Leaving behind that which no longer serves me…

The other day I heard a short story from David Sedaris’ new book Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk.  Sedaris is a man who knows how to tell a tale and his new book uses animals to tell his stories.   I love a brilliant and funny gay author and I love animals so this book is on my “must read” list.

The story I heard was that of a young bear whose mother died suddenly.  There was no trap, no hunter, no epic battles.   She just…. died.  The story was told by her female cub, who quickly realized that her tragic loss changed the way others treated her.   She soon grew to relish in telling the tale of her dead mother.  Soon that became her only story, all she could talk about.

And eventually that tragedy, her “story,” consumed her and became her life.

After I finished crying- yes, I cry, I’m a sucker for the mammals- I started to ponder the role that love and loss has played in my life.  And it made me wonder…. how much of my life have I lived like that bear?


2 thoughts on “Leaving behind that which no longer serves me…

  1. Love this inquiry. Any answers?

    I also went and got this book on Saturday and am almost done – love Sedaris and love this one. It’s kinda Aesop’s Fable-ish but oh so funny too. 🙂

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