the lazies

I seem to have been struck with a bad case of the lazies this summer.  I know it’s hotter than every level of Dante’s Inferno but when isn’t it?   The heat tends to put a damper on the “want tos”-  as in wanting to do anything that doesn’t involve air condtioning or spring fed rivers, but it always does.  I can usually power through it.


This summer has been different.  I have achieved a level of lazy that embarrasses me.  It’s all I can do to force myself outside to do yardwork.  Pulling weeds becomes a multi-weekend event.  I cut the grass the other day for the first time in ages, and I only did that because I have a friend’s riding mower.


I have been sluggish and lethargic and having people to help around the house hasn’t helped.  Well, it’s helped with the workload but it hasn’t helped my level of laziness 😉


I can’t wait for this heat to break because  that’s not going to happen for another month or two.  So I’ve got to find the motivation to get my ass in gear and DO SOMETHING, not just the fun kayaking stuff on the weekends.


But every time I think about getting started, I start to  suffer from what I like to call my “Scarlett O’Hara Syndrome”- I’ll worry about it tomorrow.


And then tomorrow never seems to come.


How do I find my motivation again?  How do I get my body moving?  Believe me, once I’m moving I keep moving, and that’s not just physics, my friends.


I need to find my mojo.


Has anyone seen it???