped him cross the rainbow bridge.

  78. I think you are a wonderful person to do what you have done for Coco. But I do think you are being awful harsh on Jean. It’s hard to understand why people do the things they do. Possibly she had no knowledge of the tumors or the pee problem. Possibly she was doing what she thought was best for he beloved dog. She could have put her down but maybe she couldn’t stand the thoughts of taking her life thinking possibly that she could find another home with people to love her as she had. I know for some of us we cannot imagine giving away our pets because they become inconvienient. I have seen first had the struggle of my father when he became too ill to look after his aging dog. No one and I mean no one cared for or babied a dog like my dad did but when he became ill and Gigi started to piddle on the floor and the old girl was going blind he knew he had to have her put to sleep and he couldn’t do it… So I took her it was very hard but it was the best thing for her. We don’t know Jeans circumstances financially or emotionally lets just imagine that she was forced to give up a home and had no choices lets imagine that she felt she was doing the best thing for Coco hoping for her go find another family to love her. But once again I think you are a wonderful person to take on the responsibility of a older dog..

    • I am sorry but anyone who takes their dog to a shelter deserves no respect. None. Nada. Have you ever been to a shelter to see what happens? Do you know that most dogs are really scared as they hear all of the dogs frantically barking and their “owners” have to drag them into the building or pick them up because they won’t walk in. Go to a shelter and then tell me that you have any respect for Cocoa’s “owner” who took her to a kill shelter. If you have a heart, you won’t take your dog there no matter what.

      • I do work at a shelter and I still don’t see your point of view. I have seen a few owners come in the shelter balling because no other shelter or rescue group would help them due to limited space and limited resources. Many people have no idea what they will do in a heart breaking situation like that until it happens to them, until then, everyone’s righteous comments should be kept to themselves

  79. I think it is wonderful that you took her in and gave her a nice last few months weeks or days. I am curious when you said she died in your arms did you have the vets come in or take her to the vet to have her put peacefully down, or did you take it upon yourself to watch her die inyour arms with no intevention to help her in her last hours.

  80. Wow, that was a happy/sad story to read.
    We too have a chocolate lab named Cocoa in her 13th year, possibly her last year. We have six dogs in total and right now we are wondering if this will be the last year our Cocoa, companion and family pet for almost 13 years will be with us. She too has health issues and suspected inner tumours. We treat her for other health issues but at her age if cancer is growing she would never survive the treatments but we keep her happy, loved and comfortable.
    I would NEVER give her up, she will die with us as will our other dogs when their time comes. They are ours to love, enjoy and care for when sickness presents itself.
    For the people who say finances become the issue, I say “BULLSH!T”, there is always a solution…someone will help…but you need to seek it and not dump your pet like trash to the curb!
    Denise-4 ever mum to 13 yr old chocolate lab Cocoa & 5 other dogs

  81. Wow unreal! No body asked you to do any of those things; you took it upon yourself to do them and that’s great for you, noble even. But that aside, you shouldn’t get to cast your judgement on someone else! Nor should you get to sit there and sling insults and call this PERSON names; hoping to publicly humiliate them and demean their life choices, that isn’t right.
    You are clearly speculating these people knew about the dog’s illness, but do you actually for fact know this? NO. Do you think this rant of yours will solve the problem? NO.
    Humans and dogs are not synonymous for each other. Perhaps this guy had to choose between his real human family obligations or his pet’s? and on that note; even if that were the case, he took the dog to a pound, he didn’t just dump her down a bush road; he made a somewhat responsible decision to leave her with an organization that would take the dog and try to rehome her (which they did- you adopted her)…again, this is all clearly speculation.

    So, it’s great you have the means and the heart to welcome these animals into your home, bravo for you. But stop and think before you sit behind a monitor and key such a immature and cruel post. There’s no trophy or grand prize in situations like these.

    • I completely agree with you. This is a very cruel way to get your feelings across. You don’t know what the previous owner is going through, you don’t know the reason why Jean had to give up her dog, none the less should you be making assumptions about how she left the dog there. You don’t just “dump” a companion of 12 years at a shelter, it must have been an incredibly hard decision to make, whether Jean knew about Coco’s sickness or not , Jean was probably the primary care taker of Coco and probably gave the dog the best life she could have, which means Jean must have loved Coco very much. It is obvious that you are grieving the loss of your new pet, but it is not fair to Jean for you to deal with your grief in this way, lashing out at her when you don’t even know the situation that Jean was in or what Jean went through. As a dog lover myself, I have adopted a young dog before and it turns out that he was aggressive towards other dogs and people, we did all that we could to get him out of his bad habits, we attempted expensive one on one training and even bought tons of gentle leaders and muzzles to ensure the safety of the people and pets around him. But sadly after he bit me, we called the Humane Society to decide what to do and they took him back and found him a new home where he fits better, and let me tell you it is not an easy thing to do at all, I cried for days and days. And as for you buying Coco’s “expensive” food and paying for his expensive vet bills, try owning a dog that is so sick that the vets cannot even figure out what is wrong with him, my own dog is own lots of medication, supplements and even special home cooked food which costs us over $200 monthly. Lunchy do you want an award for what you’ve done? All you’ve accomplished is lash out and if Jean has read this I truly pity her, what she has gone through must be extremely painful, and I sincerely hope that this isn’t the way she finds out that her old companion has passed away. Thank you for what you have done to help Coco, you have made an impact in her life for sure, but please next time before you decide to lash out, please consider the other side of the story. By the way, I am only 15 years old and yet I know that this was not the right thing for you to have done, if that doesn’t send a message to you I don’t know what will. I do not mean for this message to sound like an attack on you but I just hope you consider that what you have said was not the best way to deal with your grief.

      • Seriously? Anyone who takes their pet to a shelter knows very well what the outcome will be for their animal. If they don’t know, then they don’t care to know. I have no respect for anyone who takes a pet to a shelter whether it’s kill or no kill. Go to your local shelter then come back and read her story and tell me if you truly think Cocoa’s “owner” deserves any respect or sympathy. I am betting that you have never been to a shelter.

  82. I am a pet lover who nursed an ailing diabetic dog to her final peaceful end, convelesced and rehabilitated a beautiful GSD with a badly broken leg and now take care of an ancient old pony mare. I too look into their eyes and see their dignity and feel that responsibility that tragically too few people do. Bless you for making Cocoa’s last days so peaceful. These animals expect so little of us yet give so much.

  83. Had the Exact same thing happen to me!! My gorgeous Newfie X Golden named Taff he was Amazing as far as dogs go and I seriously don’t think Any dog in my entire life will be as good a dog as him!! He taught me so much about dogs! His owners dropped him off saying “we are selling our house and people don’t want to see dog hair everywhere and I don’t want to vacuum everyday!” These A**holes had him from 8wks to 9yrs when I saw him it was love at first sight! He was skinny had hair missing from everywhere he was a dry flakey scabby mess I changed his food gave him a couple Much needed flea baths and his coat grew in and he was Magnificent!! He threw out his back and cost me a fortune on chiropractic visits but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world!! He was an incredible pooch and will NEVER be forgotten!! The part you wrote about her dying in your arms feeling loved that’s how Taff went as well with his Family surrounded with Love!!

  84. I sit here with a heavy heavy heart, balling my eyes out missing Cocoa Loca….a sweet old dog I didnt have the priveledge of knowing, hugging my 2 furbabies because I love them more then anything on God’s green earth….THANK YOU for giving Cocoa the dignity she deserved to have love and kindness at the end of her life. Something that a worthless POS who doesnt deserve the lucury of breathing fresh air every day should have done. May you JEAN rot in the evil stinking hell you belong in. You are the most disgusting slime ball on earth. The lowest form of human waste there is and I hope the rest of your life is haunted bu Cocoa and those precious eyes. I hope you never sleep a peaceful night and sit awake for the next 50 years and that every time you try to sleep you cant because Cocoa haunts you. Shame on you. When you get old I hope your family throws you into a dirty filthy cruel nursing home and they never go see you again. I hope you die alone, scared, neglected and in fear….fortunately Cocoa didnt die that way. No thanks to you. Jean I hope you read this…..because I will pray every night of my life that you rot in stinking hell.

  85. This is by far not the first post I have seen along these lines. That’s an assumption made on your part. As for low cost spay and neuter those are well and good but do nothing to help care for chronic conditions. As for I’m not doing enough? I’ve been rescuing for over 30 years. I’ve cared for them and held them when they were dying. I’ve done my fair share..

    To an earlier response, I did not miss the point of the post. I saw very clearly that the first sentence is a threat to another human. I saw that at no time was any compassion shown for the human. I saw that it is assumed that everyone knows which shelters are high kill/low kill, etc.

    I stand by my response and I tell you, if you truly want to help animals you have to help people. You have to meet them where they are. Not everyone has the same battles in life. If adopting elderly animals makes a person want to threaten other people it might be time to stop adopting elderly animals. Having compassion for animals does not excuse having a lack of compassion for humans.

    • There should be compassion given to Jean, what she did showed no compassion for her dog why should anyone els show her compassion?! Honestly I’m shocked that another rescuer would want to show this woman compassion… A dog dying of cancer was left in a high kill shelter to die, either from the stress eating away at her making her health worse alone & cold in a dirty kennel or to be gassed or stuck scared & wondering what she did wrong….. You want to show Jean compassion?!

      To each their own but I for one would like to slap her right off her feet for failing her long time sick companion.

    • Well said. This person did a noble thing by taking care of a dog that needed taking care of. Then she ruined it by beating someone else down. This would have been a beautiful story without that.

      • Precisely Amanda, what Lisa did was a good thing, but clearly it wasn’t a selfless act. She came on here for her 15 minutes of fame, she wanted to be in the spotlight and be fawned over for her heroic acts. The common thing I keep reading here is “I” … it’s not about you, Lisa. You haven’t been served an injustice, you took it upon yourself to rescue this dog. You are more than educated on the hazards and complications that could come from adopting an old dog… that’s all there is to it. You took a gamble and lost this time, move on.

  86. I was in serious tears when I read your letter, I’m so happy Cocoa had good last few weeks; she is an innocent soul and she deserved to be loved towards her last days. You, my friend, are a wonderful human being, and I don’t know you… but I love you. Thank you for being you. The world needs more of you.

  87. You made such a profound difference in her life…you were her angel and she will be right there over your shoulder with gratitude and love till you see her again! Tears flowing blessings to you for such an open heart and home ❤

  88. Please don’t judge others…consider the possibility the this person had no alternatives…..perhaps she prayed that someone like you would come along………I guess that persons prayers were answered………Cocoa, apparently died surrounded by love…..probably just the way her owner prayed she would…….Praise the Lord for people like you…….to God be the glory!!
    We just don’t know the circumstances…….and let’s not just assume!!

  89. I hear that people do this all the time so they don’t have to pay to put them asleep or they cant afford it. But they shouldn’t lie about it and let people think she is healthy and have to take them to the vet and figure it out themselves. Heartbreaking story. Thanks to you she had someone to be with that loved her on her last days.

  90. You captured perfectly in words what so many of us in animal rescue witness on a daily basis. For every ugly, heartless person out there , there are thankfully, amazing wonderful, caring people such as You, who step up to the plate, with hearts as big as the sky. We must never give up…..You are my hero….Keep up the good fight……

  91. to the person who wrote this letter- YOU ARE A ROCK STAR- thank you for giving Cocoa a loving home-
    and to the bastard JEAN- your day will come- and hopefully you too will be alone – jerk!

  92. Thank you so much for loving Cocoa and for giving her the end of her life she so deserved. I too think Jean is a POS. There is no excuse for doing what she did to such a loving companion who trusted her to love her and take care of her “furever. I am so happy that Cocoa has know passed to the “Rainbow Bridge” and knows what it feels like to have the love at the end of her long life instead of dying on a cold floor by herself or by a needle. Thank for for being the caring, loving person you are and being there when Cocoa needed someone to “save” her.

  93. I am so glad you were able to take her and she looked so good in the end. What a difference you made for her. God love you! I know i do. Of course Cocoa too may she rest in Gods arms until you arrive I am sure she will be waiting at the rainbow bridge for you. i am about to cry.

  94. My Rusty was left in similar circumstances – he’s old and has thyroid problems. What a joy he has turned out to be – within a week of being here he is acting like a puppy and has made friends with the cat – now his best friend I believe! Daily I discover things about him that amaze me! What a loving and clever boy he is – how polite he is – how quick he is to let me now how much he loves his new home. So to the “Jean” that abandoned my Rusty to a kill shelter – he will be loved like he never has been until he draws his last breath!

  95. I’m glad you where there to send this poor girl off knowing she was loved and cared for. I’m glad her last days where with someone who cared for her know matter what the cost of that love was. I have an 18 year old dog who is dyeing at this very moment and I would give up anything for that not to happen, but I can’t so all I can do is show him the love he deserves and comfort him every day until he decides to leave us.

  96. Yes, there are always circumstances, but there are also alternatives. To bring your family pet – to a high kill shelter there is no excuse for that. Really – if you have a dog and you bring it to the neighborhood shelter you know whether they are high kill or not. but more importantly, you should look into this. In some households, it is like giving up your child. If you had to for some weird circumstance, wouldn’t you look into where you were bringing it before you left it there and turned your back and walked away. Can you just imagine how a child 0r a dog would feel seeing their master walk away and leave them in a strange place. They can smell the death in these shelters. Some of them shake and get sick and can’t eat. They are very smart. There had to be alternatives. Whether it take a day or a week. I agree with Jean – and those of you who think we don’t believe in people you are wrong. But no one will change your mind. If you read some of the disgusting things that People do to these poor unfortunate animals, you might start to agree with Jean and I.

    Bottom line: we are all different, that is what makes this world go around. However, if you are not kind and caring to animals, you will not be kind and caring to humans. God Bless you Jean…you made my day! I have not stopped crying yet!

  97. Correction on my post…I said I agree with Jean…that is not correct. I agree with the lady who wrote the open letter. I thought her name was Jean. I do not in any shape or form agree with Jean

  98. I am crying my eyes out here….in sympathy for Cocoa, in heartfelt thanks for your kindness and love to one of God’s creatures who deserved more than she had gotten from the pieces of shit that had her before you. God will bless you for the care and love you gave….God has another beautiful Angel in Heaven….and her name is Cocoa!

  99. Oh my.. God love ya… and now he has Cocoa to love… and yes, dogs do go to Heaven.. ya don’t think God created the beautiful creatures to abandon them when they cross the Rainbow Bridge .. no way.. he’s there to greet them and welcome ’em home… Hugs to you for all your love

  100. Tears have been streaming down my face since the beginning of your letter. You are an absolute angel to have rescued this wonderful old girl Cocoa! I believe as you do that pets are part of our family and would never abandon them. I admire your courage and dedication to those who do not have a voice and do not understand why they have been abandoned. There is a spot in heaven for you, one day, alongside your friend Cocoa.

  101. Thank you. I couldn’t stop crying while I was reading this. Some people don’t deserve pets. All of our pets are ones that someone abandoned. We love them no matter what problems they came with.

  102. One of the best dogs we ever had was adopted on her way to be euthanized. She was an an 11-year old German shepherd who had been hit by a car and had a luxated hip, which was reduced. Her owners never came back for her. She lived to 15 and for several months near the end I had to carry her up and down stairs and deal with her incontinence. Her last moments were spent in our arms and we were thankful we had the opportunity to spend those years with her. I can never comprehend how people can abandon their long time companions or won’t be with them if they have to be euthanized. Those who do I hope die alone, preferably in agony and crying out for help.

  103. There are ways to reach out and seek help with a sick animal like contacting the humane society but dumping it at a kill shelter is a selfish act and not thinking of the dog. Obviously this human is ignorant/selfish and just does like many people and believes the shelter will fix it and they can’t fix everything. Lying to the shelter about the reason says it all. Our society needs a wake up call about what is going on in the shelters and society with unaltered pets. Pets are not objects that can be traded in or trashed, they have feelings and they morn loss and fell pain, sorry and sadness as well as love and happiness. If people would stop buying and breeding and adopt this could save a lot of killings and then maybe shelters can do what they were intended to do which is find homes for less fortunate animals. Also, we need more spay/neuter and low cost vets. It is very expensive in many areas to get veterinary care. I have one in my town and he is so busy its crazy but he doesn’t rip people off!! People drive for miles to see him…..Personally, I don’t like to judge people but I believe Jean could have tried a little harder and I don’t know how she lives with herself. I’ve dealt with a sick dog, blind and deaf and with tumors and I did the right thing……I am glad that this person cared enough to allow Cocoa’s last days to be great and know unconditional love.

  104. OMG, I have no words. I’m hoping my Gus was at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for her. Our Gus, our companion of 11 years was diagnosed with a tumor in his nasal passage, nothing we could do for him. I MADE SURE, he heard my voice as he passed, that it was my face (his mommy) that he saw when he left us, I cried for almost a year and still miss him terribly. Shame on you Jean, shame on you. I certainly hope when you are at your deathbed someone gives you love that you couldn’t find for your “faithful companion” You are a disgrace.

    • You sir are an asshole . . i feel for Jean here. Your condescending tone is insulting to everyone. Jean, Jean Jean Jean Jean. You have no right to lecture a stranger about their life choices!! But then to complain about your own pain because of the choice you made to take loco home takes it to a whole new level of supercilious behaviour. Get over yourself. Its a sad story for sure but you are not better than Jean or anyone. I can see you are emotional about the situation but your letter made me personally get worked up due to the voice coming through in your text.

      • When a stranger’s life choices are selfish and cruel, I’m pretty sure you can lecture them for being shitheads and I’m pretty sure she’s better than Jean.

        I feel for those with income issues if that was Jean’s problem. However I firmly believe for the unadoptable pets, the old and the sick, euthanasia is the humane option, not dumping them in a pound to be scared and alone before being killed.

  105. Every day I say I hate people because of how they treat animals. For today, you reminded me that some people are wonderful. I’m sorry for your loss, but bless you for making Cocoa’s last days the best she had. You are a wonderful person.

  106. ive had a dog when I was a teenager, when she was 13, she passed away at home, with me. I have a fox terrrior who is 12 and he too, will pass away at home, with his family. he has allergies really bad. he is allergic to everything. his dog food has to be special dog food. $50 for a 15 lb bag. no problem. we love him. we also have a Chocolate lab. she will also pass away, but she will pass away in my arms, she is my baby. shame on the person who did this to Cocoa!!

  107. You are an amazing, wonderful, loving person (and a hell of a great writer)! Cocoa was so lucky to have you and your other 4-leggeds as her new family. Thank you for doing everything you could to make her life wonderful until the very end. And your explanation of Cocoa’s bladder control issues made me think of my Guinness. He was a stray who came into our lives FULLY TRAINED. We think he was either a failed hunting dog (hates loud sounds and swimming) or his medical issues caused him to be dumped. Of course, he had heartworm (needed 2 treatments), has a neurological issue that doesn’t let him know when his bladder is full (thank god for phenoxybenazamine, but it took our vet a while plus lots of emergency vet visits to figure out what was wrong), and he’s had to have TPLO surgery. He’s also the sweetest dog. He knows he hit the dog lottery moving in with us—you can see it in his eyes. And Cocoa absolutely knew she hit the dog lottery moving in with you.

  108. You just told the story of my Sherman, with a few differences. He was a 14 yr old pug whose POS owner left wandering outside the shelter…he was emaciated, deaf, and blind. Thankfully someone found out about him and we adopted him literally minutes before he was euthanized due to his condition. We weren’t blessed with him for long but every day was filled with love. RIP sweet Cocoa and watch over your true family until they join you.

  109. People can be so awful and selfish. God bless you for doing right by Cocoa; you should feel very good about her last days. Thanks for sharing Cocoa’s story – and I hope Jean and others like her read it and change their ways, but I’m not optimistic.

  110. Karen you truly are an amazing woman. This letter brought tears to my eyes. However it makes me so proud to call you my aunt. What you do for these animals is nothing less than amazing.

  111. Jean, not sure what you went through or had to go through before making the decision to have to leave your “family member” every one is different,I am sure after having her for 12 years it was a difficult decision, and maybe a last resort! Thank the Lord you cared enough to not dump her by the side of the road, since most people think your a horrible person!. We don’t really know how the separation went if you cried or had remorse, If you yourself were almost homeless and unable to take care of yourself or your pet.If you yourself are sick and have cancer and had to move. We don’t know if you sobbed like a baby over your 4 legged hairy kid or not. I appreciate the rescue.. but, not the bashing no matter how good it made the story! But, people make choices for various reasons. Just because, you have a passionate opinion doesn’t mean you can make some story up about how horrible Jean is! We all have opinions about parents and nursing homes..but, sometimes parents are in nursing homes, sad as it is. Can not we simply do our best to follow our hearts, when they are filled with compassion to save or come to the aide of another without, assuming the worst of a circumstance or a person? Could not this story been told with an upbeat rescue, instead of a bullying tone of disdain, and have even a better more touching tone? I think so..

  112. A starving emaciated cinnamon beagle mix showed up in my driveway 5 years ago. we had seen her running the neighborhood but hadn’t been able to catch her. She would skitter off into the woods. When I approached her she ran off.. I waited. The next day she was back on my driveway, watching. I talked softly to her, told her to wait right there and ran into the house for a packet of food and some fresh water. I walked a wide circle around her and set the food and water out and backed away. She scarfed down the food took a drink and ran back to the woods. I ran errands and came back and she was again sitting at the edge of the driveway. I got a leash and slowly approached her, telling her it was ok, that I wouldn’t hurt her. Now my mom had a very dog aggressive canine, so keeping her was not an option (or so I thought). I took her to the pound and she rode all the way, in my lap, with her muzzle tucked into my neck. I left her there and cried all the way home. Mom said call and check on her I had told them that if they were going to euthanize her I would come get her. They told me they couldn’t tell me the disposition of the animal since I had turned it over to them. I got into the car and went back to the pound and convinced them to let me adopt her. My vet assessed her age to be 10-11 years and the way she trembled in the car made me think that she had been dumped. Five days of introductions and dog whispering between her and my mom’s dog helped them become great friends. My Baby Girl was every inch a lady and enjoyed a loving home, and incredibly good health until 3 months ago when we discovered a cancerous tumor. Two weeks ago I had to make that painful decision to ease her trip to the Rainbow Bridge and I held her and kissed her as she took her last breaths. Although I have two other wonderful little sisters, my heart still hurts because Baby Girl was such an extra special baby. Never count out an older 4 legged child. They may come with baggage but they also have manners, life experiences and can so enrich your life. I wouldn’t trade these 5 years with her for anything in the world!

  113. So………….would it be wrong for me to just go ahead and hope that you two do meet up? And that I’m there also? 🙂

  114. I cannot believe that the person wrote this without even taking into consideration that this person may have not had any idea about this being a high kill shelter……could have been very poor and couldn’t afford to put her dog down, could have been ill herself, etc………there is no way of knowing what really happened…….for all they no the owner died and the person who dropped this dog off was not the original owner and didn’t want her and just wrote down what she knew about the dog. Clearly an owner who kept her dog this long loved this dog and she is taking that away from the original owner. Not Fair!! This was poorly written with poor judgement not knowing any circumstances for which this poor dog was dropped off. Makes me sick that someone writes a letter and puts someone down and does not know the true story besides a few sentences about the dog and that is it. Glad she took the dog in. That was good of her, but there was no need for a letter like that. Why can’t people just do things out of the kindness of there heart without having to write a terrible sob story. This was written obviously for attention. Just my opinion…….

    • I also took in a “dump”. The owner said he was going in for surgery and was afraid no one would take care of the huge cat as good as he could. Lie #1. He said the cat was fine but again needed to be cared for properly and only he could do that. Lie # 2. Wanted him euthanized to spare him. Lie # 3. He had 2 other cats. Who would watch over them?? Once again lies.
      I took him because he was sweet and beautiful and not that bright.

      Turns out he had a pee problem. Didn’t use the litter for peeing but did for poop. Ruined our wall to wall. That’s ok. Pulled it all up. Started using pee pee pads and he went right to them. Then he started losing weight. Cancer of the intestines. Surgery. Had to hold his tail up becsuse he lost that pat vets euthanize ability. Then kidney failure. Went from 20 pounds to about 9. Had him from age 12 to 17. Loved him. Coddled him. Never dreamed of dumping him, Jean. He was ours. Kept him happy and comfortable, Jean. He was our family now, Jean.

      Sadly he steadily declined and we had to make that awful decision. And I was the face he saw the voice he heard and the love we gave went over the Bridge with him, Jean.

      Hope you don’t have children, Jean.

    • I totally agree Amanda – while I wouldn’t classify myself as an animal lover, I do like them. It’s still an animal and not a human being – I would be willing to bet that the writer probably thinks abortion is ok and takes other liberal views. If I had an animal and knew it was as sick as this and treating it would take food out of the mouth of my family – the animal goes. This writer has been proclaimed as some sort of hero….really? I sit with a totally different perspective and while I have loved my pets over the years – they are just that, pets, animals and I will never allow one to suck me dry financially. While I say this, the decision to just dump a pet isn’t a good one – we should be too quick to throw someone under the bus without really knowing the situation and what they really knew.

      • You sound like a very church going person. To bad you do not live the lessons they preach there. Doesn’t the bible have a lesson on being a Shepard of the earth? Do you not think that the creator of the earth would want you to take care of his gift( the earth)? Oh I forgot an to take care of all the gifts he left on that earth. Noah did this for our benefit ! You sound very selfish to me.I also love my animals and make their health care decisions for them. I carefully weigh the pros and cons and then decide if spending a large amount of money will improve their lives or only prolong the agony. I hope that one day someone will Do this for me .

  115. Bless your heart for adopting beautiful Cocoa, and bless her heart for being able to forgive the human who failed her and love again… THANK YOU for making Cocoa feel comfortable, and for letting her know she was loved… and for giving her everything she needed medically and emotionally to enjoy the rest of her life as best she could…. Sending love and blessings to Cocoa, I’m so grateful to you and glad that she felt safe and knew she was loved when it was her time to leave… and that she didn’t die of a broken heart in the shelter…

  116. Bless you for saving this sweet old girl. I love your letter and I only pray that someday Jean reads it and feels like shit for what she did. God bless you and run free at the rainbow bridge sweet cocoa.

  117. Thank you to the lady who write this for giving Cocoa the love and respect that she deserved. And to the lady Jean toy disgust me

  118. Your an amazing person. I wish the world had more people like you. I’m glad you made cocoa’s last moments, beautiful!!

  119. I am glad you wrote this. I shared it with a couple of friends today proudly. What you did for Cocoa Loco is such an amazing example of compassion. Just as it was when you adopted Boo Radley, Biscuit and the others before. I have been witness to your compassion for animals for a long time now and am proud to call you friend. Keep your head held high and just let the negative comments slide right off of you, those of us that know you know that you not only talk the talk but walk the walk. xoxo

  120. I think everything has been said above , and I say “ditto”! Thank you, you are a wonderful person, if I could I would give you a big hug 🙂 Bless you!

  121. So you prolonged the dog’s life to live in pain so that you could be a hero? Why not do what you advised the owner and humanely euthanized the dog? Or are you so selfish that you needed to be the martyr? I think you’re as depraved as you accuse the original owner of being.

    • Wrong. You completely missed the point of the story…seriously stupid. This woman didn’t know the dog was sick when she adopted it, so your comment is invalid right off the bat. Secondly, the dog had a much better end to her life than she would have had…Hopefully you don’t own any dogs if you really don’t understand this.

  122. You are a savior!!!! There should be more of you in this world!! She was such a gorgeous girl may she rest in peace. She is free of all the sickness now and when it’s time to meet again, she will run to you and only you. She had a lifetime if love in such a short time with you and your family. God bless.

  123. Bless you. I know Coco will be waiting for you at the rainbow bridge. Thank for being such a caring, wonderful person.

  124. I hope u do read that letter and I hope your tears flow like mine do now. You heartless bitch how could you. To the person who rushed to the shelter to adopt Coco you are and angel and angels are hard to come by. Lucky Coco for meeting you x

  125. You are an amazing person….truly “Jean” wasn’t a true animal lover…regardless of the situation, you don’t abandon your pet(s)! My dog is 9yrs and has lots of life left, I could never ever imagine just getting rid of him…..I actually had to move a few yrs back ….I wouldn’t move to most places because they allowed only small dogs and that wouldn’t cut it! I did have a small dog too at the time (but he died shortly after moving due to cancer), but you get my point, my dog(s) is my life. I’m so glad this wonderful dog was found and cared for by you. I would have done the same!

  126. God Bless you and your kind and generous heart! There is a special place in heaven for people like you. Coming from one dog lover to another, I am brought to tears from this sad yet joyful story. Cocoa was brought into your life for a reason and I believe you came to her for a reason. Keep up the great work and bless you!

  127. How anyone can abuse a dog like that is beyond me ,
    She found her forever home with you , she was happy & was allowed to play & be part of the pack & family ,cocoa was happy ,you are 1fine lady to have adopted such a beautiful dog ,you will always remember & love cocoa & will always be glad that you & your family took her into your hearts ,its madening & mind bending how & why people let their pets suffer !!! ,I hope the pound that you got her from report her to the authorities & action is taken against them “jean” before they neglect another lovable family companion Xx

  128. I think it is wonderful that your heart was open to this animal and others in need. But the moment you call someone a piece of shit is the moment you have allowed the actions of another to take away some of your own goodness. And you are so lovely and so good and so wonderful! For anyone to wish harm on anyone as some here have commented, well, don’t you want for people to not cause harm? Then you can’t be one of them who wishes harm on others or your dream of a world without harm can never com true if it dos not even begin with you. Peace and thank you to the lovely woman who took care of this beautiful dog. You’re an angel on Earth, and that’s the best kind. #ActiveKindness

  129. Omg this has officially broken my heart but I am so thankful she found someone like you to take her in! This happens way to often and I just want to say thank you for opening your heart and home for this abandoned dog!

  130. It’s easy to look down on people like Jean from a pedestal and make assumptions. All we know is that “Jean” moved to a pet-free apartment. We don’t know her life or circumstances. She could be elderly and moving to an assisted-living facility. She could have lost her job and is moving to a smaller and cheaper place. She could have a family and is leaving an unsafe environment. She could be ill and be moving to be closer to family who can take care of her. Maybe she didn’t know there is a difference between a high kill and no kill shelter. Or, she might be the selfish harpy you are all making her out to be. WE DON’T KNOW. The author did a lovely thing, but her attitude and cussing cheapen her message. We’re lucky enough to be able to identify resources that she could have used. Not everyone has that priviledge. For everyone who wrote that they are crying their eyes out, do you put your money where your mouths are and donate food, money or time to organizations that help pet owners keep their pets? I guess it’s easier to hide behind a computer and point fingers…

  131. thank you thank you thank you for giving this lovely older girl happy last days…..this story brought tears to my eyes: happy ones for you and Coco, angry ones for the woman who deserted her in her time of need

  132. What a beautiful, kind thing you did for Cocoa! May the angels always shine on you. Thank you for loving her and being with her on her last day…

  133. I am not crying but applauding you for saving Cocoa, I truly believe that we need to think our aging pups and how they are treated by human beings that think that they are so disposable. I have also adopted a 9year old Chihuahua and hope to give him the best home, he had fear aggression and rescues do not save aggressive dogs so I am told so I went with him knowing his options are limited. These are the animals that really need our love and support that have these limited options.
    You are absolutely the perfect humane being and I hope others are like you and follow suit, dignity is important and you gave this pup her dignity and wonderful days till her last, I do hope that you are treated as such when become retired, and incontinent and in pain, as for Jean I know that person will get his just deserts, what goes around comes around. I want to say thank you for letting us share in your thoughtful and giving history of an elder dog and the dignity you gave her.

  134. I, too, adopted a dog that was dumped and already sick with cancer.

    We bought her nine more months with treatment, costing us over $10,000, because there was still a decent chance she would make it through.

    One morning she finally gave up. The vet couldn’t help her so we held her as she slipped away.

    I would do it all over again.

  135. I had no idea this would be as divisive an issue as it appears to be. At the end of the day, it’s the OP’s blog and she can say what she damn well likes. Don’t like it? Don’t stay. Don’t agree? Find a blog that supports your rainbow and glitter view of “a loyal companion of 12 years was abandoned in a high-kill shelter”. It’s Lunchy’s little corner of the Interweb and she can say and emote anything she freaking cares to. Disclaimer: I know the OP in RL and her fierce, white-hot love for ALL pets is astonishing and humbling.

  136. I am in tears just like everyone else. To whom ever you are that gave Coco her last days, you are amazing. Absolutely amazing. People like you do not come on very often. You are a rare gem. A beautiful soul. A gift from God. I am so happy (but deeply sadden) to read your story and so glad you shared it with the rest of us. You give me faith in this horrible world we live in. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for doing what you did. You are a true angel.

  137. God bless you were amazing to that sweet old Cocoa girl!!! I am so glad that her last days were full of amazing and wonderful times! You truly are an angel! I am in tears just reading this story! How touching and wonderful I think that you are for being there when Cocoa was abandoned! There is a special place in Heaven for you! Thank You!

  138. Wow – what a condemnation for a stranger – someone you don’t know and don’t know their circumstances. Why do you assume that “Jean” had any choices? Why do you assume that “Jean” was able to place the dog somewhere else or hadn’t tried to place the dog themselves? Why do you assume that this was easy for “Jean”? Why do you assume that “Jean” walked away from the shelter whistling and wiping his/her hands?

    It is wonderful that you had the opportunity and means to help this beautiful dog, Cocoa, but it would be more wonderful if you could stretch that compassion a little bit and understand that just because you have a wonderful place to live, and income that can accommodate helping dogs, not everyone else has the means. Not everyone else has transportation, a job and a house, or a computer and friends with money to donate. Not everyone can afford to feed and vet their furbabies… and although “something tells you” that Cocoa needed medical help before she was taken to the shelter, does that “something” also tell you that Jean neglected Cocoa? Because you don’t mention that she was underweight, or had scars of abuse, or cowered every time you raised your hand or voice.

    Yes, you may be angry, but Jean may also be heart-sick that she/he lost their best friend because of circumstances beyond their control.

    And the rest of you that are saying to murder or kill the person who took Cocoa to the shelter… I certainly hope that you are putting as much energy into helping shelter animals find forever homes, or changing legislation to protect animals, or helping your local shelter to become non-kill facilities as you oh-so-easily condemn someone you know nothing about.

    Compassion, people.

    • If I had a 12yr old dog that had health issues I could not afford to treat, I would do the right thing by that dog and try to find someone who could knowingly take on those issues. If that didn’t happen, take the dog in to be euthanized, knowing the person who is with them and not having to spend scary days in the shelter first (as would have been Cocoa’s fate had she not been adopted).

  139. I work in rescue. It’s stuff like this that prevents people from surrendering their animals to us, becasue they don’t want to be “Jean”. My work load is doubled because I have to convince people that I won’t judge them by taking an animal out of a horrible situation.

  140. Take a bow. Is your arm sore from patting yourself on the back? Whats your point? Whatever you did somethiing. But you. Negate your wonderful actions by letting us all know how awesome you are! Sickeni g

  141. I think the short time cocoa had left in life was her happiest the person who rescued her has a very special heart and I think this is what any loving dog owner would do my dog is part of my family and I would do anything to help him dogs are loyal true friends and I’m glad to hear cocoas last day was very peaceful and in a loving environment god bless you and cocoa RIP beautiful girl xxx

  142. What a righteously indignant twat, that wrote this. I guess that I took a lot of liberties with judging your character by reading this one article. But you took a lot of liberties with “Jean” just by the info on a single piece of paper, a lot less information than I have of you. Kharma is a two-way street sweetpea.

    Do you ASSume that Jean had a choice of where to live? Contrary to your experiences in the sheltered life it sounds like you’ve lived, not every person has options that fit within your judgemental boundaries. Maybe Jean was sick, maybe Jean was widowed, maybe Jean lost her job. All of those possibilities are more realistic than Jean just deciding that she didn’t like Cocoa any more after taking care of her for 12 years. Cocoa looks like she had been well cared for.

    Too bad you couldn’t give “Jean” the benefit of a doubt that you gave a dog who bit a child. Guess what. Children pull animals ears. You teach them not to by punishing them when they do it, the same as a dog that misbehaves. But a dog that bites even when its ears are pulled is unacceptable in a civilized society. Yet you still gave that dog a benefit of a doubt. Too bad you can’t do the same for people.

    Your “outrage” is so typical of first world “problems”. Try spending a day in the life of someone who actually stresses about having more than one meal a day or a roof over their head in the near term.

    By all means delete this post if it offends you. I’ve saved it to clipboard and will paste it whenever I see it on Facebook.

  143. AWESOME! Thank you and GOD BLESS you for giving Cocoa the BEST days of her life! I hope Jean reads your letter and feels like the piece of sh*t she is and receives her KARMA back TENFOLD!

  144. I love this so much. Thank you for being the angel that Cocoa needed!

    This hits close to home – I found a stray kitten living at my office just a couple months ago. It was pretty random (we never see any cats in that area), and I would not be surprised if the kitten had been dumped somewhere close by. I could not stand to leave it on its own, so my husband and I went out one night and spent two hours trying to catch the little guy. We took him to the vet, but no microchip or any ID, so we were going to keep him. Sadly, he was sick and passed away 3 days after we found him.

    It was incredibly sad, but I am so grateful that the kitty (we named him Mike Tyson) died in our warm home, with a full tummy, and surrounded by love. I think God sent him to us because He knew that we would ensure MT was well-loved in his last days of life. All animals deserve that!

  145. How can you be loving to an animal and so hateful to a person that you do NOt know. It may be a person that lives month to month and may not be able to afford their own medicine. If you do a good deed, don’t broadcast it- you already got the praise…from yourself

    • Agreed. The story could have been one of only love, instead of self-righteous scolding and condemnation of a person the author has never met. Lots of assumptions here, and none of them loving. I am glad the author deems animals worthy of love; they most certainly are! But people are animals too. Here’s praying her heart can expand to find all animals worthy of love,and not just the four-legged ones. Having said that, though, love wherever it is found is to be commended. Happy Cocoa was deemed worthy of love and affection. ❤

  146. Thank you so much for being there for Cocoa. The world needs more people willing to take a chance adopting a senior pet. Hugs to you and your family- I’m sorry for your loss and wish Cocoa could have come into your lives sooner. You are her person and the one she will be waiting for at Rainbow Bridge.

  147. Oh my goodness, I cannot stop crying, except for the moment I read where you called her a piece of shit, I laughed so hard on that one. You are an angel. I work in rescue and see these stories every day but yours was different. You hit it on the nail and thank you for all you did for Cocoa Loco. What a lucky sweet doggie and what a lucky you! Bless your precious heart and RIP sweet Cocoa

  148. Kudos for taking care of Cocoa, but your post is just spiteful. You have limited information about the previous owner and you make a lot of assumptions. I’m an animal lover too, but this kind of thing happens all the time and is ALWAYS circumstantial.Your post might as well be aimed towards anyone who takes their animals to a shelter that euthanizes.

    I hope you keep doing what you’re doing, but please tone down the hate when you write about it.

  149. You can publish my name, Juliann, to Jean too. I agree with this letter and she should never adopt again! Kudos to the rescuer as my 7 year old who I wanted forever dropped dead of an anuerysm and this makes me sick.

  150. I too, have gotten most of my animals through the years due to situations like this…one is on their way now. A friend’s neighbor had a second baby in 2 years and has decided their cat that is declawed needs to live outdoors and fend for itself. It has been crying at my friend’s back door (and everyone in the neighborhood’s doors) for about 3 weeks now and she is feeding it, but she has two dogs that are not cat-friendly, so I’m taking the cat. It’s on the way to the vet to get its shots updated and checked out now so I can add it to the group of 3 other animals that already live with me.

    Typically, I don’t judge. I’m a Unitarian Universalist and our 8th principle is to respect the interconnectivity of the web of life. I live by those standards, and really, if anything, the only species I have a hard time respecting is the human one due to the “Jeans” in this world.

    I try to be respectful, not knowing people’s circumstances. Heck, maybe Jean herself is dying of cancer. I don’t know. But I do know in the case of my friend’s neighbor, she is no longer providing shelter, food and water for a cat that she disabled because it was more convenient for her, not the cat. And I do know many other cases where the Jean in the story wasn’t dying of cancer, but had a lame excuse for giving up on an animal that she assumed responsibility for when she adopted it. Until we learn to treat all animals with the same respect and love we treat each other, we are going to be in a mess.

    And when I hear these stories, and have the opportunity to react to them, do I probably come off like a jerk? Yes, I probably do…but sometimes coming off like a jerk is the only way I handle the anger I have for someone who does this to an animal. And if the animal had a voice, would they sound like a jerk…maybe. They would more likely be begging for their life. I liked the open letter – it was honest and portrayed the writer’s feeling in an open manner. I just hope the right people see it.

  151. I just keep reading this letter over and over, trying to understand what motivates people.

    As a senior administrator of a small animal welfare organization, and a past Canadian Liason for international animal rescue (along with being the proud parent of 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 ferrets and 7 rabbits), I am reminded why so many people are afraid to get involved with the “crazies” in animal rescue. It’s these very same, vicious people that give us sane rescuers a bad wrap.

    While I appreciate the kindness this person displayed in helping Cocoa cross the bridge feeling loved and secure, I am disgusted with the bully mentality and matyrdom this person exhibits in her letter. Those of us in true animal rescue feel compelled to help an animal in need for the sake of the ANIMAL….not the glory or pats on the back this person is so obviously looking for.

    Who are we to judge the owner who surrenders a 12 year old pet to a shelter? We cannot possibly know the circumstances of this case, nor is it fair to assume the owner feels no anguish over having to make such a desperate choice.

    I cannot tell you the unimagineable HORRORS of some of the cases of animal abuse that come through pur email on a daily basis. Images that rob a decent humanbeing of sleep at night. There are evil,vile people in the animal welfare world who deserve much more than nasty words and accusatory observations, but in the end….our energies are better served in focussing on the animal….not ourselves.

  152. Wow. I had no idea a letter I wrote in the heat of the moment would garner so much support and so much vitriol. I do support everyone’s right to free speech, but I don’t support the assumption that Jean should be killed or abandoned or anything of that nature.

    I wrote this post 20 minutes after I had to put Cocoa to sleep. Yes, she was humanely euthanized at the vet. I was sad and I wrote this- MY blog post- during an emotional afternoon. Anyone who knows me (and let’s face it, those are usually the only people who read my blog) knows that I am easily fired up. I will fiercely defend those that I love. In that moment I was fiercely defending a dog that I loved. My heart was hurting.

    Do I know Jean? No. Do I want to know Jean and hear her story? Nope. Jean and I have differing views on what to do with our seniors. So did I give Jean the benefit of the doubt? Why on earth would I, when I was hurting over losing a pet I’d grown to love? Perhaps some of you are far more civilized than I am during times of emotional duress. I make no claim to be level headed at all times.

    I don’t belong to a rescue group or any official organization. I simply find broken animals and I adopt them. This is my story, it has nothing to do with any rescue groups.

    Perhaps I am quicker to give animals the benefit of the doubt. Let’s circle this wagon back around to the point I just made- this is my little slice o’ pie, I’m allowed to feel the way I want, do the things I want and say the things I do. And usually the 27 friends of mine reading my blog know exactly what I’m trying to say.

    And yes, I do put my money where my mouth is. I live paycheck to paycheck, just like many people do, but if I can find a spare $20 I will donate to a local rescue. Or sometimes it’s just old towels and leashes and collars if that’s all I can o.

    Those who know me know that I am a sucker and a softie. I love two-legged creatures almost as much as I love the four-legged ones. Trust me when I tell you that I wish no ill to befall Jean. I am, however, allowed to want to give her a piece of mind, should we ever meet.

    I appreciate all the support shown to me by my friends and by total strangers. And believe it or not, I appreciate all the negative comments. This has been an exercise in learning not to react so quickly.

    Wading through all the anger directed at me was totally worth it to read all the stories about the old and broken down pets getting rescued and living out the rest of their days in a happy place.

    I hope that all of you have a great night. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some hounds that need my affection!

    • Thank you so much for this letter. I was angry when I first read it, for the same reasons you were angry at Jean. But I’ve come back 5 times today to read it again and again, and I’m actually smiling now. I recently pulled a “euth request” owner surrender from the same shelter, a senior yellow lab. She’s blind and has some other health issues (we’re waiting on test results with fingers and paws crossed). Her owner is a coward and a jerk in my book, just like Cocoa’s. But I’m happy to read this because i know that there are others out there like us, other people picking up the pieces when the jerks drop the ball, other people who care enough to help give an animal a warm safe place to live out their time with dignity and love.

  153. You ate a fabulous person who clearly does everything in the best interest of animals. If anyone on here comments negatively, then we know that they are the ones dumping the pets that we are picking up! Bravo….remember – their hate comes out of guilt

  154. Thank you for giving Cocoa love and comfort. I don’t, however, share your venom for Cocoa’s previous owner. You don’t know her circumstances, her situation; her limitations. You can only assume she’s a bad person. Maybe, just maybe, she did the very best she could with the information she had. Not everyone is fortunate to end up compassionate. Rather than judge, enlighten and encourage.

    I see on here that others are judging you, and maybe they shouldn’t. But, I want to thank you for taking in Cocoa. I too adopted a pet from a shelter. I lost him 3 years ago when I had to put him to sleep. He was my child and I would have given him my life to replace his. I know, unless you are an animal lover, you wouldn’t understand that.
    Maybe “jean” couldn’t afford the food, medication or the heartbreak that comes from having to make such a decision as to put down a loving animal. But I do agree that regardless, you don’t keep an animal for 12 years and then “dump” him. So kudos to you for giving Cocoa a few additional weeks of love and doing what you could for a beautiful dog!

  156. Good for you, but you really can’t say for sure this is why “Jean” dropped this dog off. You don’t know her situation. How dare you assume that this is the reason. God I hate people that assume the worst of people. I’m glad that Cocoa spent her last days in a great place, but who knows… people’s situations change in the blink of an eye.

    • Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I had dogs and I didn’t go rent an apartment that didn’t allow animals. I looked until I found one! I had vet bills too. There’s something called financing or pet insurance. There could be a million excuses, but probably not one that is good enough for me. I don’t think there is ANY EXCUSE to dump an animal, especially if you’ve had it for 12 years! Yes, it’s heartbreaking to see them age, get weaker, etc., but the love for an animal shouldn’t be that different for any other creature, human. We don’t dump humans, why animals?

  157. Let me start by saying that I have a dog, I love animals and our pets are definitely part of our family. The ANIMAL part. How lucky is Coco to have found a second loving home??? Or not! How could you be so judgmental. How do you know what Jean was going through at the time that she gave Coco to the shelter? Are there places that euthanize for free because I am not aware of them. How lovely for you that you have unlimited resources to care for an animal that has so many issues and how dare you presume that the person who gave her up should have sacrificed more than she probably already had to keep her.
    Seriously…a piece of shit…the lowest of the low??? I’d say look in the mirror!

  158. I adopted 2 seniors one much like Cocoa only difference they were with an Angel group, still out in the TX heat. I begged them to take them in cool air and out of the heat in that I would take them (I had no ac as it was being repaired), and asked that they take the 2 scared babies into the Petco. The difference was my previous owner was 80 years old with a walker and her daughter was threatening to take them to the pound. Poor little Indy 12 was really bad and I too made a good home, bed, food, even tried to ease the glaucoma eyes. The medicine was costly has you know but I wanted Indy to feel the same love the older woman felt for him.Dundee his mate now 11 will have Laser/VOM treatments the rest of his life. Anyway, when Indy got bad I held him all night and Dundee was close by. We took him, Dundee went with to the vet and euthanized him all 3 of us together. Dundee cried out a long howl licked his buddy and went to the door. We came home and a year later brought in a rescue who is almost 5 who’s owner 80 died. Dundee and Indy’s previous owner sent me a Christmas card and thanked me for loving her boys and comforting her INdy in his last days. They are family and shame on Jean! There are groups out there that can help with expenses. Wonder what Jean would do if she had to die alone in a cold hospital…karma she is a bitch! Take a senior people, they are beautiful gentle souls! Thanks to you for sharing! Bless you!

  159. I am so proud to know that there are still good hearted people in the world like you…..Thank you for making Cocoa’s last days on Earth full of love…she deserved to have support and compassion as she reaches the end of her journey….Dogs will never abandon their owners in their final years or stop caring for them when they can’t take care of themselves any longer….we need to learn from them!! God Bless

  160. I believe, as many here do, that it’s our responsibility to protect the vulnerable, animals among them. So no, I don’t give Jean “a pass,” regardless of her mythical circumstances. If there’s a no-kill shelter nearby, that’s much more humane than dumping your animal at the pound. A faithful companion, animal or human, deserves just a tad more effort than that. Dogs give us unconditional love. I’m sorry if you’re suffering, I’m sorry if your life is spiraling out of control. Do the decent thing and give your pet a shot at life.

  161. Dear lady, I’d like to give you a big hug. Thank you for making Cocoa’s last days full of love and joy. There is a special place in heaven for sweet old dogs, and for sweet people like you.

  162. Wow……that’s some letter. The only comment I have is that there’s a saying that everything happens for a reason. In this case the reason was that Cocoa’s last days/weeks/months would be filled with peace, love & harmony and a good quality of life provided by you. If Jean hadn’t done what she’d done poor Cocoa’s remaining time would not have been being loved. Thank you.

  163. BRAVO!! And thank you for taking Cocoa in when she needed all the comforts of life until the very end. Love this letter…and SHAME ON YOU JEAN for abandoning your furry child. That’s right. If you can’t see your pets as kids then don’t bother getting one, please. Would you abandon your kids if they were sick too? Thank you, thank you for saving Cocoa when she needed it the most and made her last moments on this earth all worth it.

  164. U r an amaZing person…who made his days the best…the world need ppl like u more ofter…coco u r forever in my heart

  165. Pingback: A real tear jerker!!!

  166. My tears flowed with the memory of my German Shepard Lexie whom I rescued from a breeder who was “taking her to the field. No one would buy her due to an overbite.” ?? I rescued her just in time. I was recently divorced, two beautiful girls and a mortgage to pay on minimal income but I made this work. Where there is the will, there is a way. She and I spent almost twelve wonderful years together before she began to fail in health. Same symptoms and humiliating accidents and in the end she could barely stand despite the medications.

    Reading your response to this woman’s letter leaves me with only compassion for you and sadness for her for not having the strength to see this life long relationship through. Not everyone has the heart or strength for loss as we are all so very different. The day I decided after another round with bloody urine my old gal was suffering yet another was time. My daughter flew home to be with me knowing how heartbroken I was and in the end, she was inconsolable and shocked over how desperately she tried to help me and in the end we held our faithful gal until she passed.

    My eldest rescues and helps to transport from high kill shelters and fell in love with an abandoned old gal and couldn’t think of letting her go after only one day of fostering. She knows the end will come much sooner than adopting a puppy but has respect for these wonder, gentle sweet companions to give them comfort in their final years…the expense for her has been huge and she has never complained.

    I just wanted to respond and share that we are not all made up with the same strength, endurance and the capacity to do the right thing when our loved companions need us to make that decision..some people just can’t…and some don’t think straight on which shelter to choose so please, find peace in knowing you gave this beautiful companion love, happiness and security in her final days but don’t limit your compassion. She was not abused, left by the side of the road or left in an empty apartment to later be found by a landlord. She was turned over, with a letter which was obviously the best this woman could manage at the time and with what she was going through. This, is why we have shelters. This story is why we need to get rid of kill shelters and use the internet as a means of getting the word out, get the fundraising up and the transports scheduled.

    Thank you for being this beautiful old gals angel here on earth and know she is on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge happy, safe and without pain. Please, don’t combine the love and sadness of losing her in the same bag as your anger, resentment and not knowing all the facts. I do understand…but concentrate on the fact that she was not abused, she was loved…


  167. Cocoa’s story had me in tears. How could anyone just dump her like that. She was a family member not a piece of rubbish to be thrown away. I am so glad she was rescued by someone who gave her the love and care she desererved right to the end. Its no good me throwing names at the heartless person who abandoned her because she has no conscience but beware kama has a way of coming back snd making you pay… snd I hope you psy dearly

  168. Jamie, I sincerely hope that somebody who knows Jean will have her read this post, and that next time Jean and her ilk will think twice before abandoning their animals. What heartless cowards some people are! Thank you for writing this, and for giving Cocoa the ending she deserves.

  169. The person who wrote this has got to be one of the most sheltered, fairy-tale living, no life dumbasses I’ve ever heard of.

    Do you think it was an easy decision for this person to give their sick dog away?

    IF this person could not afford to keep their dog, or put her down, he or she did the right thing. You do not know the full story, or the circumstances this person was in, and therefore have no right to judge them. How dare you. I hate to lift the rock up in which you’ve been living you’re whole life, but…get ready….dogs die everyday. People die everyday. Children are abused, abandoned and die everyday. If this person took their dog to a shelter that kills animals give your head a shake and think of the reason why.

    Did it strike you at all that the owner loved their dog, knew she was going to die, saw her living in pain everyday of her life? Also how long the decision must have took to bring her in?

    You wrote your ‘open letter’ in such a way that makes you look like a hero. You aren’t. You made it sound like this dogs owner is a monster, they aren’t. Good for you for having a big heart because I think that is great, and I sincerely mean that. But do not bash complete strangers who you do not know in order to make yourself sound like a good person. I’m amazed at the support this letter has gotten. I do not know Jean either and I read your biased post about him/her and I still don’t think Jean is a bad person.

    Jean if you are out there, you did nothing wrong. Sorry to hear about your dog.

    • If you believe a person that dumps a 12 year old, sickly companion at a shelter has the idea that they will be adopted by some nice, loving family….it’s not the original poster who is living in a fairy tale world. You should maybe volunteer at a shelter for a week or two and see what’s REALLY going on in the world of abandoned animals, and then maybe you’ll have an inkling of what “real life” looks like.

      • Sarah, you need to re-read my post. I do not in any way believe they will be adopted by a nice loving family. This dog was at the end of it’s life. Not because Jean took her to a shelter, but because life happened to Cocoa. Meaning, she got sick and got tumours. These things happen toward the end of dogs lives, and people too.

        You’re comment about volunteering at a shelter to get an inkling of what “real life” looks like made me laugh! Thanks!

    • Bs Brandon, BS she abandoned a sick vulnerable soul who didn’t know why! Don’t give that bull about circumstances. Don’t. Yes maybe his imminent death was too much but hello would you drop your family at a shelter who was dying and say eh can’t take care if them bye. So NO Jean and all the Jeans if the earth are asses and self centered jack holes Brandon!

      • Bs Sue, BS.

        Have you been to an Oncology floor of a hospital?

        People have to make tough decisions every single day. People have family members who have been battling cancer for years and living in severe pain. Or there are people who fall into coma’s and family members have to make a decision on what to do.

        Think of how tough that decision would be.
        She didn’t abandon her dog, she did what was right.
        Sick vulnerable soul who didn’t know why? Well, Cocoa is a dog, and Cocoa can’t speak or understand english very well, so that’s why she didn’t know why.

        I would not drop my family member off at a shelter who was dying and couldn’t take care of themselves. I would however, take them to a hospital (that’s where humans go) so they could get treatment. If I was ever faced with a decision where they were so sick and would never leave the hospital I would make a decision with the help of my family members and would deal with it depending on the circumstances at that time. That is why circumstances are everything. They influence every decision you make from buying milk at the store, to whether or not you should mow the lawn. That is obviously in its very basic form, but stop and think about it.

  170. Hurrah for you! And I hope Jean is dragging her tail behind her in shame, horrified shame! My first dog lived to 16-years-old and despite people telling me to put her down because her hips were a bit sore I let her live to enjoy her everyday! To wag her tail when she saw me, to struggle to stand than manage well more than a couple circles to rub against me … our two-hour long walks became 10 minute walks a few times a day but I know she enjoyed every last moment she had on this earth and I say bless you for giving Cocoa the loving respect she deserved in her old-age.

  171. GOD BLESS YOU,this is/was wonderful of you,never cried so hard in my live as I did reading your story,there sould be more people like you in this world,well,there is but few and far in between,hope more people learn from this,thank you and bless you again

  172. Thank you for being there for sweet Cocoa. Your words made me weep… it reminds me of our first dog, Major. His owner had died, and the family dumped him at the Humane Society in Durham. He was 14 years old, and such a proud and regal dog, we couldn’t stand the thought of him in doggy jail, so we adopted him. He was with us for one glorious summer filled with so many memories. Like when he would run to home plate and interrupt softball games at the local school making the kids laugh… when the kid next door kicked him, he literally stepped to the side and kept on walking… and the time he stuck his nose into my belly button, took a sniff, and literally had a shocked look on his face that made my husband fall on the floor laughing hysterically…and it broke my heart every time he met an old man with grey hair, he would always lay beside the man, obviously they would remind him of his owner who died. One day in the fall he had black stool, the next day the vet said his internal organs were filled with cancer. He died at home a few days later. I believe he trained us how to be better dog owners for all the dogs we have adopted and loved since.

  173. Actually in tears after reading ur letter ur an amazing person… And ur so kind what you did… Jean was cruel…nobody understands unless ur a true animal lover…. Xxxx poor cocco will look down to u from doggy heaven and look after you

  174. Senior animals and humans deserve the respect and love of their families and communities…they are NOT to be thrown away and treated like trash! I am a big believer in KARMA, and I believe she waits for the opportunity to teach people with throwaway mentalities a very BIG lesson, and sometimes, sometimes, it is my privilege to witness it…thank you for a powerful story of love and truth…

  175. To the woman who wrote this letter, you are a very special person and Coco was very lucky to have you in her life. I applaud you for all you have done for this sweet girl. My girls (dogs) are my life and could not imagine a day without them. I do know know how people can be so heartless. When you adopt an animal, you make a promise to love and care for it for its life. Dogs and cats become family members, how do you abandon family.

  176. Thank you for having a big heart. 🙂 If my Morgs was more dog friendly I would be taking in seniors left and right. I think fate knew that and that is why I have my grumpy boy. I can’t resist a gray/white muzzle.

  177. This story broke me in half after losing my 9 year old Golden Retriever 3 weeks ago today. Yes, I adopted a new baby who was an unwanted, and will do my very best to give her all the love I have….You are awesome, thank you for giving Cocoa a chance to be a happy and free….Jean sucks….her Karma will suck much worse, trust me….

  178. Wow. I had no idea a letter I wrote in the heat of the moment would garner so much support and so much vitriol. I do support everyone’s right to free speech, but I don’t support the assumption that Jean should be killed or abandoned or anything of that nature.

    I wrote this post 20 minutes after I had to put Cocoa to sleep. Yes, she was humanely euthanized at the vet. I was sad and I wrote this- MY blog post- during an emotional afternoon. Anyone who knows me (and let’s face it, those are usually the only people who read my blog) knows that I am easily fired up. I will fiercely defend those that I love. In that moment I was fiercely defending a dog that I loved. My heart was hurting.

    Do I know Jean? No. Do I want to know Jean and hear her story? Nope. Jean and I have differing views on what to do with our seniors. So did I give Jean the benefit of the doubt? Why on earth would I, when I was hurting over losing a pet I’d grown to love? Perhaps some of you are far more civilized than I am during times of emotional duress. I make no claim to be level headed at all times.

    I don’t belong to a rescue group or any official organization. I simply find broken animals and I adopt them. This is my story, it has nothing to do with any rescue groups.

    Perhaps I am quicker to give animals the benefit of the doubt. Let’s circle this wagon back around to the point I just made- this is my little slice o’ pie, I’m allowed to feel the way I want, do the things I want and say the things I do. And usually the 27 friends of mine reading my blog know exactly what I’m trying to say.

    And yes, I do put my money where my mouth is. I live paycheck to paycheck, just like many people do, but if I can find a spare $20 I will donate to a local rescue. Or sometimes it’s just old towels and leashes and collars if that’s all I can o.

    Those who know me know that I am a sucker and a softie. I love two-legged creatures almost as much as I love the four-legged ones. Trust me when I tell you that I wish no ill to befall Jean. I am, however, allowed to want to give her a piece of mind, should we ever meet.

    I appreciate all the support shown to me by my friends and by total strangers. And believe it or not, I appreciate all the negative comments. This has been an exercise in learning not to react so quickly.

    Wading through all the anger directed at me was totally worth it to read all the stories about the old and broken down pets getting rescued and living out the rest of their days in a happy place.

    I hope that all of you have a great night. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some hounds that need my affection!

    • And after your Grand Standing, you put the dog to sleep??? Guess you did what Jean wanted to do but couldn’t. You weren’t attached to the dog and it was easy for you, YOU couldn’t afford the vet bills either eh ??!!

      • @ Hazel…. ur an idiot…. guess you can’t read and understand what you read can you?? You selfish pos….. how dare you comment and have it come outta ur ass!!! Why don’t you go play in the street…. a busy street….

      • Lunachyq, your comment about tumors secreting fluid has nothing to do with Hazel’s comment.
        You did not address Hazel’s comment, or mine a few posts above.

    • You show honor and integrity! And the bottom line is Cocoa and what you did for HER! I know YOU will sleep at night because you obviously love with all your heart. Carry on…

  179. I was in tears reading this letter & I appreciate the fact there are some good caring people who loves & cares for animals as I do. I adopted 4 doggies after I lost my baby of 11 yrs even though I had a very expensive hospital/vets bill to pay I chose to give her a chance for she was a trooper & had not been sick until a couple of weeks before she passed in my arms but she was surrounded with LOVE when she died & even though I am NOT a rich person by No means I would do it all over to try to help her for she was family to us. she knew she was LOVED. I am now taking care of my 4 adopted babies who LOVE me just as I LOVE them & yes they are family by all means & where there’s a WILL there’s a WAY. GOD BLESS ALL ANIMAL LOVERS !!!

  180. You are an angel. Animals have so much love to give, much more than humans sometimes. How lucky that this sweet girl found you.There is a special place in heaven for those who care for animals. Karma will get “Jean”, don’t you worry about that. Thank you for being a caring person!

  181. My first dog Raggs came from the shelter. The decision to adopt her was easy. They told us she would be euthanized on the following Monday. How do you look into those sweet eyes and say no. I went to save a life and that I did. After Raggs we took a mom with 7 puppies and a few other dogs from life on the streets and found them homes. At the time we were living with my mother in law who had bad asthema and still she allowed us to take on these animals until they found furever homes.

  182. I had to send my baby a 12 year old Lab Mastiff mix to the rainbow bridge about a month ago. It was the hardest thing I think I have ever had to do. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma in her spleen and there wasn’t anything that could be done for her in her advanced age. It was so hard to hear the news I already knew was coming…that horrible word “Cancer”. She too was incontinent but we figured out ways around it as you did. She was a one in a million dog. She was my best friend, my comfort and my baby girl. I brought her home and spoiled her the best I could with her favorite foods and tons of love. My children loved her so much and it was hard to explain what was happening to their “mama dog” (although she never had pups LOL) The day came and she let me know it was time. I called the vet and we took her in. My husband and I laid there on the blanket they had laid out for her at the exam room. I held her head in my arms and snuggled her, whispering in her ear how much I loved her, how much she has meant to me and how much I will miss her…but most of all I thanked her for all that she had given me unconditionally. (Damn these tears!) I can’t imagine someone throwing their dog away like that. A dog that has loved them with all they had…It absolutely infuriates me! God Bless you for what you did for that precious angel! You came to her rescue in her darkest hours and showed her that she was capable of the love she deserved.

  183. Your awesome my hats off to you I love my dogs more than anything I make shure they have food and care even if I have to do without

  184. You are truly an angel!! God bless you; I have lost 2 dogs in the past due to cancer; but made sure every remaining day of their life was full of cuddling; rides in the car; treats; until the end; then cried my eyes out at the vets where they ended up dying; incurring thousands of dollars in vet bills; but who cared; these two dogs were my family and I loved them until the end.
    I agree with some of the comments, Jean is a piece of shit; and she should see what it is like when she is old and no one gives a damn about her. How anyone could give up a dog after having her for 12 years is beyond me; Cocoa was so fortunate to have you in the end..
    Hugs to you//I am a senior and have my 4th dog; and we love her to death; especially my granddaughter; how lucky we are to have her!!!

  185. My CoCo got cancer and I did everything in my power to make her loved and comfortable. I tried mess I could not afford but when the vet saw the love I had for her he gave them to me. You just didn’t try hard enough. I had a beautiful family estate money etc… My whole life then it was all gone everything!!!! Because a family member I trusted stole and tricked me. I ended up homeless and no money, but I found good people to shelter me. But I did everything I did to keep my CoCo. She ate when I didn’t! I worked hard and now have a beautiful place poor CoCo never got to see but she was the reason I worked so hard. U r selfish sending your sick dog to a kill shelter than making her last days comfortable. I can only hope karma pays u back. It paid me back in a good way but I doubt u will get the same.

  186. You were supposed to see that sad little shelter photo of Cocoa and help her death be a bit easier. You were also supposed to write that letter to Jean, that she will never, probably ever read.

    Not many dumped pets get another home and another chance – but dear, sweet Cocoa did and one act of kindness bound by many hard choices, patience and love made all of the difference in the world to a helpless, abandoned animal.

    This letter will inspire those who read it to possibly do the same, or to think twice before they forget to be a decent human being.

  187. I’m a mess over here! I could’nt have said it better myself! I have 10 Yorkies, and a rescue pit! They are my family, and my responsibility! I will do without, before they do! Excuse my next statement, if I had to sell myself on the street, to provide for my babies, I would! Owning an animal, is a commitment for life! They are family! Shame on that bitch! I can’t tell you, the sleepless nites, if I have to work late, just so my babies have play time, and of course, love time! I love my dogs! Again, shame on you bitch!

  188. Thank you for such a wonderful post. I adopted Baby, Clover, Trixie, Gracie – and rescued Chaya – after seeing their sweet, terrified faces in impound or networking pictures. And truly – I made me feel amazing. What you’ve said so eloquently is something I wanted to tell each of their former guardians. There is no rationalizing abandoning any animal. (I can barely leave my dogs at the vets without feeling like I am a horrible person.) In a strange way I’m also grateful to their former owners for allowing me the huge honor of being a caregiver to these incredible, loving, grateful seniors.

    You should start a page/organization for senior dogs. I just saw this FB ad and thought if someone wants their own Cocoa, there are sadly so many to choose from:

  189. Love that you don’t know the real story on cocoa and just make a bunch of assumptions. Cocoa may be in a better home now, but who knows? By the sounds of things u have a few issues to work out yourself. We are so quick to judge others in society. I hope that someday you make a mistake and someone writes you a nasty letter. You are what is wrong with society.

    This person obviously was not able to care for a dog, and instead of dumping her on the street, he/she took her to the pound. There she would have good meals and a warm place to live. What else could they have done?

    Yours truly,

    A friend of karma.

  190. I am so glad you adopted cocoa, but I have a problem with you crucifying this woman, when you don’t know the whole story behind her situation. I have had many dogs 2 have come from a shelter and 1 was given up because the guy was moving to a place where they would not allow dogs, her name was Sammy, She lived a great life, around a great family that loved her dearly and would play ball until she would just drop over or my arm would feel like it was going to fall off. I couldn’t have had a better friend. I did euthenize her when she was 11 because her cancer caused her to quit eating, even dry canned dog food. It broke my heart and I was there to hold her and tell her I loved her when she went. She had cancer of the bone and mammary glands, basically her cancer was all over. Maybe this Jean did say her last good byes because she couldn’t handle holding her because it would break her heart. It probably did break her heart because she did have to give her up. Nobody knows, you don’t know her situation. I would have 50 dogs if I could, I have a black lab( that his owner gave up from the pound) he’s only 2 yrs old, guy probably got mad cause he chewed a pair of his shoes up, lol. and my other dog came from a blue healer rescue, Breezy, she I got her when she was 8 wks old, she was born with a black spot in her fur, most farmers won’t take them because they feel they are not as bright as the ones with no bigs spots in their fur, imagine that and they get rid of them. She is the most loyal dog I have ever known. Anyway, just remember one thing before you keep calling Jean every name in the book, if she hadn’t of given her up you wouldn’t have ever been able to love her! Keep an open mind!

  191. Good for you! I’m glad there are people out there who would do this. This story has me in tears and broke my heart. Tonight I hug my dog a little tighter than I already do.

    Jean , you are a piece of crap! I hope you read this story and know you did wrong …

  192. When will people have compassion for LIVING, BREATHING, and FEELING beings? Your pets should be adopted for LIFE. They give so much…often to very undeserving people!

    • So the human being who was called a piece of shit? Every effort has been made to humiliate, shame and hurt this “Jean” who hasn’t even gotten the courtesy of a chance to defend herself. Whoever wrote this is really vindictive and seems a-okay pounding personal morality into a nice big crucifix. The dog was old, got sick, and died. It’s very sad. But this article reads more like a case of “buyer beware”. Jean, did you know the dog I adopted behind your back got sick? What’s your problem? Why did you sell me a sick dog? That’s how it reads to me, anyway.

  193. Thank you for sharing this heart-wrenching story. You are a very special person for opening your heart and home to Cocoa. I always believe there are angels among us.

  194. I too am an avid animal lover a your letter to Jean moved me to yesrs..Coco was beautiful inside and out..t is a shame she lived in torture..thank were able to have her for a short period of time..I feel there will be a special place in Heaven for.people like you and a special place in Hell for.people

  195. I think I would have cried reading this story if it had been any animal but she looks identical to my Heidi girl. I’ve lost 2 dogs to cancer. One of them had a tumor on her heart and I would sleep in the floor with her so she wouldn’t be afraid. Bless you for your compassion.

  196. Thank you for your compassion and commitment. There is a place in heaven for you. And there is a place in hell for Jean. visit the page “A Second Chance for Laya and Blake” to hear about two older dogs starved, dumped by a river and then saved and loved by thousands. There are so many people who care. Let’s band together and make a difference

  197. Thought I was hardened to stories on FB…. but am in tears here . RIP Coco, am sure you know how lucky you were to end your days with such a lovely friend xxx

  198. Your letter touched my heart deeply. Thank you. I believe that all of Gods beautiful creatures deserve a great chance for a good life. Which is probably why I take in so many strays, even on an extremely limited budget. I place all of our needs in Gods hands and know that he will supply who and what we need in our lives. Thank you so much for rescuing that beautiful dog and allowing her final days to be filled with love. May our good Lord continue to bless you as well as the others in this world who have big, compassionate beautiful hearts for animals. ♥

  199. Dogs are animals, not people. Nor should they be humanized (same goes for any pet). The woman was not in the wrong, the dog was not a family member, it is an animal. We live in a society where killing an animal that isn’t owned is allowed, focus your anger on that and not on the woman who couldn’t/wouldn’t continue caring for it.

  200. How dare you judge Jean so quickly. In your anger you forgot the PERSON that needed to give her up. She is probably an emotional wreck for having to do this and needed someone like you to come along and save Cocoa. Remember, you never know what another person is going through in their lives. Don’t judge.

    • Then the same could be said for someone who takes their elderly parents to a “human” shelter and just leave them without even looking back. Jean needs to be ashamed.

  201. What a wonderful thing for you to do. I’m grateful that she had your love and compassion. Screw her previous owner. I can’t imagine leaving my animals in a state like that. You brought her peace, and love, and warmth when she needed it the most. You’re awesome:)

  202. there are so many levels of compassion and understanding. a person may look at someone and think they are a consumer destroying the earth for not “living off the grid.” a monk may feel those that do not sweep an insect off the road are less enlightened. and a penniless mother may feel adequate being able to bring home one meal a day. why is it we sometimes feel that, from our own narrow perspective, we have the ability to decide where a person’s compassion should begin and end. our environment, the love we have been shown, and natural tendencies have built our species. it’s time to evolve. the first step is acceptance. we live in a world where the only true gift you can give is love. not to try to determine if a situation is justified based on what you know e.g.: health, mental illness, disability, income, abuse…etc., because it will all continue and everyone has their opinions and limits to where each is acceptable. based on perception you can argue the right and wrong of anything.

  203. this was a very difficult thing to read as I have 2 rescue dogs……thank god you gave that poor girl a good end to her life as they all deserve that!!! I wish you a great blessing in your life for the kindness you showed!!!

  204. I have a dog who has had several tumors, very large tumors, has cost us lots of money, and is going on 17 years old. I would never drop him off at a shelter. I also had a dog who got cancer in her throat, did everything I could, including getting soft dog food and putting it in a saringe and pushing in her throat until I realized that I needed to do the humane thing and take her to the vet and let her go to doggie heaven (she was 15) – I did this after a day at the park with my two children and several day care children who had come to love this dog. I am telling you all this to say that I am not a heartless person before I say the next thing. I do not think you are an angel, nor do I believe that the shelter should have released the information about the person to you. You did what you thought was the right thing to do and you accepted the responsibility of a dog that you knew very little about (which is what regardless of what a person says on their paper) these dogs come with unknowns and we accept those unknown when we adopt from a shelter. Which I have done several times. I adopted an older poople, and she cost me losts in bills that the previous owner did not disclose, but they surely didn’t give me the name of the previous owner nor would I have been going gaga on that owner as I chose to take the dog with all responsbility. It’s just like adopting a baby, it could have genetic problems. My sister died at 29 of cancer, maybe my mother should have sued the doctor for not disclosing at delievery that her baby had a defect or maybe she should have gotten a new one at the hospital on a deal that she didn’t live long enough or maybe she should have had her euthanized instead of buying meds for her (which she didn’t because my mom couldn’t have afforded it). You did it because you made that decision and that is what you did and you’re lashing out because you’re sad because you miss the dog and instead of just saying you’re sad you are instead blaming on the people who may or may not have known. You are assuming which we already know what that does – it makes an ass of yourself. Maybe they didn’t know, maybe they thought the dog was savable and that someone could afford to save the dog, or the shelter would save the dog and they just didn’t have the money to do it, or maybe the shelter left parts out or even made up the story to adopt it out to you to leave the problem up to you. I think you need to shut down your story and just deal with it. Plain and simple. Let this dog be a happy memory and not an outrage and a bad story going around. For all you know it was a kind old woman or man who just didn’t have the strength to watch it be euthanized. I left my poodle at the vet screaming do what you have to do because I can’t make the decision and stood outside bawling my eyes out. You can bet I got charged a pretty price for not staying there and making the decision and paying at that time. Grow up and suck it up.

    • Did you seriously leave your poodle at the vet’s to be euthanized alone? Because you couldn’t “make the decision” yourself? I hope that’s not the case…


  206. thankyou for the love and respect you gave the beautiful dog…i am so happy there are people like you in this world..

  207. I hope Jean’s children drop her off at a second rate nursing home. Old dogs are a blessing and every day every day with them are a blessing.

  208. U freakin rock!! for rescuing her, for dealing with all her health problems, and for making sure that she didn’t die in a scary, impersonal shelter. U are an angel on earth and a giant among man/womankind. There is nothing wrong with anything U wrote in this post. Not a damn thing! And while, upon more reflection, U may forgive “Jean” for her dumping of Cocoa at a shelter, there was nothing wrong with and there never will be anything wrong with Ur anger at her seemingly lack of care/concern for her pet. U need to vent and U did! and we are all the better for Ur venting.

    • We’re all better for it? I’m not. I’m horrified. An act of pure charity was taken and used as a way to chastise and shame. What could have been heartwarming is being screamed from rooftops at the world, dripping with hate and profanity. This disgusts me. Why is it always dogs vs. people? Why do people act like humans aren’t as important? You don’t know this Jean, or her situation, or anything. Nothing. Barely anything was even known about the DOG let alone this ‘monster’ who previously owned her!! Honestly, this article will have me in a bad mood all day.

  209. God bless you for giving that dear dog what were probably the best day of his life. I hope he was with you for a good while so he had time to see what it was like to be loved and appreciated. I could NEVER do that to my animals. Could Jean do that to her parent? Incontinence and sickness isn’t a reason to dump a family member.
    Bless you!

  210. Your story is eerily similar to what I have just gone through. Except one thing…you have so much anger and I only have sadness. I am sad that the person who dropped off my dear Bentley couldn’t see the happy, loyal, good boy that he still was. I am sad that they never got to share his last 11months with him. I am sad that they were put into whatever situation life gave them that they thought the best option was to give up this super sweet senior after 10 loyal years. I only had Bentley for 11 months and I feel that I have lost my best friend and closest family. He was so much more than a good dog. So yes, I feel sad for the person who loved Bentley for ten years and had to make a difficult decision. And I feel sad for you that after having such a gift given to you that it’s still anger that fills you. Everyone is going through something and we should not judge. Be thankful.

  211. I don’t have to even meet you to say to you that I love you and whom you have revealed yourself to be in this open letter. So glad Cocoa had you for her remaining time on earth. Blessed be. You, like the rest of us with big hearts, are destined to have your heart broken over and over again but the heart break is worth it to help babies like Cocoa. Seriously, love you. So very sorry for your loss. So very glad you exist in this world tho. You are needed.

  212. What a beautiful letter, you get right to the point. Jean may have had issues, but whatever they were, Cocoa was a family member, and you just can’t drop someone off like that. When we had a “forest fire alert” for our small town, I was designated as the “dog person” for our family ..out kids had their own families scattered throughout town…and when we got the alert to leave town, I was to go to each house and collect all animals, and any others I might see lol,. Thank goodness it didn’t happen, but just a bit of a story of how we treat animals…they come first in a lot of instances.

  213. you are such a beautiful person. As i sit here reading this and tears running down my face, you desearve the best in the world. for you jean i hope you are happy and feel great about your peace of shit self you are .

  214. That’s the most beautiful story I have ever read. I had a friend who was convinced by her family that she would not be able to take care of her two older dogs. One was mostly blind but got around ok and the other was having incontinence problems. The family took them to the pound. she thought they took them to the humane society. The family told her they would get adopted. I was so upset by this because I knew how attached my dog was to me. She had his mother and father. I called the HS and they said they didn’t have the dogs. I called the pound and they euthanized the dogs the same day as they knew no one would want them. Although I cried for a while, I realized it was better than sitting there in a cold cage wondering where their “mommy” was. Thank you for caring.

  215. I cant even imagine being that cold hearted to a creature that would love you unconditionally as long as they live….I lost my dog, a yorkie, 4 years ago, I was there when he was concieved and he came home with me as soon as he was old enough. he carried me through so many hard times and the passing of both my parents that doing something like that to him would have never ever been seen as an option. the last 2 years of his life he had gone blind and deaf and could hardly walk, but we went on our walks together anyway, I just figured he had carried me for so many years that it was now my time to carry him, so I carried him everywhere we went for his last two years… still breaks my heart all over again each time I recall that he passed away while I was at work and I was not there to see him off or hold him as he departed. I cant even imagine wanting to let it happen at a shelter like that. god bless you for what you did for that beautiful soul, you at least showed her toward the end that some humans are actually able to love back the way they are loved…..we need more people like you out there

  216. Way to make assumptions. Assuming makes an ass out of you. But it is good that you made her comfortable and took care of her.

  217. I hate the Jeans of this world.

    I’m so glad that Cocoa had you. My tears are for you and your family and for the love you gave Cocoa.

  218. First off, thank you for taking the dog in and caring for her in her last days. BUT, I find it quite interesting that so many people here feel they have the right to condemn the previous owner WITHOUT know ANY of the previous owners situation. There are many possibilities here
    1.) Yeah, she dumped the dog because she is just such a bi**h/POS (as MANY here have called her)
    2.) She may be an elderly person and the pet-free place she was moving into could have been an assisted living or a care center/nursing home
    3.) She herself may have an illness and the pet-free place she is moving into could even be a hospital
    4.) Perhaps she tried to find a home for her friend, but time ran out and she did what she thought was best. Oh, wait! Only the people here bashing the previous owner know what is best for everyone else and also know what this woman was going through and what she was thinking! Those here (I admit I CANNOT) can read minds!! So they know without a doubt what this woman’s situation was/is and THAT ALONE gives them the right to bash/flame/condemn/ &/or HATE another person.

    I don’t like it when idiots hurt animals for no reason, but I also don’t like it when multitudes of so called intelligent people ASSUME they know what someone else was/is thinking or what another persons situation may be.

    I do wonder, however, what some here would think if they found out that the woman they are so easy to condemn and HATE was dead or near death herself? OH! I know…most of them would most likely be happy and still wish her ill and HATE on her. What a piece of work some people are, huh?

    Now go one and hate/bash/flame/condemn me since I am done with this. ’nuff said and peace out

  219. Dear Blogger and Animal Lover,

    I love that you have so much empathy for animals and compassion that Cocoa had a wonderful family and great loving last days. She was truly lucky to have you, and I am sure you find some joy and luck in having met her as well.

    While I truly understand your strong feelings about Jean, building a person from the incomplete tidbits you garnered from a piece of paper make an incomplete person and history about Cocoa and Jean. I don’t know Jean. I have never met her. I heard about her the first time when I read your blog post. I have known a lot of animals that have been abandoned. I have taken in 20-30 dogs and cat over the past 15 years. Many I found new homes for, many more I fell completely in love with and thought I would be able to take care of them and myself for their entire lives. I also used to have disdain for those that re-homed their animals. Then I found myself pregnant and living with 3 cats and 7 dogs. On top of that my body decided that it was seriously allergic to the cats when I became pregnant. My lungs began to close and I had constant asthma attacks. So the option of keeping the cats was not existent. Then the realization that I would not be able to feed 7 dogs and a child, or offer a safe environment to a child living in a house with a pack of dogs. Now I could have sent them to live outside, but how fair would that be? So I made the hardest decision of my life, and I found new homes for all but one of my beloved animals. It is a choice that pains me to this day. That experience taught me a great deal. It taught me compassion and regret for all those times that I judged families for giving up their animals. It also taught me that people always re-home with a pit in their stomach and forever have a piece of their heart missing. So while I am glad you were there for Cocoa and she had a great life with you, you do not know Jean. You do not know what led her to the terrible decision to surrender her dog. I can’t imagine your disdain for Jean, sweetens your memories of Cocoa. Cocoa’s memory would be better honored forgiving the women that cared and loved her for 12 years of her life.

  220. You did a very good thing…and Cocoa was so lucky you opened your home to her. But I have to say, I also feel a great deal of empathy for Jean. You do not know her story, her financial situation, or her heart. Sometimes people make painful, difficult decisions because they feel they have no other options. You are choosing to make assumptions about the character of this woman, without knowing her situation. That doesn’t sit right with me. However…I admire and respect your empathy and compassion that you showed this lovely animal…now maybe you can extend the same courtesy to Jean, maybe she truly truly needs it. With much love and respect.

    • Thank you Jennifer, I was going to say exactly the same thing. I think we need to be very careful about making assumptions and passing judgment. I don’t feel comfortable shaming others, no matter what they have done. Still I am glad that Cocoa had such a caring home at the end of her days.

    • Jennifer, I agree with what you said to a point. I myself was in a position with one of my “Babies”. She had seizures frequently and no matter the meds they didn’t ease up. It came to a point where I had to make a decision and it wasn’t easy. I didn’t have the financial means for experimental medicine for her, and that wasn’t even guaranteed. Then came the day she had 13 seizures in one day. Kinda comparable I think, because I was told she would never be the same. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, but I actually found NUMEROUS vets that would help me to put her to rest, NO charge, with me holding her in my arms. It just takes a little effort.

  221. As a dog owner and overall animal lover it warms my heart thst there are fantastic people like you. I read thid and shed a tear for cocoa. Then I hugged and cuddled with my boy. Jean, you should be ashamed.

  222. As a dog owner and overall animal lover it warms my heart that there are fantastic people like you. I read this and shed a tear for cocoa. Then I hugged and cuddled with my boy. Jean, you should be ashamed.

  223. God Bless you! I can’t take my eyes off Cocoa’s picture… She’s beautiful! a beautiful angel now. RIP Cocoa you were so loved ♥

  224. I feel no empathy for this Jean person at all. She is unworthy of a dogs love. Her financial situation is irrelevant. If she knew Cocoa was going to die a painful cancerous death she should have taken her dog to a vet and put her down early. It’s just that easy and it is not the worst thing-I had to do it with my 6 year old heart dog when he was terminal. I adored my dog, Wyatt. My precious, remarkable Wyatt. I wanted to save him from the pain-he was in so much pain. I let him go ahead even though he might have made it through three more tortuous weeks. Wyatt hurt and I could do something about it. At my expense, yes but I was his advocate and this turned out to be the last, best thing I could do for him. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I have never regretted it. To dump a twelve year old dog in a kill ‘shelter’ just because you won’t have to deal directly with her death is the move of a heartless asshole. If you can’t help them die you are a coward. Seriously, a coward. See, I don’t feel sorry for Jean at all. I don’t care about anything extraneous in Jeans life. I think this woman is a thoughtless twit who should be drop-kicked into something unpleasant.
    A dogs love isn’t disposable. Never tell me this bitches last name.
    Thank you Lunchy, for loving Cocoa, who was a very pretty little girl.

  225. Wow this open letter gave me goose bumps- thank god there are amazing people like yourself- unlike the nasty previous owner whom is called Jean for this article – I have no empathy for her – how the hell do you give up on a beautiful baby at this age – my love & hugs to Cocoa your whanau member for how ever long she is with us all

  226. You people are over the top – perspective is needed here…it is a dog – full stop. Have you walked the streets of a leper community in Ethiopia? Have you held a mother who has just given birth to dead triplets in your arms in a neonatal unit that has space heaters duct-taped to the walls? Have you helped women carry water for miles 4 or 5 times a day? Have you offered a meal to the homeless guy you walk by every day? Please don’t dare call me an animal hater because I live on a farm, we have hundreds of animals including a beautiful dog, many cats, a mini-donkey, horses, goats, chickens, sheep, cows, you get the idea. I understand that people are attached to their pets, but there are people out there, even in our own communities that need that love, relationship and attention. I’m not saying Jean did the right thing, she probably should have just said good-bye and euthanized the dog, but what I am saying is that there are people out there who need people like you all – full of zeal, compassion and love. I have lived in a leper community and held them when even their own people wouldn’t. I have been in that room, holding that new mother who lost her babies because the hospital was not equipped to handle her type of birth, I have watched and helped women carry water because the government shut it off to conserve it for their own use. Just saying – there are PEOPLE out there who need the compassion you have in your hearts.

  227. I am so sorry for your loss, and so very thankful that you exist. We are champions and mighty in the eyes of our four legged friends. Love, love, and more love sent your way.

  228. Thank you and God Bless you for being Cocoa’s saving grace. The people that dumped her at the shelter I just have no decent words for. Your letter was perfect and right on the mark. I have absolutely no use for people like that. Cocoa was a beautiful girl who got a beautiful family to love her…..

  229. You assume so much. You also certainly seem to need anger management. You also put yourself on a pedastal. A true hero would have done what you did and not bragged about with an arrogant tone. #getoveryouself

  230. You are my kind of person! I have been blessed to have pets I loved – and lost – but never have I abandoned anyone. My sweet old dog Gummy Bear was a lot like Cocoa at the end, and he had cancer. It was a fast growing cancer that had consumed his stomach and was into his brain when I took him in because he seemed constipated. He had just gone for his physical a few months before, so the vet felt really bad telling me there was nothing I could do. He was 14 and had been slowing down, incontinent, pretty much deaf and blind, and needed me more those last years than he ever had. I was so glad to be the one to spend the end times with him. We were so in love, no one else could have comforted and cared well for him as I did. Finally I was able to show him the same loyalty he had always showered on me. My only regret was that it had to end. This person Jean – who knows how she feels, what kind of regrets and nightmares she has – or if she truly didn’t care. The biggest blessing in life is recognizing when we are blessed and being thankful for those put in our path to love. Thanks for writing this nice story and for how you loved Cocoa.

  231. What a pretty girl. I’m glad she got to spend her final days with someone who loves her unconditionally. My dog is only a year and a half, still very much a puppy and a HUGE pain in my ass, but I love her so much, I couldn’t imagine giving her up for anything. I’m sure that feeling will continue to grow the older she gets. She is my best friend. And will be for all her days. You did a great thing.

  232. Bless you!! My pets are my family too and I can’t even imagine doing what she did. But I have faith in the saying…Karma is a bitch! What nursing home do you think karma will pick for her to end up in?

  233. I hope this goes viral (it’s starting), I really do. Everything happens for a reason, and Cocoa got to spend her final days surrounded by love and compassion. What an honour to her and to you. Thank you.

  234. You don’t know what that owner might have been facing; possibly her own cancer, maybe some dementia. Your self congratulations are enough, you don’t need any more. You are maudlin, simple and childish. Grow up a little.

  235. Lunchy, my heart goes out to you, 100%. I am so sorry for your loss. Cocoa was lucky to have you. I have another friend who rescues senior dogs and I know I takes a really special and strong person to do that. I know that I personally don’t have the heart for it. I share pictures and stories of animals in need to spread the word, donate as much time, money and love as I possibly can to shelters and charities, as well as my 2 rescued cats. What I do isn’t much, but I try to remind myself that to the animals whose lives are even slightly improved because of what I have done to help, it is a lot. Cocoa was lucky to have that. Dogs are special creatures, They live to love you. It breaks my heart to think of Cocoa suddenly homeless, and how confused and lonely she must have felt. Many people criticize animal lovers for humanizing animals, but dogs especially are intelligent creatures. They have even been known to die of heartache shortly after their master or beloved animal friend passes away, much like some humans do after a spouse or sibling passes away. Animals can experience depression and anxiety, just like humans do. That being said, being so intelligent, Cocoa knew that you rescued her. She knew that you truly loved her and selflessly looked after her.

    As far as Jean is concerned, I will say this: what she did was wrong, she should have at least dropped her off at the humane society, and I don’t believe in giving up your companion except in extreme circumstances, such as, you’re about to die yourself, you become so allergic that your well being is severely affected, etc. I also don’t think she was in any way malicious about it. I’m one of those people that feels that animal abusers should die a cruel and unusual death, because it takes a real sick “person” to knowingly hurt an innocent creature. But Jean didn’t abuse Cocoa. She more than likely thought she was doing the right thing. She might be an idiot for thinking that, or maybe she was senile or something. But common sense is often taken for granted in this world. Maybe she knew about Cocoa’s health problems and dumped her off, which would be shitty, but maybe she honestly didn’t know. Some people are painfully ignorant. Other than the incontinence, it took you a little while to figure out the extent of Cocoa’s problems as well. To you people saying that Jean deserves to be put to death, or abandoned, and all that, come on. Don’t be assholes. I have a feeling that Jean already feels like shit without your input.

    On the other hand, you people that are being straight up nasty to Lunchy, knock it off. She wasn’t looking for fame, or sympathy, or to seem like a hero here. She wrote this blog for a small audience, mostly of friends she already knew in real life, who I’m assuming knew what she was doing for Cocoa already. She wrote this to get her feelings out, instead of holding them in, which is a therapeutic exercise. I doubt (and hope) that she did not waste her entire time with Cocoa thinking about Jean, but at a sad time like this, it’s hard not to harbor resentment–it is part of grief. Lunchy, I wish you all the best. I hope that someday soon, you will be able to make peace with your resentment for Jean, and look back on your time spent with Cocoa only with the fondest memories. Thank you for what you’ve done, you’ve made the world a better place for at least one life. I’m sorry again for your loss, and you’re in my prayers.

  236. Wow! What a great story. Several years ago in a 100+ degree Texas heat I found a very adorable, but very deaf and arthritic dog walking around my house. My first thought was she must live close and disoriented so I followed her around the neighborhood looking for her house – no such luck. The next step was to post signs, because of her advanced age and limited mobility I knew she had to be from close by – no such luck. I took her to the closest groomer since it was obvious she was a dog that had been groomed in her glory days – they didn’t know her. I took her to the vet to see if she was microchipped – nope. After weeks of waiting for who owners, I named her Goldie and went to the local pet store and bought her the cutest collar I could find and fluffy pink coat to wear when it was chilly and I waited.

    My kids had to stay away from her because she was too nervous around them. My other dogs let her be. We predicted she might only have a few months of life in her, so we pampered her and kept her comfortable until the inevitable came upon us and we had to put her down – a year and a half after she found our front porch.

    I don’t know if she accidentally got lost, but in my gut I think someone just let her walk off. I felt so bad for her, but I was glad that she had comfort, love and stability for her very last few years of life.

    Thank you for conjuring that memory up for me.


  238. I don’t know you, but I love you. Thank you for your words which echo my thoughts and feelings exactly. Thank you for giving love and comfort to Cocoa and being there in her final days.

  239. I’m so happy and sad at the same time with your story! Bless you for showing this old gal the best days of her life even if they were her last 😦 I held my 3 year old American bulldog while she went over the rainbow bridge after a lengthy battle with cancer and failed attempts at chemo, and 3 months ago I was snuggled with my 10 year old rottie while she passed having had a stroke and let me tell you…, there is no way in hell that I would have missed either of these moments! Both my fur babies where cuddled and loved to the bitter end no matter how much I didn’t want it to end!!!! That’s what good families do just like a marriage “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, till death do us part”!!!!!!!!! Your an angel for taking this vow with this poor girl xoxoxoxo

  240. This was a very beautiful letter and I was completely touched.. Until the end. Those last few lines took away from the compassion, beauty and selflessness of the whole situation. All that aside, I am so thankful Cocoa received the send off she deserved!

  241. “Dear Jean” is eloquent and heartwrenching – I lack the capacity to see the other side because, like you, I cannot think of excuses to leave an elderly dog behind anywhere. If someone must separate from their family, there are kinder strategies.
    I have a motley crew of frou frou pooches and misfit hounds, too crabby with most people! (One came from the Brooklyn ACC and I will never figure out how he got past the SAFER test!) But they are my heart and soul, bonded for life. I could no more leave them than my grown son. We are family, in this together – they would never leave me. I owe them the same honor. Thank you for echoing so many of my own feelings and sharing it in this beautiful tribute to Cocoa.

  242. This message is for all those that condemned, wished ill will or pain upon Jean: None of us are perfect, we’re all flawed. Therefore, none of us are in the position to judge.

    I confess, I surrendered a dog in my past. Why? I do not need to justify myself to you. Just know it left a hole in my heart.

    A short story for all of you: As a teen, I got pregnant with twins and I was faced with three choices, abortion, adoption or become their mom. I chose to love them forever and always. To me a child’s life is priceless, and to kill an innocent human baby is… inexcusable.

    Yet, 1 in 3 women have an abortion at least once in their lifetime. There are two hundred and seventy posts on this page, some repeats and some males but just think… at least 80-90 of you chose to kill or at least knows someone who has. Here you are spewing hate mail to Jean over a dog she surrendered after 12 years, based on assumption. A bit hypocritical don’t you think?

    Why stop there, how many of us have lied, shoplifted from your local corner store, disrespected our parents, cheated on their spouse or loved one, got divorced, or have an addiction or two, etc. Get real and get off your high horse.

    There is a reason for everything, perhaps Cocoa served her purpose with Jean and was meant to move on to meet Lunachyq. People and pets come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime… let’s leave it at that.

  243. Dear Letter writer,

    Years ago I would have agreed with your anger completely, until I realized that after having an animal adoption center myself and owing almost $8000 in vet bills, I realized that most people want to be lied to in order to adopt an animal, and that although you may be justified in your anger, I have had enough happen in my life to know that you may not have known everything that was going on in Jeans’ life. For instance I learned the humane society is not a no-kill shelter. If they do not think a dog or cat is adoptable or they are full, they will put them down. And if they had known the dog was ill they almost certainly would have put them down. Ironically the one thing Jean did by dropping the dog at the county shelter, was to save her life. Something that would not have happened if she had taken the dog to the vet and put her to sleep.

    And although most of us will go in debt to help our sick pets, maybe this woman had lost her job or simply had kids to feed and had to choose between vet bills and feeding her kids. I will agree that most people just dump animals like old furniture when it suits them, but some people really do care and have so much going on in their life they have to make a really tough choice. I guess I am saying that in my scenario in my head, I want to believe Jean was overwhelmed and out of money and made what she thought was the best choice to save her friends life, and in the end that is what happened. Or at least for a while…

  244. I couldn’t agree more with these sentiments. A year ago I purchased a beautiful pair of schnauzers at cut price. The owner said it was because the neighbour was having issues with them coming into his garden. Then bloody fence your property so they dont roam. Benny is nearly 7 now and was an outdoor dog with bad skin sleeping in a shed. Maddie looked like she had had several lots of pups. Now they sleep inside in their own space, fabulous skim, beautifully groomed and play with their friends 3 other schnauzers. Whilst we adopted them, shortly after our 19 year old boy, jazzy who we got from the SPCA died peacefully in my arms, knowing he was loved and cared for all his life, despite his incontinence and dementia towards the end.
    These creatures depend on us as their family to care and nuture them right to the end. Its the least they deserve for the love and joy they give freely all of their lives.
    Well done to this lady for the loving last fem months she gave to cocoa.
    God bless people like her.
    Thankfully we dont mix with people like “jean”

  245. I cried you beautiful soul. She will be the first to greet you in heaven and help you see the way. Of that im sure.

  246. Such a awesome person you are to give Cocoa a wonderful last few weeks or days with love and a family around her. Wish we could help all the animals that need homes!

  247. God bless you for what you brought to this sweet girls life. Reading your letter brought me to tears. Let me take that back… I was sobbing. Your letter was well put, and I pray that Jean gets repaid tenfold for her inhumanity!!! Cocoa would have died for her I’m sure, instead she deserts her. Pathetic excuse for a human being. Good thing I don’t know what you look like Jean. JS.

  248. I don’t know who you are, beautiful rescuer. But I will post your open letter to ‘Jean’ in my mind for always. Cocoa will be waiting at Rainbow Bridge to meet you but I guess you already know that. You were the one who gently fastened her wings so she could fly. May peace and love be with you forever and thank you for all you did for Cocoa. — for the animals … always x

  249. I think the saddest part of this, is that the women didn’t take the time to write a positive letter to Cocoa’s owner. If her owner was an elderly single lady who had her for 12 years, one can only imagine the horrible heartbreak she must feel daily to have to even give up her companion. I think the writer has no idea that a good portion of the elderly in our country are eating the very food they give their pets due to their below poverty incomes. I would be willing to bet this woman prayed and cried all the way to the shelter, that her beloved companion would get at least one last chance for someone to care for her even half as much as her 12 year owner did.

    • I am amazed at the numbers of perfect people on here! It’s interesting to me when people say they would never do this same thing. You can say what you think you would do but you NEVER know what your circumstances may be or how you will truly react in the moment. Most rescues are run by volunteers who give of their time and own money – they do it for the animals not for any thanks. We have no control over what has happened to an animal before it comes into our care – no sense dwelling on it. Instead devote your time, energy and resources to making life better going forward for the animal. I won’t be coming back to this site. Too many nasty people with no compassion in their hearts. Instead I will be cuddling the 6 two week old kittens I got yesterday from animal control. They were found in a dumster covered with oil. I will say a quick prayer for who the sicko who dumped them and do my best for the babies.

  250. Animals are Gods creation don’t ever forget that, this is to all people who don’t think that an animal is worthy of love respect. We can learn much from these beautiful creatures. They just love, they don’t even have to speak, the Word says never treat any part of Gods creation with contempt, these animals come right from the heart of God. Genesis 1:24 proverbs 12:10 exodus 23:12,etc.. Thank you God for all these people who Love their companions. I had cancer and my dog bear never left my side,this is LOVE in its highest form, thank you Lord for my bear and all my babies, and thank you Lord for all these wonderful people that put there.needs aside to reach out to Your creation, Bless them Lord.

  251. You did an amazing thing, and no doubt, will continue to be a blessing to the animals you care for in their lifetimes.

    Cocoa, what a good girl she was, and I bet she knew it in her last days…such a gift to her.

  252. God Bless you for taking Cocoa in and making her last days happy ones. As for Jean, she should never be allowed to own another animal. I know there is no way to prevent it, but she doesn’t deserve the love of an animal.

  253. Yes, Jean could’ve left the dog at a no kill shelter or the humane society. Yes, you are a good person for rescuing the dog and giving her a loving family with which to spend her final days.

    Yes, you are immature and just as shitty for assuming you know what’s going on in Jean’s life. Was Jean’s story on Cocoa’s intake sheet? Were Jean’s job loss, insurance loss and medical costs for her own issues listed, or do you just assume Jean was living the high life and dumped the dog?

    If you can be so compassionate to an animal, try spreading some compassion to human beings as well. It will make you look less like a douche.

  254. First of all I agree that SOME people are likely assholes when it comes to their pets and loved ones. But shame on you for being so quick to judge. This letter is written in bad taste. You have no idea of Jean’s motives or reasoning behind this. This could have been a letter of good samaritanism and unity of the world. It could have been a letter of love in hopes Jean may see that her wonderful companion was well taken care of in her last days. I myself wouldn’t know which shelters/pounds in my community are high kill/low kill, I don’t think I would even think about shelters being that way if that dreadful decision fell upon me. They’re there to help, and I doubt any of them promote themselves as a “high kill” place to bring your pets. I applaud these people who realize they can not give their pet the home they need and making such a difficult decision as to give them away. Instead of keeping them and letting them live uncomfortable in a stressful environment. Why are we so quick to judge? Why do we blame Jean? We do not know what has come over her life that this decision had to be made for. Do you think she would write her whole story out on a simple sheet to fill out? I hope for your sake that she was just an asshole. Because if she is reading this with tears in her eyes thinking, that her own love Cocoa seen her as a bad parent and not being able to be the one to look her in the eye and let her know she wasn’t alone when she passed, after having to make that horrible decision none of us ever want to meet. Then you are the asshole.
    I’m appalled at the amount of hate we have for dog owners these days, it’s everywhere. People that are truly good people with true love for their pets are getting them kidnapped in the night by people like you, assuming they aren’t being taken care of from a distance. With no real knowledge. This is really happening. And it needs to stop. But I know of the stories that aren’t happy, the ones with bad owners, and I hope that they are found through this thick wash of judgment we all have.
    You saved Cocoa and gave her a home to cherish til she died, and I’m so happy that is how her last days were spent. But why not write about just that, with no hate for Jean, because we don’t know Jean. Like I said, I hope she is just an asshole.

  255. Im crying soo hard right now and cant even believe that horrible person and i have a 10 year old puppy who is my third son. We too had a butt bite inncodent i paid an incredible ER visit for the lil boy n would have done anything to keep mu baby and hes very old and stinky and i buy doggie deoderizer n clean up accidents here and there and i cater to my baby and treasure our time together and i wanted to say thank you!! Thank god for you to give sweet coco a little extra time and for making her comfy. Thank you for making me cry today for coco.

  256. I can understand your anger and am so grateful you were able to rescue this dog. I’ve been doing rescue for many years and have learned never to judge others without knowing the full story. Is it hard? Of course. Some people totally SUCK. Others truly have no choice but to give up a beloved pet due
    to becoming ill, losing their home, have
    to leave an abusive situation, have children who develop allergies, etc. I’m getting older but luckily have family and wonderful friends to turn to but many others aren’t so lucky. I rescue and do what I can for the animals who have fallen on hard times.

  257. There should be more people like you on this earth. You are truly an amazing person and I don’t even know you! Truly inspiring!

  258. Wow wut a sad story. Thank u for taking the dog and making her lasts days wonderful and full of love……. I won’t even comment about her previous owner since I don’t have anything nice to say about her. ……

  259. Beautifully written, exactly how I feel about animal rescue but couldn’t so eloquently put in words. If everyone felt this way a lot of the evils in the world wouldn’t even exist. Thank you for what you did for Cocoa.


  261. You were absolutely wrong when you said, “Your dog died in my arms.” I did exactly what you did except in my case, the dog was beaten almost to death and that’s why I got her. I wrote a letter to the editor after Kandi passed away. It was a letter written directly to her previous owner and in it, I said, “Kandi passed away in my arms, not at your hand. The last thing she heard was not you screaming at her. The last thing she heard was I love you. And when she died, she wasn’t your dog. She was mine, and she knew it.” The same can be said for Coco. You did good. Thank you.

  262. Thank you for making Cocoa’s last days so special I can only hope that “Jean” sees this and it haunts her for the rest of her life.

  263. I have been rescuing dogs for years, and I applaud anyone who does the same. I agree that passing judgement is a bit harsh however, as I have to imagine that a 12 yr old companion was loved…is still thought of and is somehow missed. No one but jean knows the truth, and jean has to now live with her decision. We rescue for the sake of the dog, in the hopes that animal will become a part of our lives and leave a mark on our hearts. I dont know many people who rescue and are consumed with anger over the previous owners actions. It doesn’t matter why that owner dumped their dog, what matters is how fate brought the ailing pup and his new owner together. Everything happens for a reason, and if you look deeper inward you can replace the feelings of disgust towards jean, with feelings of peace and whatever else you learned by this experience. Cocoa as changed you…in a way u may not realize now but….one day….you will. For now, pity Jean, you truly dont know her story….but after meeting Cocoa, you can somehow rewrite yours.

  264. How do you know the previous owner was old, with no money, and no means to provide for care? What if he was 80 years old, and loved that dog, and couldn’t bring himself to euthanize her? What if he had no choice but to move to a cheap apartment with a no pet policy while he hoped to afford his own medical care? What if your experience, minus the judgement and anger, was exactly what he was hoping would happen for a pet he had loved for so long?

    I wish I knew why people in this world rush to assumption and judgement. You don’t know this person. Just be glad that you could do what you felt was right for the dog. Maybe he couldn’t, but he was glad someone like you could.

  265. Wow. Its amazing how low and disgusting a person can be. Piece of shit indeed. Its fantastic what you did. And its to bad there isn’t more people like you in this world.

  266. Do you know Jean? Do you know exactly what her situation was? I love my dogs and would do absolutely anything for them – you don’t know Jean’s reasoning for dropping her off. Maybe the expenses did become too much for her and her family and she wanted to try to give Cocoa a second chance with another family.There’s another side to the story.

  267. What you have done for Cocoa is fabulous – he is so lucky to have found a great home for the last of his days – I understand the kind of frustration you feel, as I also have a rescue dog who has many issues related to the way he was treated during his short lifetime – last weekend he seizured twice in the middle of the night and paced it off for the next five hours – you have to understand however, that some people have no choice in what they are able to do – some because of finances, some because of health, age, disabilities, living situation, etc etc etc – I’m assuming Jean (I hate to generalize but this does sound like an elderly woman’s name) was in a situation where she had no other choice – I visit seniors every day in my job – many barely have enough to buy their own food every month, they certainly would be unable to supply medications, diapers and pay vet bills and still meet their own rent payments – perhaps Jean knew that by taking Cocoa there he would find a great home where someone else would also love him for his last days, perhaps Jean is ridden with guilt for making the choice she did (when she really had no choice), perhaps she became too disabled to deal with Cocoa’s aging issues, perhaps she has no supportive family to help her out, perhaps she wanted to keep him and family made her do what she did – no one really knows except Jean herself – remember, everyone has their own struggles, often without anyone else knowing – without knowing the whole story, I think it is pretty harsh and unfair to make the comments that some have made – may you RIP Cocoa – may you be playing in heaven with other chocolate lab puppies like our Mindy 🙂

  268. Thank you for saying the things everyone that rescues feels, and for going above and beyond. Being in it for the long haul….Warms my heart and restores a little faith in humanity. My heart bresks for your loss♥♥♥ PS. Rot in hell Jean. Karma always catches up with POSs like you.

  269. You sound really vengeful on this. I have a dog, who I got at a rescue and for a long time I didn’t understand how they could give her up. I was really angry at her previous owners. I didn’t get it. And then one day I came across them, I needed them for her medical records and when I contacted them they were overjoyed to hear from me, they were good people and they wanted to see her and make sure she was okay. They had to make sure she was okay. I became facebook friends with them, where I saw notice after notice after notice of them trying to find her a good home before turning her over to the rescue. It turns out that my dog would get into blood drawing fights with their other dog, they hired behaviorists and trainers and I’ve contacted both of them for help with her adjusting to me. They did everything that they could and my anger wasn’t warranted anymore.

    I believed that you kept a dog, and you kept a dog until it or you died. But sometimes things get in the way. Sometimes divorces happen, sometimes children get taken away by custody hearings, sometimes family doesn’t stay family.

    They were ashamed to see me, they believed the same thing, you keep a dog until it or you die. I told them “thank you for watching her for me for two years, you were great babysitters, but she’s home now”.

    Why did they get rid of her and not their other dog? Who cares. One of them had to go and I got a really great dog out of it. It took her a long time to adjust I apologize to her all the time for all the hurt she went through in learning to trust me. But I got a really great dog in the end. And hopefully you did too. Hopefully you can think of the positives in all of this and stop dwelling on the negativeness you have for the owners. If they didn’t have the money, maybe they were hoping for someone like you to come and save her. Maybe the vet didn’t recommend putting her down. Maybe you were their blessing. And as much as you hate to hear that, maybe they were just as tore up as you. Maybe they couldn’t afford 5.00 a day in food. The economy is terrible. Maybe somebody lost a job that they had 12 years ago. Maybe they didn’t know that that shelter killed dogs so fast. Maybe they weren’t aware. There’s a trillion things that could have happened. Unless your willing to contact the owners and find out the story, don’t make assumptions and save your hate.

    • Fallensafely, I appreciate you taking the time to share your story. It is food for thought. (and p.s.- I couldn’t afford the food, either, and am in debt now because of it but that was my choice). Thanks again.

  270. I am so happy that Cocoa spent the end of her life with a loving and caring family. I cannot imagine dumping my loyal companion off at a shelter of any kind! I have had four Pomeranian dogs. I have lost three over the years. Two passed away as I held them in my arms, crying. I loved them so much. The other one had a stroke and died out in the yard with me. She was the first one I lost. It was devastating! These dogs were our family, our best friends! They loved us dearly as we loved them. We have another Pom and she too, is the love of our life. Dogs are part of your life! You don’t take one and decide to dump the animal just because he/she gets old and has health issues! You do all you can to see them through to the end and never, never, stop loving them! Some people just amaze me with their cruelty!!!

  271. This was the most amazing story ever. I am in tears right now but tears of joy b/c you were Cocoa’s angel. I hope that Jean, the piece of shit, reads this…somehow…

  272. Thank you for taking care of this beautiful little girl. Even though the ending was sad (RIP Cocoa) What you did for her was amazing and you should be thanked and be told you are an inspiration. you are one of the few good ones in this world.

  273. Kill them with kindness.

    Calling someone a “piece of shit” is no help. You know one action of this person – they abandoned their sick dog. She went to a high kill shelter. Did she know it was a high kill shelter? Did she know shelters kill at all? Guess what. Lots of people don’t know the reality of that. She did a shitty thing. You don’t know if she’s a shitty person. Maybe she was weak, scared, overwhelmed. That’s no excuse, no. Or maybe she was heartless, selfish, and possibly even malicious with intent. I don’t know for sure. Neither do you.

    I believe strongly in the message you are trying to share. I cry for the animals that are abandoned, taken away from everything they know. I cry and wonder what drives people to do that. I look at my cat with such love and wonder how people give up on their dogs and cats. Their family. I have signed up to do fostering for local shelters. To help give another chance to a pet. To keep them out of the steel walls and concrete floor. To give them the love and warmth of a home when everything has been taken away from them. I care about how those animals feel and what they are going through. Just like you.

    To share this message and encourage others, we need to do just that… encourage. I know you are heartbroken for this dog and what happened to her. But treating someone badly in return for treating a dog badly does NO good. This story would be way more powerful without your harsh words against her. Simply explaining the situation would probably make her feel like a piece of shit without you saying so. But you did. And that puts Jane on the defensive. That puts people in situations similar to Jane’s on the defensive as well. Those are the situations you are trying to stop, right? If so, you need to reassess your negative approach. Your attacking of Jane. It inhibits enlightenment. It inhibits education when you speak to others in that matter. While acting out in your emotion and pain, you are actually hurting the cause you wish to encourage.

    Thank you for helping animals. Thank you for spreading awareness. With kind actions to match your kind intent, you will continue to change the world in ways you never imagined. I will join you. Good luck.

  274. After reading cocos story I cried for her and my dog named Kelly who died in my arms a year ago from stomach cancer as well. God bless you an your family do taking such good care of her. You were her guardian angel. Glad to hear good people are still out there! God bless you

  275. Thank you for your story. It tore me up but they always do, no matter if the fur baby is mine or not. I do not see it like that. I see them as children, our children who need love, attention and care. The bottom line is just like you said, she/he could have taken this poor animal to a ‘no kill’ shelter not far from the pound or if at all necessary, found a vet they could afford or taken Cocoa to the one she had, to be euthanize and not alone.
    Cocoa had a wonderful, very happy few weeks remaining with you and your family. One thing is for sure….we will never know the full extent of her care before you, but we do know how she felt when she took her last breath. God bless you and your family.

  276. I understand how you feel and maybe where you are coming from, but you are the same kind of person you are saying you hate, a quitter. You don’t know this person’s situation. Maybe they were forced to move because of a death in the family that maybe left them with no money. They didn’t leave her at the house when they moved out, like some might. Maybe they dropped her at the high kill shelter because they knew she would suffer if they dropped her elsewhere. Maybe they couldn’t afford to euthanize. Maybe it was the hardest thing they have ever done. You are bashing this person without hearing the other side. I think you are an amazing person for doing what you did but think you need to re-evaluate your thinking about humans, they are not all bad.

  277. Beautiful story…but a letter that was not quite as beautiful. I believe that it sounds as though the cost of cocoa’s food and care was a burden and an inconvenience for you…

    “The charity that hastens to proclaim its good deeds ceases to be charity, and is only pride and ostentation…”

    • J, I do not know who you are, and quite frankly I don’t give a damn. That lady gave that dog another chance. She tried to save her life and you think she is being selfish. Shew was trying to get the point across that people do some of the dumbest shit with their pets. She was trying to say if you get a pet keep it. You are a stupid mother fucker that is apparently to heartless to care about animals. I hope to hell you don’t own any at home. If you do, I bet they are miserable to live with a heartless bastard like you.

    • To Matt,

      I’m not going to argue with you or insult you in the classless fashion that you have done toward me. Please know that I have a beautiful cat whom I love with all of my heart. I am not heartless…don’t judge me. You have no right to speak to me that way.

  278. this is such a sad story and i do hope some day this will happen to you jean and your family cant deal with it as you did with sweet coco so watch out as they say things you do to anyone will come back and bite you and when it does i do hope you fill the pain as coco did jean but have no one by your side that you dont desire just all alone like you did to coco..

  279. What a horses ass. I love animals myself. They are my world, my heart, my soul. Fuck that stupid bitch, I hope when her time comes she rots in hell for the horrible thing she did to a cute dog.

  280. I am so angry at the person who gave the intake sheet to the letter writer and the person who wrote the letter. No one knows what was really going on and the rush to judgement is beyond reason.

    I had an animal that was dying and needed to be put down. The vet wanted $100 to do it, $100 that I just didn’t have. Instead of doing it for free, this vet told me to take my boy to the humane society and tell them what was going on and they would do it for free. I didn’t get to hold him while the shot was given or while he took his last breath, but he didn’t suffer.

    We know only the letter writer’s side of this story. Keep that in mind when you rush to judgement.

  281. This is so heartbreaking, cocoa deserve love and comfort she was able to live the remaining of her life happy and not in a cold dark place. I cried when I read this story, in my opinion some people aren’t meant to have pets because they don’t choose to treat them as a member of the family like most of us pet lovers do. They can claimed and claimed but they won’t show the emotions that we would get if there was something health issued or you lose a pet in some way shape/form. My family and I have a spoiled 12 year old cat and I had a few time of moments where I thought something was wrong that needed fixing or he wandered off without us. But it didn’t matter what he does that made us scared or go into panic mode, but he know that we were very worried and he would spend time with each of us because he knows we’re checking on him. I would never give up my cat, sure I might deal with separation issues when the day come to when I chose to live in my own but I know I can always come home to see him. He’s my boy and I’m his mom and that will never change. Pets are meant to be part of the family not an incentive. I’m glad cocoa was able to be loved and cherish at the time of her needs.

  282. First of all jean ur a real class piece of shit…hope sumone from ur family dumps u on the streets wen u get old an sik…karma… the saint who took cocoa in an cared for her..u are truely wonderful person…rip cocoa…run ova that rainbow bridge an piss anywhere u want too…bol…my eyes are still watern…bless ur soul…an you jean can go straight to hell…

  283. It takes a lot to love, truly love and to give love. So many people think they love and know love, but when put to the test they turn and run. Thank you for standing up and making a difference!!

  284. Hi,

    I rescued two 11 year old Corgi crosses from a back yard about a year ago. And like you, it became very apparent very quickly as to why the two old sweethearts were being given away. The boy, Max, was clearly sick. Within a few hours of getting him home, it was obvious he wasn’t going to last long. As it turns out, he lasted another 8 months before he had to be put to sleep due to severe congestive heart failure. He died with me scratching one ear and his sister/ littermate, Maxie, licking the other. I spent $3000 keeping him and his bad heart going. I’d do it all again. He was the most friendly and funny little dog you’d ever meet.

    Maxie, his sister, is now 12. Apart from a few lumps, she’s the picture of health. She now is the adoptive mother to a 18 month terrier who was rescued from a puppy factory. She will be around for many more years.

    Old dogs can put a dent in your credit card undoubtedly. If there’s a chance you are unwilling or unable to deal with this when the time comes, don’t get a dog.

  285. It says here leave a reply but what there is to reply after such a mail. Everything is said in a perfect way. No words…

  286. I would have taken him but once there in the pound or some animal shelter , if you want any dog you must pay $300 – $400 and being on a pension not matter they just tell you it is ok we will put the dog down , and make you feel as if you have to take it, but fuck them I not have $400 for a dog , so let them kill the dogs they only care about making money

  287. To the second owner & person who Gave cocoa a second chance of life I’m so happy to hear cocoa had a happy ending to her life & that you made this happen for her. You are a angel sent to animals xx

    To her first owner jean you are very heartless & a bit of shit for just giving up on your sweet old girl & wonderful companion! A family member!!
    I’ve had many dogs over the years between me & my mum & you know what? Not once have we EVER & not once would we EVER just give up on one of our pets our family! I would go to the end of the earth for my animals & so would many other animal lovers out there! I could never just hand over my loved one to a high kill shelter! I’m disgusted in you!!!

  288. I lost my best friend on the morning of 9/13/13. Her name was Cleo, and she was 13 years old. She was my rock, my shadow, my babygirl…and I would give ANYTHING to have her back.

  289. Tears rolling down – just can’t stop crying thinking of Cocoa and all that you did for the suffering pet. You will be blest in abundance No doubt..

  290. I thank the universe there are people in the world like you!!! Thank you for having such a big beautiful heart… RIP Cocoa

  291. jean will get what he deserves. maybe in this life, maybe in another. maybe in another time, another place, another existence. but he will. RIP Cocoa, remember you are loved always.

  292. Yes Jean, you truly are a nasty piece of work. A very nasty shitty piece of work.
    I’m so happy for Cocoa though, that she was scooped up with love by the lovely person who made her last days worth while.

  293. Some people can’t afford vet bills or get sick of animals, deal with it, instead of acting like a psycho calling this person a piece of shit maybe think about other things that could be going on in their life. Maybe they just lost a job, a real family member died, they were just diagnosed wth cancer, you don’t know what is going on in their life and you shouldn’t judge them! As for not dropping the dog off at a different pound that’s further away, most people do go to the closest place for convenience, closest grocery store, closest school, closest gym, not the best, the closest! Its fine to be an animal lover but don’t jump all over people that aren’t. You may have “saved” the dog but in the end you are the piece of shit for judging someone you know nothing about.

    • Pets are real family members. I am tired of people acting like we are the most important species on earth. We aren’t. Also, don’t bring a pet into your life unless you are prepared to care for it no matter what situation arises. Anything else is just selfish. You make no sense. If this owner really cared about the dog, she would not have dropped it off at a high kill shelter. She would have wanted it to go to a no kill shelter and have a chance to live. Please do me a favor and don’t EVER get a pet. You are ignorant.

  294. I think it’s very presumptuous and small-minded for this person to write this letter. You have no idea what kind of personal hell “Jean” might have been going through. You have no idea what medical conditions or life situation she herself might have had. You presume that she knew about the tumors, and berate her for her actions on that basis. Everyone is fighting their own battles, and everyone deserves kindness. Maybe Jean is an older woman who could no longer clean up after her incontinent dog and was in danger of losing her apartment because of that. Perhaps Jean herself is disabled or sick with cancer or something similarly serious. Perhaps Jean tortured herself for weeks and motnhs before deciding she had to lose her best friend, in order to keep her home/health/filll-in-the-blank. You are a presumptuous, holier-than-thou, rude, mean-spirited person, and if you were so upset about the costs and effort involved in having this dog, you have no one to blame but yourself. Shame on you.

  295. Oh my….the tears you brought to my eyes. Thank God for you and your beautiful heart. Coco deserve to go the way she did and it is only thanks to you, your love, your caring and also your sacrifices. It is horrible to think of what some people can do to their own “family members”. Thanks to you for a much happier ending.

  296. You truly were a gift to Cocoa. She knew she was finally loved without limits and she lived her last days in the arms of an angel. I believe that dogs go to heaven and may that give you comfort knowing that being an angel yourself, you will spend eternity with another angel, Cocoa.

  297. That poem, Rainbow Bridge, comes to mind after reading the above story:

    “Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

    When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
    There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
    There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

    All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again….”

  298. What a wonderful thing you did! What a lucky dog Cocoa was that you saw her picture. I am sure hundreds of dogs in the same situations are dumped into shelters all over the world every day and left to die heartbroken from rejection of the ones they were loyal to for so many years. Shame on anyone who would do that to any animal that had been their faithful pet and companion.

  299. You are an angel. For taking on a sick dog is not an easy thing to do. Cocoa knew she was with good people. People who loved her to the end. Who cuddled her while she passed the rainbow bridge to a pain free afterlife.
    As for her previous owner. Shame on you. Hopefully when you become old and incontinent and have tumors or alzeimers, you kids don’t dump you in a old folks home.

  300. Unless you can walk a mile in Jean’s shoes, never, ever condemn someone for giving up a dog that they had for 12 years. No one ever calls a dog they had for that long good things and surrenders them easily.

    While I’m thankful there are people like you in the world to care for dogs that need it and rescue when you can, keep in mind that animal and humans both need empathy, and the more you lose touch with humans, the more you will forget that everyone has their own path in life, and my path may not be as yours is, and I may not have the freedom you have had, and Jean may have been in a very frightening and unfortunate situation, and by making assumptions that this person is cruel even though they have cared for this dog for 12 years makes me wonder who the cruel person really is.

  301. Thank you for taking care of Cocoa. I can’t understand people. My JR is nearly 16 years old and is on heart tablets and water tablets. Every morning when I wake and I see her staring into my eyes I thank God for saving her another night to spend with me. This really broke my heart how can you just give up on your dog like this. ;(

  302. You don’t even know if ‘Jean’ was the one who brought her to the shelter. She could have been listed because she was the actual owner but that doesn’t mean she was the one who dropped the dog off. ‘Jean’ could have passed away or been going into a nursing home or whatever and had no say in what happened to her dog. How sad that you assume the worst and assume she did it herself out of heartlessness and that she knew the dog was sick. This is all just pure guessing on your part and totally unfair to Jean. Yes dogs are loved as family members but they are PETS and sometimes circumstances force them to be given up. Jean could be in a nursing home crying for her pet, not knowing what happened to it or looking down from heaven and shaking her head at people who think they know it all and judge others…

  303. It’s a fucking dog maybe Jean is one of the millions of people living in poverty and is just trying to afford to feed her kids. Maybe you’re just a rich American who has nothing worse to worry about. if one of you’re biggest concerns is a twelve year old dog that was gonna die of tumors anyway then actually your a piece of shit maybe you should care more about jean being too poor to feed a dog than about a lonely pet. get a life and quit Being so ignorant to think that not being able to keep a dying dog is such a horrible thing when there’s genocide, starvation, war, and our rights being taken everyday.

    • Matt, while I agree with your sentiments, I think you’re going about getting your point across in a really nasty, immature way. The writer SHOULD have more compassion toward Jean. Her letter should have been titled, ‘An Open Embarrassment To Anyone Struggling To Make Ends Meet, To Prove To You That I’m Clearly Better Than You’, but we shouldn’t name call. Don’t stoop to the writer’s level. Your recognition of her poor choice to cast stones proves that you are a highly intelligent human being, so don’t act like an idiot. Just sayin’.

    • Matt, your response is just as cruel. I. Believe this was all universally connected and am so grateful this dog did have the opportunity and love that it deserved, even if Jean’s circumstances were not so great.
      Cocoa is not just a dog. She was a companion for 12 years. That is along time for any person or animal.
      I don’t believe in shaming other people. I have to believe that Jean did not have any other resources. There are cruel circumstances and they who purposefully intend harm or neglect should be punished.
      The person who took care of Cocoa in her dying days is a saint and does not deserve criticism

  304. Thank you for taking care of sweet Cocoa and showing her such love and compassion. The world should be filled with people like you!

  305. Although, it is not understandable how a person could do this after 12 years, we haven’t walked in “Jean’s” shoes. I lost my house a couple years ago and my spouse at the same time which means less income. Some people told me that I might have to give up my dogs to move elsewhere. I refused. It was in-fathomable.. However, I have seen some stories regarding people abandoning their animals at an empty building or on the streets, which kills me! Perhaps “Jean” believed this to be the only choice. the best choice in her current situation. Some people simply do not know of other options.
    I thank God that you saw cocoa and was directed to comfort her in her last days. You have a heart of gold. It would be nice to maybe educate other people of options concerning their pet when they are no longer able to afford their needs.

  306. Thank you for taking care of Cocoa. I will never understand why people do this. If you could do nothing else, you could take the dog to the vet and have it put down humanely. I have had to do this several times and I always hold them in my arms and stay with them until the end. That is the least you can do for them to repay them for the joy they give you.

  307. We just went through the same thing last week. We adopted a beautiful boxer girl, Phoebe, from her owner of 7 years. They said it was because they were afraid she would hurt their 11 month old daughter who was just learning to walk. A few weeks after we got her she started having seizures. We took her to the vet right away. He put her on phenobarbatol. It helped for a short while and then they began again. She had a hard time standing and spent most of her time sleeping. When we took her back to the vet, he did a few more tests and found her entire right side was weak and she had all the signs of a brain tumor which is common for boxers. She would also push her head hard into our couch which indicated headaches. She got Tramadol for that and if the pain was worse than what her regular dose would control, she got more til she was comfortable. I believe that is what caused their fear, the fear of the seizures. She had a very good last 6 months. But she had 3 severe seizures in a row which caused her balance and contenance to fail. She slept most of the time. I took her back to the vet to see if there was anything more we could do. He said it would be cruel to extend her pain and suffering so I sat beside her, holding her paw and petting her as she went to sleep and continued holding her til she took her last breath. It would have been so much better if that person would have been the one she had been with since she was 8 weeks old. But if it couldn’t be him, then I’m glad it was me. He had a hard choice to make. His wife said it was the dog or his wife and child and I understand that he made the only choice he could and made sure she was in a good home before he let her go. I had spent my days as a hospice nurse and knew what to do when she was hurting or seizing. I believe God put us together because, at that time, we need one another. Too bad Cocoa’s mom hadn’t thought of looking for just the right home instead of putting her in a high kill shelter. I’m glad you were there with her at this time and could make sure her passing was peaceful.

  308. I too have an old Lab- girl, My ex got her as a pup, when he left our home- He left her- ,so its just her and I an a scared abused little border collie cross these dogs want for nothing reg vet visits- good food a warm place to lay their heads. Thank You for caring for Coco. He last day were the best.

  309. You didn’t give one ounce of thought to the owner here. How do you know the owner is not dying of cancer and is moving to a cheaper apartment because they don’t have the money to afford their house because treatment is so expensive. Or maybe they are getting divorced or had a child die. Maybe it was the hardest decision of their life to part with this dog and they don’t need your horrid cruelty. Maybe they didn’t know about the no kill shelter or maybe they thought the place they dropped her at was in a better location or closer to people or maybe they just made a bad decision. Get over yourself you are just looking for attention… We don’t know what the previous owner was going through, you are just another Internet troll looking for Facebook shares by building a rumor and speculation fueled lynch mob. Get a life.

  310. Thank you for giving that beautiful girl the best retirement she could have gotten and for taking care of her with so much love and affection. Your story made me cry but it also made me hopeful that there are more people like you who are willing to step up and help. All my love ❤


  311. A very sad story…..But thankfully for Cocoa, a very special person saw her face and couldn’t let her leave this world alone….Thank god for people like you – whoever you are… After having to say goodbye to my best friend this year (who was just shy of 14 yrs), I cannot accept or understand ANY reason why someone could do this….That was the one last thing I could do for my dog (being with him when he was put down), and I wasn’t going to leave just b’cos it was hard for me…. I hope the scum that did this has bad karma forever haunt them…!

  312. Cocoa had the best rest of her life with the angel who rescued her, and Jean, when you get old and can’t hold your urine anymore and are swollen up with pancreatic cancer, think about your family dumping you when you need them the most. Heartless people like you should not be allowed to own animals. Thank God for the angel who scooped Cocoa. And may you, Jean, if you have an conscience at all burn with regret and guilt for the horrible thing that you did! Karma should kick your ass but good!

  313. This just broke my heart. Jean you are such a C@#$!!! To the lady that took Cocoa in… God Bless!!! I took in a stray that wandered into my yard a year ago. Barely a year old. She had been dumped. Half starved, flea infested, totally exhausted. Today she is healthy, and happy. She is so sweet. I just love her.

  314. I had a not quite as dramatic situation but a bit similar with my first dog. We were totally lied to about her origins and history. We do believe the bit where we were getting her from children of a breeder who sent her to them. The wife had a preferred breed and my to be dog wasn’t it. Her husband loved her though and wasn’t able to come inside when we took her.

    My sister in law’s friend is vet and said right away the dog was older then were told. It became apparent immediately she had had no health care ever. I had wanted a dog for a very long time but waited until I saved 1000 dollars in an account for the dog. I was not having a situation where I finally had a dog only to have their health suffer because of my poverty so there were months where the yet to be dog was wealthier than I was but I needed every cent of that and then some because first it was years of dental neglect to straighten out then a few years later mammary cancer.

    With the mammary cancer any doubt we had been fed a bunch of bull tweet was gone. My brother almost cried telling me because the dog had given me the gift of health. I had been in an out of hospital all my adult life until getting the dog. She changed that. It was indeed rough. The bills were not the only hard part of course and we were lucky to get her care at cost but with a dog you always know you will lose them. She seemed to recover for awhile but ultimately she filled with tumors everywhere.

    I only do one dog at a time because of my circumstances and because I fly a lot and I am sorry to say the next one was not a rescue. It wasn’t an older dog. I waited all of a month to get a puppy wanting to control every bit of his life and experience. Having speculated too many times what kind of horrors my previous dog may have experienced. It had taken more than a year for her not to shake if a hand was held over her head. My current dog expects nothing but good things from a human hand as he should. He gets excited and happy and things he is getting a treat no expectation that a hand could strike him or whatever caused my first dog to shake.

    Some people treat dogs like accessories having seen how a loving dog was being handed over to me because someone was more into another “cuter:” breed and they wanted dog to match . I know people are selfish enough to dump a dog rather than treat the relationship like a partnership.

    When my previous dog got sicker she was incontinent. People kept saying i should euthanize her then. At the time she still enjoyed the world and I said she had given me health and many good years. I would get up several times a night with her and wash blankets and rugs for months or even years if we had years as long as she enjoyed the world. People should think of what they are saying really, My current dog sleeps happily beside me. Dogs are such a gift and the very worst thing about them is while my little guy sleeping beside me has given his heart to someone he can trust with it being a dog he would have with the woman described above too. They are so vulnerable it makes me cry sometimes just that.

  315. good for you you have the money to treat this dog that way a dog you seem to think was a good loving dog not everyone can afford to care for a dog with cancer and i think it is so wrong of you to attack the person who raised this good loving dog who i hope to god never sees your attack i see you have compasion for animals good for you try it on humans that person lost its best friend over money i am 99% sure of glad you would Thelma and Louise for your dog good for you problem is they both died at the end i have four dogs and 2 cats who i love very much but if one of them got cancer i would not treat it that would break me and make it hard for me to care for the rest of my animals and it is only selfish of me to make that dog suffer any longer just to forfill my need for him or her i would put him or her down having said that i can afford that but some people cant and there are some who would say if you can’t afford your animals dont get them well the dog was 12 lots of things can happen in 12 years it is sad that the dog had to go threw that but i will tell you this it is even more sad that you would lash out at a person who loved a dog for 12 years and made a very hard choice

  316. beautifully written … i recently adopted a senior female lab that i am guessing was 13. her story was nearly identical to yours although she was supposedly a stray. we all know she was no more a stray than I am the tooth fairy, and she never became incontinent. no one came to the shelter to look for her, claim her, or even consider adopting her … except me. i knew she wouldn’t be with me long but i was determined for her to cross the bridge with dignity. i enjoyed her for only 6 months, but she left this earth knowing she was beautiful and loved. i only hope that i gave her half the love that she gave me.

  317. You are wonderfully amazing person. This post had me in tears.

    This touched my heart. My black lab, Rowdy, was 14 years old when her kidneys stopped working, she had gone deaf, she couldn’t see very good and she was on pills for incontinence and arthritis. The poor old dear would be so embarrassed over every accident and I never scolded her. It wasn’t her fault. When the vet said our time had come and told me that I was now keeping her alive for me rather than her we made the choice. I held her, just as you did with Cocoa and told her I loved her and that all was well, and that it would be okay. I hope it is true that all dogs go to heaven. They deserve it far more than some humans, most certainly.

  318. Careful, your narrow mind is showing! Perhaps you don’t know all of Jean’s story. Perhaps she’s a darling little old lady who has had to give up her home and is moving to assisted living. Perhaps it broke her heart to have to give up her best friend. Perhaps Jean is all alone in this world, no spouse or children to depend upon. Perhaps she knew her beloved pet was on death’s door but didn’t have the financial wherewithal to provide the care that you so generously did. Do not judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. This pet was lucky you found it and cared so deeply for it in it’s lasts days, but at least give Jean the benefit of the doubt for the difficult choices made.

  319. I want you to know that I think you are amazing and I am happy that Cocoa had you to hold her in the end. Recently I took in dog (now our 4th) that was abandoned and abused. Every word you wrote touched my heart deep as we have experienced similar things with our girl Dottie.

  320. How could you contaminate such a beautiful story with so much hate. Im not seeing the compassion and understanding your trying to convey. Point lost in hate. Good job

  321. Wow, I hear alot of God bless you and your an angel yadada and in th same breath cursing somebody. Read your bible people. Let he without sin cast the first stone. judge not les ye be judged. Ring a bell? She did a good deed, yes. But its been contaminated with all the hate, which comes from the Devil as all you God blessers well know. Shame on those who spit hate

  322. Bless you!!! No matter!!!! This woman brought this wonderful soul to a strange,cold place to die! After she was all this beautiful fur baby knew as family! YOU DON’T DO THAT! You make OTHER arrangements ,more compassionate! Not THIS.So no matter who’s shoes you walk in,this is WRONG! You’re not much of a person to make this decision for some one thta’s loved you their life time!!!!!!!!!!!

  323. U r just beautiful.. And cocoa was blessed to see her days out with u.. and u r blessed to have Cocoa show her love and trust to heart goes out to both of u.. Rip cocoa.xo

  324. You rock! Jean is a piece of shit. You see when my boy started acting weird and pacing, bitting people who he has known his whole life and adored I knew something wasn’t right. I called my SPCA and they said they would examine him after I surrendered him to see if he was suitable for re-adoption. Oh hell no was my first thought. I would NEVER surrender him because we saved him at 5 weeks old. He was born on a farm and wild animals had come and killed some of his brothers and sisters. My boy has never known any other family but us, never lived with anyone but us and he would never know what it is like to live with anyone but us so why when he is clearly sick would we ever just toss him away like garbage??? His name was scooby doo, and I was selfish for over 6 months in letting him suffer in pain and confusion because it was me who couldn’t let him go. He was my boy, he saved our home from a drug addict who tried to break in, he watched over my girls and wouldn’t let people he knew were not right anywhere near them. When he bit me one day for trying to feed him, I knew it was time for me to stop being selfish and bring him to our vet and say it’s time. We found out that it would cost thousands of dollars to determine what kind of cancer he had and to treat it. He was 12.5 years old and on his last day he ate bbq steak, baked potato and carrots for dinner. He had mint ice cream for dessert followed by a walk to his favorite park with all of us. We played ball he even stole someone hot dog and didn’t get into trouble. Then we took him to the vet where we stayed right by his side until he took his last breath. We stayed for almost an hour after he was gone making sure he was well taken care of. THAT is what REAL pet owners do…..FU Jean you low life piece of shit.

  325. I would like to leave a comment to say, first, thank you for your compassion and love towards a beautiful animal. It is unfortunate that Jean abandoned Cocoa.

    Secondly, your tone of hatred towards someone you don’t even know is astonishing. You really have No idea what the circumstances were. How do you know she (he?) isn’t 80 years old, widowed, battling cancer, alone? No children to care for her or take care of her dog? How do you know she hasn’t lost her home due to no longer being able to make payments? How do you know she hasn’t been in a horrible car accident and is now bound to a wheelchair? Can you imagine how difficult it must be for a handicapped person to be able to care for and clean up after a dog? Maybe she felt guilty that she couldn’t run and play with Cocoa as she once could, and she felt the poor animal deserved a better life with someone more active.

    It may or may not be the truth, but can you honestly say you think she’s a “piece of shit”? Is someone a “piece of shit” because they decided to do the responsible thing and give up their pet to someone who would love, cherish, and care for an animal that they can no longer afford? I would think even YOU would say that’s a better fate for Cocoa, rather than keeping her in a manner that would be less than what she deserved.

    How fortunate for Cocoa that she had someone as blessed, as affluent, as patient, as Loving as You to care for her. You are a loving person. Do not let that be lost in your feelings of self-righteous judgment.

  326. I could NEVER do this to my furry child. It is painful enough to know that I may have to let my furry child go. My money is tight but he is my responsibility and I love him with my whole heart.

  327. Springing an old dog from the pound and making her comfortable in her last days is commendable. This doesn’t mitigate the fact that this article was written by a judgmental self-righteous twat.

  328. Glad you were there for her. Humans can be so disappointing. She got her first real family with you and her first love. That will mean a lot to her even on the other side. I would love to meet these people too. Hope Karma gets them.

  329. You made me live the moment with your story and I felt as if Cocoa was died in my arms too. You have a tremendous heart but you need to forgive, because God is responsible for collecting the outstanding debts, God bless you for your kindness, you made me cry a lot :,(

  330. I read your letter, it made me cry, made me think of my pets that I had to put to rest, but for the right reasons, but I rescued a few more ……and they are family

  331. I am so glad Cocoa had you, thank you for giving her the love she deserved and needed. I cried for Cocoa who did not live long enough to have your families for longer, but also I cried because she had your love! What a wonderful person you are. I pray all the animals in need find a person like you. I do what I can for all animals in need that I can help. I pray more people step up each and everyday to help where and how they can. One Live Saved is HUGE!!

  332. This has to be one of the best things regarding animal abandonment that I have ever read. In my rescue experience, there is no excuse for abandoning an animal at a kill shelter, especially elderly animals. Pets are a responsibility. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to find a good home if you must rehome. Not dump your pet at the first convenient place to do so. And yes, it does take work, This is a living being not a pair of old shoes.
    As to Anne-Marie’s critical comments and other comments supporting her view…yes, I am going to judge people that do this. They don’t lose their lives…their pets do. They go on about their business while their pet gets a lethal injection or worse. It’s not the pet’s fault that someone had a new baby, lost their job, ran out of money, lost their house, can’t pay their bills, didn’t make plans in their will and the best one….got allergies when their pet turned 15 years old!
    You’re the adult human….there are programs and public assistance and food stamps, legal assistance, work programs, job and resume help etc. There’s nothing for your pet except you. And for the person who wrote that there are too many animals out there….yes, there are. Because people don’t spay and neuter and get pets when they have no way of affording them and dumping them when the going gets tough. How about some consequences for these people? No one needs to show responsibility anymore so thousands of adoptable animals lose their lives.
    Congratulations to the author of this letter. As a person with 12 rescue cats (9 are seniors) who were abandoned, returned or ready to be killed, i completely
    agree with you. I also have the name of a former owner that was on the paperwork but have decided that they are not worth the effort of contacting…

  333. Well, I’m going to go against the shit storm and say that it’s so easy to say Jean was/is “a piece of shit.” No, she isn’t. She’s a human being whose circumstances we know nothing about. So while you’re bragging (yes, I’ll call it) about how good you are, I’m thinking that “Yes, I’m so very glad you gave Cocoa a happy end-of-life. You are absolutely right that she deserved that, and it’s wonderful and great that you were there for her. Awesome, that.” But because “Jean” couldn’t be there at the end of Cocoa’s life still doesn’t discount all the times she no doubt WAS there.

    I don’t know “Jean” but I know that she evidently loved Cocoa….and I don’t know what happened to short-circuit her….perhaps she couldn’t bear the thought of saying good-bye. I know I took a friend’s dog to the vet for euthanasia because she “couldn’t bear” to say good-bye. I have no doubt that this particular lady loved her dog — because I actually KNEW her and I knew better. This same lady passed away last June, and I, as her best friend, took in the last two dogs out of dozens that she’d owned in her life. One of these two just had a bladder stone removed that was nearly the size of a tennis ball — and yes, my friend had spent thousands upon thousands on all of her pets, but as she herself was slowly dying of pancreatic cancer, unbeknownst to all of us because she never let on, she didn’t have the strength herself to make that appointment…

    And while a stone that size indicated a long-standing UTI, I would never call her a “piece of shit”….because I knew her for 29 years, and I learned, along with her daughters, about her cancer just TWO WEEKS before her death. And that’s what bothers me about this heroine’s tale of yours. It’s easy to call a perfect stranger a “piece of shit.” But would you call someone YOU had known from birth….someone whom you had known through years and years of just sheer life…..that?

    The fact is, there are a lot of missing pieces to this story. And I think that if we had them, our hearts would be touched. Not only for Cocoa, God rest her soul….not only for you, an inspiring animal lover who puts her love into practice, no matter the cost….but also for “Jean”……..the Unknown Person….whom I will not join in the chorus of fans here to also call “a piece of shit.”

    You should know better.

    • I am sorry for the loss of your friend. And thank you for taking in two of her dogs. However, the fact remains that “Jean” left an older animal at a kill shelter instead of finding another adopter, a no-kill shelter or having Cocoa humanely euthanized if there was no other option.

      • That’s a fact. But there are a lot of other “missing facts.” There are a lot of possible other scenarios we simply don’t have data on. My imagination can come up with a few. For instance, perhaps “Jean” was not the actual owner, but an elderly lady – let’s call her Frances – who developed dementia. Perhaps a family member, posing as the owner at the shelter (it happens) told Frances that she would be taking Cocoa — oh, somewhere nice. Perhaps Frances believed her. This family member might not even be aware that there are “no-kill shelters”. Perhaps this person calling herself “Jean” might be a teenager who just isn’t aware of all the possible adoption scenarios available. I mean, the list of POSSIBLE facts can go on and on.

        That’s the point. We don’t know. So it’s just too easy to say that her owner is a “piece of shit.” And it’s simply wrong-headed to do so. The anger and frustration that might be channeled from this difficult situation could do some good. Focusing it all on someone we don’t even know…..?….and whose whole “life” we are inventing as “shitty”…..? Just not a good use of that anger.

    • Until you’ve stepped foot in the animal control “shelter” in the city, you really have no clue. Bringing a dog to be “euthanized” there is nothing like at your own vet. They do not drift off to sleep peacefully. They do NOT use a sedative there, but simply inject the animals with pentobarbital, which causes cardiac arrest. It’s barbaric and far from humane.

      I don’t care what Jean’s story is, I don’t care *why* she dumped Cocoa there. She dumped her there, plain and simple. If it was Cocoa’s time to go and she really wanted to do right by her, she should have taken her to a private vet to actually have her put down humanely. Dumping a dog at ACC is just unconscionable, I don’t care what excuse you use for doing it.

      My rescue pulls 600 dogs from there every year. Ever one of them was dumped by someone who has some excuse, some story – just like Jean. It’s all bullshit. They’re all pieces of shit.

      Every dog who spends more than a few hours in there comes down with kennel cough. For older dogs and those with weak immune systems, this can very quickly turn into pneumonia and even lead to death. Because of people like Jean, people like me and Jamie are left to pick up the broken pieces.

      • Mellie, Bless you! I don’t care what Jean’s story is either. Jean wasn’t the one who was going to get a lethal injection, Cocoa was. All the people worried about Jean’s story don’t seem to care about Cocoa’s. And it amazes me that people are actually defending abdication of personal responsibility. People criticizing Jamie and calling her high and mighty should go on the nightly kill lists for the ACC or any other kill shelter in the country and see all the adoptable animals surrendered for a myriad of transparent reasons that all add up to my pet has become inconvenient for whatever reason and this is the easiest out for me. Remember most animals entering a kill shelter never come out. The owners get to walk out the door……

      • Every shelter has to be evaluated separately, Mellie.

        I know of a dog who was given to a no-kill shelter on several acres of lush land. We were glad that she could be placed, since her owner had died and really loved her dog. Very sadly, that dog was actually ripped apart by other dogs on this ranch. That is a true story. I knew the dog’s owner before she died and I knew the person who took the time to locate the no-kill ranch, and I learned about the story from her when she found out what happened. The fact is, life is full of twists and turns!

        Every situation has to be looked at for what it is.

        My point was that there are a lot of unknowns for anyone to be labeled “a piece of shit.” I stand by that, and don’t feel the need to argue further.

        Bye now.

  334. I am glad that Cocoa found someone who would care for her until the end. I regret the years I left my dog with my parents while I was in college. I visited her many times and I knew she was well taken care of. I just regret that I didn’t spend as much time with her as I would have liked to. My baby girl moved in with us as soon as we had a place of our own. I intentionally found a place where I could have her. My poor baby girl died overnight a couple months ago. I wish I had been there holding her. She had been perfectly fine when we went to bed and she was even snuggling with me until she came downstairs. It happened suddenly and I was shocked and angry that I wasn’t there to comfort her or to get her help. I am not sure that there was anything that we could have done for her, but I still wonder if she could have been saved.

  335. I have to so commend this person for her selfless efforts to do right by this wonderful, abandoned soul! I just said goodbye to my feline companion of 22 years and it wasn’t an easy ride for the last few years, but I did everything I could possibly do (on an unemployed teachers, part-time pay), everything my wonderful veterinarian could do, and he enjoyed an extra 6 years of a nurtured, loving life on a successful treatment while in renal failure… you do all you can for the ones you love! Right!?

  336. OMG how sad is that Jean whatever your real name is your a “BITCH” Hope you didn’t dump your parents in a so called nursing home because that is probably something you would do…A pet is a pet for life till the end!

  337. …Or, the person was forced, due to economic reasons, to move into a new home that doesn’t allow pets and had to get rid of the dog. I mean, as long as we’re making assumptions about people without any evidence one way or the other (besides the statement that they were moving into a place that didn’t allow pets I mean). I love how people can act sweet and kind about animals, then get applauded for publically dragging people through the muck with wild suppositions.

    • Jean,someday when you are old,I hope your family dumps you in a rundown nursing home and you die alone,Karma you POS.God bless you Jamie.

  338. How sad that this beautiful story of a woman who adopted a senior dog and gave that dog so much love in the end is so tainted by your own hate and anger. Just think of how full your heart would be if you saw that ‘Jean’ did what she felt was right by letting go of her dog when she could no longer care for her and how blessed this dog and you were to have been brought together. Jamie, (if that’s your name) try to change your perspective to one of love, not judgement and hate. ❤

      • Where is your follow up Jamie? Because it certainly has not circulated the way this original hateful letter has. I just wish you would have put more thought into this before spreading it around like this. What a shame that it cannot be deleted from every site it was posted to.

      • It’s certainly not from my lack of trying. Turns out lots of people on the internet just want to keep focusing on the angry letter and don’t want to acknowledge the follow up. Curious how that works.

      • Why do you even reply her jamie!!! Sarah i think you haven’t heard of something called”Freedom of Speech”!!!! So kindly stop poking you nose in every comment and do something more productive!!!! And Sarah why do you want jamie to circulate letter for jean???? Whatever she did for cocoas was enough…… Do rest things yourself!!!!! huh!!

  339. Cocoa — what a beautiful, dear soul. I think it’s wonderful that she enjoyed her last days on earth because you cared.

  340. I have 8 ” weenie dogs, 9 as of a couple months ago and we lost him, he was my child, and my life, and I loved and STILL love him. he got to be very sick and we kept him on the meds to keep him comfortable til he too, died in my arms. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do but I wouldn’t have wanted it ANY other way. They are my life and my loves, and I would do ANYTHINV for ANY of them. I too would give up EVERYTHING in my life for my dogs. This story touched my heart, and my husband and I sat here and cried and cried. Thank you for. being their and the love that coco. needed. You are a very special person.

  341. Cocoa’s story is so touching. It breaks my heart over what people do to the most wonderful creatures in the world– dogs. Why don’t they take them to a rescue group or No-Kill shelter? Because either they don’t care or they are too lasy– probably both.

  342. Even i have a dog!! and she is my life!! i cant imagine life without her!! currently she is 14 years old and each day i am held with the fear of her growing age!!! I don’t understand how can people be so mean and so careless. Why do they get a dog when they cannot consider it a family. I had tears reading your story and i am grateful that cocoa had you in her last days. Thank You so much for giving her a good end!!!! RIP Cocoa!! i am sure she must be having a good time crossing the rainbow bridge 😥

  343. Perhaps Jean, too, was old and sick. “Jean” is a very old fashioned name. My grandmother, who would be in her nineties if she were alive, was named Jean.

    I have fostered dogs whose owners had to go into hospice care, because they were dying themselves. Are “those people “pieces of shit”? I have fostered dogs whose elderly owners die, and family members don’t want the dog. Or the owner develops Alzheimers and cannot adequately care for the animal.

    The assumption seems to be that “Jean” is a young, carefree, wealthy woman who threw Cocoa out of a moving car and drove off cackling into the sunset. It’s just as possible that Jean is just as old and sick as Cocoa was.

    Animal shelters do not advertise their kill rates. The very name “shelter” implies that the animal will be cared for. Perhaps if they were honestly titled “Animal Killing Factory – A Few Survive” pet owners would look for other places to surrender their animal.

    Because no matter how much bile and vitriol you spew trying to shame people, they WILL continue to surrender animals. Letters like this – that demonstrate how deeply and cruelly they will be judged for it – will actually make people MORE likely to choose a no-questions asked shelter, instead of a rescue or foster (where they will apparently be pelted with rocks, garbage and verbal abuse first.) Or maybe they’ll just dump the animals by the side of the road (which is what happened to our cat).

    Does anyone here use shame and punishment to correct our animals’ behavior? Probably not. Because we know it doesn’t work. You have rubbed Jean’s nose in her mess, congratulations. I’m sure you feel smug and self-righteous about that. But your methods will only leave more shit on the carpet.

    I’m glad Cocoa found happiness at the end of her life. I’m glad she was able to pass away peacefully.

    • Thank you for standing up for Jean. The writer should be ashamed of herself. To openly call another human being a “piece of shit” without one ounce of knowledge or understanding of why she had to make the unimaginable decision she made, is one thousand times worse than than what Jean did.

      • Well Sarah if you know so much about jean and her condition why dont you bring it out to everyone who posted against her!!! You even commented on my blog that i shouldn’t have re blogged it. I am an animal lover and such stories are worth reblogging for people to know what a “dog life” is and what its value is! May be you saw jean’s pain and her condition but did you see at the situation from cocoa’s eyes?? did you imagine how frightened that little baby would have been when jean left her??? When i leave my dog even for an hour to some one else’s place she gets scared and started barking and does not stop!!!! Did you even know what all cocoa might have gone through at the new place amongst new people without jean with whom she used to stay for 12 long years!!!!!!! please stop commenting everywhere and if you wanna save jean from this hatred kindly let us know her side of story and may be that we could understand her too. Lunchy was brave enough to tell her story, same way even jean can!!! leaving a 2 months dog at shelter and 12 years dog at shelter are two different things!!!! From your comments it seems that you are not a dog lover and you dont even own a dog coz if you had one you would know how they feel when they are left alone with someone else even for a day!! And leaving a dog after 12 long years…its sad ….too sad for the poor dog!!!!!! give me a break with your comments!!!

      • Only sellouts with no loyalty do this for the reasons Jean openly admitted and which now has been made very clear public knowledge. I’ve been in about every circumstance a single American mom can find herself in and never sold out on a family member. Dog or kid!!! People who do think Jean’s reasons were excusable need to never own living thing. How freaking unbelievable.

    • I don’t believe the assumption was that Jean was young and wealthy. Perhaps Jean was old and infirm as well. I think the point to this story is that Cocoa was ABANDONED at a high kill shelter, sick and incontinent. I think the point was Jean should have taken Cocoa to a vet, wrapped her arms around her dog and eased her out of her life without stress, without abandonment, and knowing she was loved by the only family she’d ever known. Simple.

  344. tldr. so they wanted their dog to have someone who could take care of them properly instead of selfishly keeping them in a state they knew they would both suffer. are you complaining that this is exactly what happened? they could have done a number of much worse and cruel things than be honest on a intake sheet.
    maybe you should see this as a blessing instead of taking it upon yourself to write an essay of judgement and threats.

    • It’s obvious you didn’t read it. The former owner was NOT honest on Cocoa’s intake sheet, she left out medical information. The owner dumped her dying dog off at a high-kill shelter where, if Lunchy had not come along, the dog was most likely going to be euthanized in an unknown, stressful environment instead of surrounded by caring, adoring, familiar faces. Just because there are worse possibilities that the former owner, Jean, could have done… doesn’t excuse her disgusting, careless behavior.

  345. Any dog lover would be brought to tears from this letter, so undeserving Jean is of all the love Cocoa had given her over the past twelve years, thankfully someone had a big heart & could save Cocoa if only for a short time she had someone long & caring at her side as she passed away into her freedom from pain, no-one deserves to die alone dog or human but a dog becomes a family member& to leave them at a kill shelter is not the answer… reach out ask for help, raise money somehow there’s better answers than abandoning your furry friend they deserve better after being by your side for so many days of unconditional love….

  346. I am not an animal lover at all, but after reading your letter I just have to tell you that, in my book, YOU are a hero! What you did and what you were willing to go through to give your friend a life of dignity, is nothing short of miraculous. Well done!!

  347. My little Kayla got sick, for one year she went to the vet, never sure what was wrong with her. Kayla was 10 years old. Now my other baby Karly is 12 years old and she takes med for artheritis like me. I love my my dashounds.. YOU Jean are sick.I am on disability and short of money too..Karly comes first..

  348. I’m so sorry for your loss. You are an amazing human being, your compassion and empathy are obviously endless. We need more people like you in this world, it would be such a better place! RIP Cocoa.

  349. Thankgod for people like you and you are correct Jean is a piece of crap and she doesnt deserve to have any furry babies at all

  350. To the Angel who wrote this letter thank u for being Coco’a savior. To Jean May god have mercy on your soul

  351. It is a blessing to know that Coco died on the arms of someone who loved her and I am grateful to know that I an not the only one in this world who feels this way about animals. Jean,.what goes assertions comes around. You better start praying for mercy now

  352. My blessings to you and so soryy for your loss!
    And for Jean: I hope you do not have a healthy day in yr life anymore…
    Gave my little cat-baby a huge hug. X

  353. i got a cat a week ago named corky. fucking shit assed owner didn’t bother to vaccinate her, over her 9 years, from serious stuff like panleukopenia. i adopted cutest old cat ever. fucking drooling sad kitty. she has panleukopenia. she dies. i have his fucking name and address. i hate him. is he poor? he lives in a decently wealthy suburb. i hate you. you’re lucky i have bigger fish to fry (capitalism in general). you made me and my boyfriend cry at least once.

  354. Great post! I worked at a fairly large shelter in animal intake for 10 yrs. I can completely relate to lunachyq’s post. The fact is, there are many, many cold and heartless people in this world, and animal rescue sees a disproportionate number of them. Rescuers have a great deal of justifiable anger that they have to process somehow. They absolutely MUST have a place to express these toxic emotions, otherwise they are at risk of mental health issues, substance abuse, self destructive behaviors, outbursts of rage and tears, etc. Those that judge these emotions and condemn the expression of them, obviously have no clue what it is like to work daily within a never ending holocaust of death, lies, callousness and suffering.
    We don’t need to be judged for these natural emotions by the Pollyannas of the world, who naively believe in the ‘goodness’ of everyone. This simply is NOT true. Read up on narcissism and psychopathy- there ARE people out there (far more than you would believe) who completely lack conscience and empathy. They are selfish and take no responsibility. They do not ‘love’. When something or someone becomes an inconvenience to them, they drop it without hesitation or remorse. They do not deserve our sympathy or attempts to make excuses for their lack of humanity.
    It is pretty easy to identify the truly distraught relinquisher in dire circumstances, who is sobbing while completing the intake form, from the uncaring disposer who can’t be bothered to complete paperwork, and lies about the animal or the circumstances. The latter is by far the more commonly encountered in rescue. Jean lied -no excuse for that no matter what was going on in her life. She left her old and ailing dog to die in a place of terror, confusion and loneliness. If MY life was a shambles, I wouldn’t add those actions and burden of guilt to MY plate.
    Those commenters that condemn this post as hateful and judgemental are projecting. THEY are judging and hateful to someone who is hurting, purging their poisonous feelings, and reaching out for support and validation.
    The problem with the “political correctness” these days of giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, presuming that there is some ‘special circumstance’ that ‘entitles’ them to ruthless behavior, is what is wrong here. There are actions that need and deserve to be ‘called out’ and condemned, for the betterment of society. Giving bad behavior a pass, live and let live, is called apathy and laziness (not compassion or magnanimity) in my book, when other beings suffer and die because of it.
    To those commenters who don’t like the tone of this post – it is you who lack insight and empathy. You come across, not as noble, but self righteous. Those who daily, willingly, put themselves in way of psychological trauma, life long toxic memories, financial duress, stressful and draining home lives caring for sick animals with multiple issues, deserve your support and understanding of their justifiable pain, not more hurt and shaming for expressing it. Animal rescue is hard ENOUGH, without that too.
    To my comrades in arms – ignore the uninformed who have never been to war. Express your outrage, call out the heartless, tell the world what is burdening your heart, soul and mind. This is a way to bring society’s pressure to bear, and make it thoroughly unacceptable to treat animals this way. And it fosters the bond those in animal rescue and activism share -one of deep pain and sorrow, intense love and responsibility, joy and gratification. Those that ‘love animals too much’ to work in a shelter, or to foster someone else’s terminal pet, who make excuses for irresponsible pet owners, just DON’T get it. They pretend to have great compassion for all people, but clearly from these comments, they don’t. BUT I DO. You have MY support, love and compassion, and above all, gratitude for your sacrifices and commitment to rectifying this terrible wrong in our world. Namaste.
    Elizabeth Atkins, Wpg, Canada

  355. Thank you for writing this piece that so many of us true animal lovers and consider our pets a family member feel!! I think it’s unforgivable to abandon your family member at the end of his life. Thank you for giving Cocoa wonderful final days, I know she will forever be grateful and so will I.

  356. i adopted my cat Oscar a little over 2 years ago. he was brought to the shelter by his family to be put to sleep because he they said he had chronic diarrhea for the last 2 years. he was 18. the PSPCA convinced his family to surrender him instead so they could see if he could be treated. they reluctantly agreed and as it turns out, a simple change in diet corrected his problem. apparently his family hadn’t taken him to the vet or they would have discovered this on their own. or maybe they didn’t care. regardless, i brought him home 5 months later and Oscar is still with me, up and ready to greet anyone who walks in the door. almost everyone who meets this distinguished gentleman is a fan and i can’t imagine my life without him. Oscar and i are very lucky.

    it’s never easy to say goodbye to a pet, but dumping them at the shelter because you don’t want to deal with them anymore should never be an option. some, like Oscar and I are lucky and his condition was treatable. others, like Cocoa, not so much. i’m thankful you adopted her and she was able to live out her final days in peace with a loving home, but that doesn’t make this story any less heartbreaking.

  357. Everybody Poops
    is a book Dina should look into. because there are pieces of shit in this world. its not a fucking Disney movie. you can tell people and try and teach them about how their choices affect other living creatures. but with some individuals you can’t get through their empty cold mindedness, and you’re truly blessed or extremely sheltered if you haven’t met someone that changed your opinion

  358. Only one thing missing from this letter. That bitch needs to never own another animal ever again. She’s unfit for any kind of custody.

    • And unless Jean is a pathological liar too, we all DID get pretty good picture of her situation. No kill shelter… just a little drive further!! If she was in need of relieving, I’m sure that the no kill shelter would still have handled it humanely.

  359. Thank you! My house is full of throw aways. I am an animal control officer and I am amazed at the cowards that abandon their elderly companions to avoid “their” pain of staying until the end. NEVER will my family members be left, alone and scared in an unfamiliar place. It is our responsibility to see them through to the end and make sure they know they’re loved. Anything less is appalling. Thank you so much for this article!

  360. You are a self-righteous, holier than thou PIG. How do you know what “JEAN” had to face when you wiped yourself off of your sick bed to go grab the dog you were online trolling for? What if she couldn’t afford to save that dog? Or what if she couldn’t afford an apartment that took dogs? Because YOU would live in your car before driving off a bridge with your dog, the rest of the world who would opt for I don’t know, perhaps feeding their children would not are terrible, despicable human beings?
    Keep up the good Judging Judy. Is it okay if I call you Judge Judy? Or should I ask Judge Judy if that offends her?

  361. Why withhold the last name! Jean you are a piece of shit. My dogs are my family. I just put to sleep my best friend of 15 years. Thank god I still have six more at home to help me, all rescues. I dont care how sick they get I will take care of them. I know the hardest thing to do is have them euthanized, but you made a commitment to love them no matter what. Even if that means doing the hardest thing. Jean when your parents get old will you do the same thing? When you get old and sick will your family just drop you off? You should put yourself in that animals place and think of how she felt…scared and abandoned and unloved and possibly in pain. Karma goes around and you will get yours.

  362. This is soo horrible how cud anyone do that to that sweet looking dog
    1st the woman who dumped her your a disgrace. I already had two dogs when I took my friends to a shelter to get a dog and I ended up rescuing a giant malamute cross who had been kicked out and dumped by her owners because “she got too big” the clue was in the name, people like you make me sick, 2nd to the person who rescued cocoa your an absolute hero to dogs who get treated like this and I agree with your letter completely !!!

  363. When I was growing up I never could understand how easily animals were put to sleep it looks though like this trend is changing.

  364. I disagree with this letter 110%. Yes it was sad that Jean dumped her dog into a high kill shelter, but I have been in her shoes. I have been working paycheck to paycheck and still not being able to afford my bills. I had a sick animal and I couldnt afford to get meds for him or to have him put to sleep. He was suffering so much so I took him to a shelter and told them about it. they were nice enough to let me be there when they put him down. I wanted to kill myself for what I did and it hurt for months. What should I have done? let the animal suffer and be in pain for the last few days of his life? He had a urinary infection/blockage. The vets wanted $500 cash in hand or not do anything for him.
    So you see, you dont know her story. She might be in pain on what she HAD to do….Dont people think before they do things? Yes it was nice for what you did for Coco. But maybe Jean was poor, lost her job, had a baby that was starving, and had to make a choice. I dont like the choice either and animals are family too, but maybe it was the most humane thing Jean could have done.

  365. Thank you.. Simply Thank you! You have left me in tears, but with a happy heart for Cocoa, that she had an earth angel like you.
    I hope I am as good a companion, now, as you are… I try to be.
    In my distant past, I made choices I would NEVER choose today, knowing what I know now. Then, I “had to” do what I don’t understand ANYONE doing, now. I could say that there weren’t the resources we now have, I could say that life was different then, I could say I was between a rock and a hard place, I could say I had no choice! But…
    The sorrow and guilt is always with me, deep inside, knowing I wasn’t there for Tag, the little brown pup with diarrhea, whom I brought home in first grade, and whom my parents wouldn’t let me keep. …or for Baron, my aging Doxy, whom my parents let animal control take, after he’d bit a neighbor who had cornered and grabbed at him -yelling all the while, I’d bet; he was “put down” while I was away at school. …and that I wasn’t able to save Ally, whom I had re-homed when I was told I could not have her where I was living, but later found that she had been taken to a no-kill shelter [ironically, a shelter where my ex-husband worked; at least she had him there,] but Ally ultimately “wasn’t adoptable” to strangers, and after a long time, she was “put to sleep”; I had a baby, and NO way, that I could see, to move somewhere else. …and for Mino, the wonderful Great Pyrenees stray who climbed up into the back seat of our VW bug when I went to my cottage on a ranch out in the country to pick up “cozies” for my daughter so I could take her home from Gramma’s as she broke out in Chicken Pox, the dog who would hunt rattlesnakes and skunks, the giant one with a big smile who looked like a polar bear and would leisurely walk across a two lane country highway -nearly causing accidents, and whose gentleness with my small daughter extended to letting her ride him around the yard -what there was of it, and the dog I “had to” brokenheartedly take to “the pound” when he too roughly stopped a puppy who dared cross his boundary line… if only I could have advocated better on his behalf, or had known that I would have my own house with a fence a few months later.
    I didn’t know then. I just. didn’t. know. what else I could do!
    Since then, I’ve held other dogs close, with them when “their time” came, my heart broken yet again. I will never stop …as I get older, I get older dogs. We understand each other… and as my life expectancy grows shorter, I am comfortable with the fact that we each may be the last companions we ever know.
    We have to educate those who don’t know, we MUST raise consciousness at every opportunity. Only through knowledge is there hope for other dogs… and for other people who “just don’t know” what else they can do, or who “just don’t understand” that dogs should be family, that they ARE family.
    YOU are doing that! Thank you for using your gift of writing to so effectively reach so many.
    And THANK YOU for using your heart to make life better for those you have rescued.
    Like the starfish in the story, it makes a difference to the ones we CAN help.
    Yes… Leave no dog behind,

  366. You are an incredible person, I hope you know that. After reading all of these comments, I’m sure you have at least an inkling. Thank you for bringing awareness to (what seems like) this ever-growing problem.

    • Also, let me say that I also adopted a dog that has serious incontinence issues. It’s not easy to deal with, but if you love your dog, you do what you have to in order to make them comfortable. We, too, have to do the two-times-a-day-old-lady-pee-pills, but you know what? It’s ok. And no, it doesn’t entirely stop the leaks, and yes sometimes the bed does smell like pee, but we just wash the sheets & get on with our day. You are awesome. xoxox

  367. This makes me sick. Not for the person that dropped the dog off. But for the person that had the audacity to assume they knew anything about ‘Jean’. NO ONE other than Jean knows what lead to their decision. And guess what, euthanizing a dog still costs money and who knows if she could even get the 20 miles to the humane society shelter in the first place. Assuming she had a car to drive the sick do there on her own. I’m not saying that this doesn’t suck, because it does. I’m just saying that no one knows what led Jean to this (keep in mind that mental disabilities could always be a factor.) Because giving up your dog after 12 years is hard. So. before the world condemns her for what we think we know from a piece of paper, just consider what actually could have happened that was bad enough to make this decision….

  368. This made me cry – my own sweet baby Lucie Lu was dumped at the shelter when she was 12 … she would stare out the window all day long waiting for her people to come back. Eventually, her broken heart mended and even though she only lived another year (congestive heart failure) after I adopted her, she was my best friend and died in my arms. I loved her very much and I completely understand your sentiments. I often think of her and I know she forgave her owners (even though I never will) for giving her away because that was the kind of dog she was – sweet, kind and loving.

  369. I cryed when reading this how cld someone be so cruel I hope karma gts her for this I’m happy coco gt a loving home God bless you for taking her I’m n taking care of her at least she knw she was loved

  370. Cocoa ended up being the luckiest dog finding you. Please love and care for all God’s creatures.

  371. I am one of the people that has a problem with this letter… I don’t think it’s “beautiful” like many of the comments say, I think the author did a nice thing but felt the need to publicly demean someone without knowing a whole story and that is not beautiful. Although the blogger did say that they were emotionally charged since they wrote it really soon after the dog passed away.

    There’s way too much assumption about the previous owner’s intentions, unless we actually knew who this Jean person was. The only thing the blogger had was the intake sheet but we don’t know if the owner was telling the truth. Maybe they were poor, losing their home and truthfully couldn’t take their dog with them but was too ashamed, too heartbroken to say that on a piece of paper.

    The “main focus” of the the hate towards Jean is that they took her to a high-kill shelter when a no-kill shelter was just a few miles up. Why do we get to assume that Jean had the resources to know this information? I don’t think shelters really advertise that they are high-kill specifically but maybe that’s the only shelter Jean knew about. Maybe Jean didn’t have a smart phone or the internet to tell him/her otherwise, to direct them to the other no-kill shelter.

    The situation could have been much worse. I know I would find the money to take my dog to get euthanized and I don’t think you should own a dog if you can’t do that, but sometimes you just end up with a companion without meaning to. It’s usually free to leave a dog at a shelter but it’s also free to just let the dog out of the yard, to let it get hit by a car or suffer outside. Jean took one step in the right direction by taking Cocoa to a shelter and this blog is condemning her/him for that decision.

    This, along with anything in the blog regarding Jean, is purely speculation. I’m not saying I’m right or you’re wrong because I don’t know any real information and because we all don’t know the whole story. What you did for Cocoa is so good.This letter would be a lot more beautiful if it just focused on how wonderful you made Cocoa’s last moments instead of accusing someone else of being a POS.

  372. Self-righteousness is pretty on no one. The more I read of this letter the angrier I got at the judgmental and self-centered person who wrote it– rather than at the woman who was forced to surrender the dog due to life circumstances about which we (and the letter writer) know nothing.

  373. I’m happy to see this note is still going around (several months after you wrote it) and take pride in ‘passing it on’! I cannot express enough, how awesome a person you are. God gave you the gift of a gigantic heart, and you will surely be rewarded in the after life.

  374. You are an angel, I can’t even describe how much what you did for this sweet baby touched my heart. Cocoa deserved to have someone as wonderful as you with her through the last journey of her life. Thank you for what you did, and for restoring my faith in humanity!!

  375. Well considering you have a bajillion comments (rightfully so) I have no idea if you will even get a chance to read this. But I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for your big compassionate heart! I work as a vet assistant and an overnight nurse at a local vet clinic and tonight I had such a wonderful, sad and yet beautiful case.

    There was a woman with an old dog who called me everynight for the last couple nights during the graveyard shift, we talked about her condition (she has cancer) as well as potential serious kidney or pancreatic problems since she has been having some major incontinence issues. Anyway…. last night she called thinking that her lovely dog, of 14 years was going to die, she asked me what was going to happen and I did my best to explain. Sure enough beautiful Sandi died about half an hour after we spoke. After saying goodbyes and painting paw prints she brought Sandi in to me so that we may send her for private cremation. We talked, she cried and I was so thankful that there are animal owners in this world that are like her. You remind me of her, and I don’t even know you. I think each animal deserves a life full of love no matter what other shitty things get thrown their way. There is nothing easier than loving an animal, they require so little from you and offer so much back.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! To you and everyone else who is capable of loving an animal with their entire heart.
    ps. Jean, loving an animal includes knowing when to let it go and being there to support them. Euthanasia would have been a perfectly acceptable option for the situation you were in with Cocoa, you could’ve given her a lovely end to her life as well, but in some way I’m glad that she got to meet this wonderful woman who loved her unconditionally

  376. To the author,

    The amazing and wonderful gift you gave to Cocoa was completely undermined by your holier than thou and judgmental message IMHO. Remember we are not here to judge the actions of others until we have walked a mile in their shoes… and probably not even then. Was she too old, sick, ignorant, poor or just uncaring? Was she choosing between her own medicines and his? Did she have grandchildren to feed? Was it more of a blessing that his beautiful animal ended up with you? Who had a hand in that? Who is to judge her? The nameless author? I think not. Please continue the deeds and loose the attitude, stop the name calling, and live with love in your heart instead of righteous anger. Sincerely, the mamma of a 12 year old cutie named Ty

  377. Thank you so much for your kindness. This just broke my heart. Your kindness will NEVER be forgotten–not by Cocoa, and not by people who matter.

  378. You, put simply, are an angel. We have four dogs, the last we rescued after some loser moved from their home in Dallas and left her chained to the tree in her back yard. She was there, chained, with neighbors bringing her food until everyone realized no one was coming back for her. Then animal control picked her up and took her to a high kill shelter, where another rescue group with little money but a lot of love sweet talked the shelter into giving her to them the day before she was supposed to be euthanized. (Because she was timid and scared the shelter said she would never be able to be rehabilitated.) We heard about her, met her, and took her home. She is a 3 year old (give or take) Great Pyrenees mix, and your open letter put into words what is in my heart for the pathetic poor-excuse for a human being that abandoned our Millie in the first place.

    Oh, and Millie instantly bonded with our other dogs and three cats, is working to overcome her fears (including fears of wooden spoons…wonder what caused THAT), and is a sweet and loving couch potato. Seems her rehab is coming along nicely…

    Thank you for this. You are a gifted writer.

  379. She was more worried about herself then her dog. That to me is being a piece of crap! When you get an animal whether it’s a cat or a dog -it’s a lifetime commitment. If you can’t afford the shot’s, food, license,etc then you should not have an animal.Sure there are always be illness’ that go with any breed. But do the homework first. She didn’t!! I have taken care of pure bred dogs since I myself grew up in northeast Ohio. But to do what that b*tch did? I wouldn’t even call her a human being. Cocoa is now at the Rainbow Bridge and I hope she will get the love and care she deserves. I know she will!!

  380. I understand your anger towards “Jean”, however, maybe “Jean” was sick too. I know this will really make a lot of people angry at me for saying this, but this letter was an attack on someone who you really don’t know the story. Maybe they dropped the dog off hoping someone would give her the treatment that they couldn’t afford. And when I mean couldn’t afford, have you checked into how much cancer treatment costs for dogs? Euthanasia is also expensive if you don’t have money to begin with. Could it have been this was a last resort to help the dog? Please don’t get me wrong. I think you did an excellent job and I am so glad for the puppy that you were there to be with her, but she did live a long life. It sounds like someone did take care of her but maybe with her being as sick as she was, maybe they did not know what to do. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but some people have babies and they just don’t know what to do.

  381. SHAME ON YOU for being so mean and judgmental. It’s lovely that you are such a wonderful martyr, but not everyone is or can be. Not everyone has your strength, resources, and circumstances. What you did is truly wonderful, but if your attitude toward people were only 1/4 as caring as it is towards animals you would be a terrific human being. As it stands based on this letter, I wouldn’t even give you the time of day. You don’t know if “Jean” has cancer herself and has to go to a nursing home or hospital to die and was absolutely heartbroken and didn’t know what else to do. You simply don’t know, you choose to assume. You will have to martyr yourself over a lot of dogs to atone for your hurtful attitude.

  382. Bless you and thank you for taking care of this lovable senior puppy when her “so called family” dumped her. You are one of the rare people that make me want to rush up to you and give you a big hug!! We got a shelter dog when she was about 3 months old. We lovingly called her our “medical nightmare dog”… she had ear mites, puppy acne, developed seizure disorder and needed meds that made her incontenent until we adjusted her dosage, and a vestibular problem. When it happened the final time, you could she was tired and didn’t want to fight it anymore. We took her to the vet for the final time, and she passed surrounded by her family wrapped up in love. She was our Abby girl and we loved her. Still love her, in fact. (tearing up while I’m typing this actually). Thank you for being a wonderful, caring, loving individual and helping out Cocoa when her loser ‘owner’ gave her up and incorporating her into a wonderful HOME to live out the rest of her days.

  383. This is grossly presumptuous. You have no idea why the dog was dropped off there. Maybe the woman was too poor to have her euthanized at the vet (it’s insanely expensive, at least at my vet). Maybe she didn’t know there was another shelter option, let alone a no-kill. Maybe she was distraught over her finances (being poor takes a toll on people and I imagine it’s extra hard if it hits you suddenly). Maybe she thought she had no other options. Maybe she was just heartless, but you have no way of knowing that. It’s all speculation and, honestly, the dog actually had it pretty damn good compared to a lot of other dogs. This kind of anger should be saved for backyard breeders and people who get “free-puppies” on craigslist and then sell them for money. It should be aimed at the people who abandon dogs in boxes and bags in dumpsters and on the sides of highways. It should be reserved for people who run dog fighting rinks or tie their dogs outside and leave them until the chains are embedded in their skin. It should not be aimed at someone who’s financial problems are forcing them to move and who surrendered her dog in a perfectly legal and safe manner (even if it wasn’t the most ideal). This open letter is insulting.

  384. Sanctimonious and judgmental people like you totally disgust me. How dare you assume what this dog owner’s motivations were – do you know what all of her circumstances were when she gave it up for adoption? You don’t, and you absolutely have NO right to stand in judgment of another human being (much less refer to them as a “piece of shit”). If anyone’s a POS it’s you, not her.

  385. Hi everyone. Me again. I do, in fact, know more about Jean than I shared with any of you but writing an angry open letter to “Jean” (intentionally misspelled) hours after I had to euthanize my dog is one thing, filling that open letter with anything more personal than that wouldn’t be cool. I’m going to reiterate that this is my blog and I’m allowed to fill it with whatever thoughts, feelings and emotions I deem fit. I appreciate the feedback, even the nasty vitriol. This has been a great learning experience for me. Has it changed the way I feel about Cocoa Loco being dumped at animal control? Nope. I still get sad when I think of Cocoa that day I saw her at the pound, shaking, drenched in her own urine. But it’s been almost six months and if time doesn’t always heal all wounds, it certainly dulls the sharpest edges.

    I want to make it clear that up until today, I have approved every message that was written, other than a few that made physical threats toward Cocoa’s previous owner, and a few that were posted in the “about” section after I asked people not to do that. That means I have read every comment that is posted, the good, the bad and the somewhat insane.

    As of today I’m shutting down comments, not because I can’t take the heat but because every fresh wave of comments, whether positive or not, reminds me of the circumstances that led to this blog.

    I miss my Cocoa Loco. I loved her dearly and I gave her a soft place to land for the rest of the days she had left. I’m ok with what I’ve done.

    Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts and feelings with me and with everyone reading this.


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