a mile in her shoes

See these shoes?  These just might be my favorite shoes.  I’ve never worn them and they’re a size too big but those are just details and the devil’s in the details, right?

Once upon a time these glorious shoes belonged to  a girl named Bella but Bella won’t be wearing them again.   A friend who knows me and knows my heart and knows my affinity for leopard print gave me the shoes, along with a few other trinkets and forget-me-nots.

I’ve been thinking a lot about wearing these shoes.   I’ve been thinking how awesomely fantastic they are, how tough I feel when I put them on,  how childishly happy I get when I see them.

And I wonder how it will feel to walk a mile in Bella’s shoes.   Then comes the sadness.  And I put them back in my closet for another day.

I know that nobody is perfect.  I know that people don’t end their lives if every day is sunshine and sand dollars.    I know that Bella walked in darkness just as surely as she danced through the daylight.

But I know, just as sure as I’m sitting here, that more often than not, Bella walked with love and joy in her heart.  She walked in kindness, she walked in support, she walked that goofy walk when she got excited.

And I think I’m finally ready.   I’m going to walk a mile in Bella’s shoes and  I’m going to choose to do so with joy in my heart and gratitude for all the good times I shared with Bella.

And a little bit of a kickass attitude because let’s face it- these shoes are totally badass.


5 thoughts on “a mile in her shoes

  1. those shoes are bad ass baby…and Bella would want nothing more than for you to wear ’em and be the bad ass that you are.

    big love to YOU


  2. you are my shoe fairy…and i know those suede shoes i passed to you were fun too. I wish that walking in someones shoes gave you the altered perspective to truly see through someone elses eyes and soul. We all need to gain perspective every once in a while. When those shoes are ready they will take you wherever you need to be!

  3. thank God the walk doesn’t come with the shoes!
    wear them in all badassness……she would LOVE knowing that you have them now!

  4. Bee- big love to you, too! I’ll wear them with badass pride!

    Eli- I loved those shoes and kind of wish I had kept them. I think it would be awesome to be able to gain perspective wearing someone’s shoes…

    Trisha- ditto

    Sarah- Thank GOD the walk doesn’t come with the shoes!!!

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