Anyone who has spent more than twenty minutes in my presence knows I am a huge fan of the dolphins. 

Yesterday I was doing a little bit of Christmas shopping at Sears (yes, I found the softer side).  As I walked  by the electronics department I saw the high def flat screen tvs showing a demo video.  Seeing two dogs in a boat (two more things of which I am a huge fan), I stopped to watch as a man cut the engine on the boat and walked towards the front where the two big mutts were looking over the edge. 

The man leaned over the edge of his boat and started gently tapping the side.  As he tapped,  a dolphin swam right up and poked his head out of the water.  Suddenly one of the dogs stood up on his hind legs, put his paws on the edge of the boat,   leaned over the side  and THE DOLPHIN KISSED THE DOG.

I didn’t know whether to jump up and down and clap my hands or pee my pants in excitement or weep at awesomeness of that video.   I settled for what is known by my friends as the dolphin do-do clap.  Think Corky from Life Goes On. 

Which makes for hilarious people watching- if you’re the person watching ME. 


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  1. Just one more reason I love the Lunchy. (And I don’t mean because of the peeing and dying part…but that did make me giggle. hee hee hee)

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