Secrets.    Good, bad or ugly, they  hold such power over our lives.    And when you carry those secrets with you for a long time, they build in magnitude.  The bigger the secret gets, the more shadow it casts on your mind, heart and soul.

And the bigger the shadow, the bigger the darkness,  until one day it seems as if the secret stops being something you hold inside you and starts to consume you.

Then one day you have to share your secret.    And it turns out that dark, menacing shadow was really not that big of a deal after all.  Turns out all that worry, all that dread, was for naught.

As it turns out, your secrets don’t define you any more than your eye color or the size of your hips.   They are just a part of you that you haven’t shared.  Yet.

But when you do let go of your secrets, a funny thing happens.  All those dark places start to fill up with sunshine.


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