2011 is going to be the year of yes.

Do not confuse yes with should.  I’m determined to remove “should” from my vocabulary, but only in the context of doing things that other people think I should be doing, things that benefit them but bring no good into my life.

I’m not going to do anything that people think I should be doing.

I am, however, making 2011 the year of yes.   I’ve been a funky little wallflower for some time now, staying home in my little orange house by the sea.  Make no mistake about it- I love my little orange house by the sea and I like being here in the peace and quiet with my dogs and Daisy the Wondercat.   But I think I’ve drifted perilously close to what can only be considered a pretty deep rut.    I’ve been broke or I’ve been blue or any other myriad excuses for not going out and doing fun stuff with my friends.

But that’s over now.

So that means saying yes.  Yes, I can.  Yes,  I will.  Yes,  I’d love to.  Yes, that sounds awesome.


I’m going to find my swerve again.

So bring it.


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